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If tsugumomo are humans, you could say amasogi are closer to beasts.

Amasogi (あまそぎ, Amasogi) are a type of Tsukumogami. Amasogi are certain objects that have a strong wish attached to them from a Host and, through various means, have been imbued with large quantities of Curse. When they have been sufficiently filled with curse they become supernatural entities that seek only to fulfill the wish of their user, as it is the purpose of their existence. They lack sapience and do not have thoughts or opinions of their own and will stop at nothing to fulfill the wishes of their owner. They also lack human-like bodies and, while there're certain cases of sentient Amasogi, they lack any notable level of intelligence and will only act based on their instincts. There is a bond between the user and the Amasogi, so if the Amasogi is destroyed by anyone other than them, it could create a situation called Curse Backlash to the original host.


Though not inherently evil, they are generally chaotic due to the typically-negative consequences they bring upon granting the impulsive desires of their hosts, even more so if the Amasogi is powerful enough to influence the surroundings and affect other people. In such cases, Amasogi cause Aberrations and are tasked by an Exorcist to be destroyed due to their negative influence on their surroundings. Exorcising an Amasogi is a process that can be done through four different methods:

  • If the host's original wish is completely fulfilled, the Amasogi will simply disappear. However, this is often impossible to achieve, since sometimes wishes lack any clear point of satiation and can never be fully granted, such as getting a large undefined amount of money. Also, since wishes are often self-centered and cause trouble for others in the process, they typically would be better off to remain ungranted.
  • The second method is to convince the host to destroy the Amasogi himself. It is the best possible method, since the Aberration can be solved easily and the host can avoid ever-lasting consequences from the Curse Backlash, but it is typically quite difficult to achieve, since the Amasogi was created due to the host's strong desire in the first place.
  • The third method is to kill the host, which would make the Amasogi disappear along with them. This method is mostly avoided by Exorcists unless it's a critical and desperate situation.
  • The fourth method is simply to destroy the Amasogi, which is the usual method employed by the Exorcists. This is often done if the hosts are stubborn enough to refuse to destroy the Amasogi, forcing the Exorcists to destroy the Amasogi to fix the aberration, but resulting in Curse Backlash to the user.

While Amasogi are born from strong desires of their creators, their birth is directly related and limited to places where there's a high concentration of Curse, which fluctuates and varies very often from time to time and making the appearance of Amasogi something sporadic and infrequent. However, certain areas are more likely to produce Aberrations due to a stronger concentration of Curse caused by different reasons. Taboo Children are a common and infamous kind, as they are humans that inherently attract Curse to them, making the places where they live more likely to be chaotic due to Aberrations.

List of Amasogi

Amasogi Wig Manga.png

Pseudo Kamioni

Creator/Host: Tadataka Tadata
Desire: Love for Kazuya
Item: Wig

Ability/Effect: Hair based attacks.

Status: Destroyed by Kiriha
Backlash: Baldness

Amasogi Library Manga.png


Creator/Host: Chisato Chikaishi
Desire: To be with Kazuya
Item: School Library

Ability/Effect: Locks victims in the library. Attempts to break out creates a book-filled space. Utilizes book based attacks such as launching books and a book based construct at those who interfere with Chisato's desire.

Status: Desire granted

Porcelain Turtle Amasogi.png

Porcelain Turtle

Creator/Host: Unknown
Desire: Unknown
Item: Porcelain Bowl

An amasogi shown in a flashback fighting Kanaka and Kiriha.
Ability/Effect: It is shown to be impervious to Kanaka and Kiriha's standard obi jabs.

Status: Presumably defeated by Kanaka Kagami & Kiriha

Amasogi Sketchbook Manga.png


Creator/Host: Nakajima
Desire: Officialization of the TRPG Club
Item: Sketchbook

Ability/Effect: Drawing materialization. Creations created by the sketchbook retain weaknesses as if they were regular paper drawings. Can be used by people other than the host.

Status: Destroyed by Nakajima

Amasogi Pure Heart PC Dating Sim Manga.png

Pure Heart Dating Sim

Creator/Host: Hiroshi Ohkado
Desire: Win Chisato's Love
Item Pure Heart PC Disc:

Ability/Effect: Has interactions with females within the area be done through a dating-sim style dialogue system. Successful interactions result in the female target developing romantic feelings. Successfully winning over a girl results in them engaging in sexual activity with the winner.

Status: Destroyed by Hiroshi Ohkado

Amasogi Growth Manga.png


Creator/Host: Eiko Nago
Desire: Express inner feelings
Item: Chest

Ability/Effect: Mimics the host's voice and speaks her true feelings which she is to shy to convey. Attempts to convince the host to act on their darkest feelings.

Status: Persisted after host's death, transformed into Kamioni.

Amasogi Kamioni Manga.png


Creator/Host: Nanako Nanakai
Desire: Kill Nanako
Item: Hairstrand of Eiko Nago

An amasogi manifested from a lock of Eiko Nago's hair, recreating her growth along with it. In order to fully manifest the growth had to have Nanako' desire align with its own.
Ability/Effect: Powerful hair based attacks.

Status: Destroyed by Kazuya & Kiriha
Backlash: Muteness

Amasogi Perfume Manga.png

Popularity Boosting Perfume

Creator/Host: Shirou Shiramine
Desire: To be popular with women
Item: Perfume bottle

Ability/Effect: Spray causes target to become irresistible to females. Cannot be removed via bathing.

Status: Destroyed by Kazuya
Backlash: A week of intense armpit stench.

Amasogi Cleats Manga.png


Creator/Host: Mana Manaka
Desire: Keep ahead of Mitsuri
Item: A pair of cleats

Ability/Effect: Hinders growth and development of victim. Grants host superhuman leg strength. Spikes at the bottom allow the host to cling to surfaces.

Status: Destroyed by Kazuya & Kiriha
Backlash: Paraplegia

Amasogi Pillow Manga.png

Dream Pillow

Creator/Host: Isuzu Iraha
Desire: Realize ideal self
Item: Pillow

Ability/Effect: Entry and trapping of targets into Isuzu's Dream World. While in the dream, targets in the real world are stuck in a sleeping state.

Status: Destroyed by Isuzu Iraha

Amasogi Arcade Cabinet Manga.png

Ironman Fist

Creator/Host: Hiroki Hirohashi
Desire: Play videogames forever
Item: Arcade Cabinet

Ability/Effect: Transports targets and host into an arena world governed by fighting game mechanics, such as certain abilities can only be used by building meter, player life bars and moves requiring specific input. The host is given superhuman abilities.

Status: Destroyed by Hiroki Hirohashi

Amasogi Novel Manga.png

Fantasy Novel

Creator/Host: Fuu Futsura
Desire: Experience the unknown extraordinary
Item: Novel

Ability/Effect: Manifestation of creatures found in Fuu's self written novel.

Status: Destroyed by Kiriha
Backlash: Amnesia of the events related to the Amasogi.

Amasogi Backgammon Set Manga.png

Love Suguroku Quiz

Creator/Host: Wakana Wakisaka
Desire: Break up couples
Item: Suguroku Board

Ability/Effect: Traps targets in pairs, within a confined space, forcing them to answer quiz questions about their partner in order to escape. The host is able to travel freely with the created space, appearing and disappearing at will.

Status: Destroyed by Wakana Wakisaka

Amasogi Shut In Manga.png

Spiked Shell

Creator/Host: Unnamed student
Desire: To withdraw from society
Item: Unknown

Ability/Effect: An impenetrable spiked shell that can only be opened by the host from the inside.

Status: Inactive

Amasogi Script Manga.png

Legend of a Certain Hero Script

Creator/Host: Konoka Kobayashi
Desire: To be the hero of the play
Item: Play Script

Ability/Effect: Transforms the area into a fantasy setting with inhabitants transformed into fantasy characters based on them. The host can change the script, altering her own role to gain different abilities and forms.

Status: Destroyed by Kazuya & Kiriha
Backlash: Hair stuck in the style of the hero's.

Amasogi Pornographic Magazine Manga.png

Pornographic Magazine

Creator/Host: Shirou Shiramine
Desire: Lust
Item: Pornographic Magazine

A porn magazine Shirou discarded near the Kanara Shrine and was found by Taguri Kanayama who later handed it off to Kukuri.
Ability/Effect: Manifests multiple extendable arms which strip and fondle its target. Its targets reflect that of Shirou's taste, preferring the large breasted Kokuyou over Kukuri.

Status: Destroyed by Kazuya Kagami & Kiriha
Backlash: Erectile disfuction.

Amasogi Chronicles of Ziral Manga.png

Chronicles of Ziral

Creator/Host: Mami Mamisaka
Desire: Save Teenya
Item: Novel

Ability/Effect: Traps the owner's consciousness within the world of the book.

Status: Desire granted

Amasogi created by Kazuya Kagami

Amasogi Eraser Friend Manga.png

Eraser Friend

Desire: Be Kazuya's friend
Item: Eraser

Ability/Effect: A small eraser with short stubby limbs that waved and bounced around.

The MOMO label is likely in reference to Mono brand of stationery.

Status: Destroyed by Kazuya Kagami

Amasogi Rocks Manga.png


Desire: Protect self
Item: Rocks

The first amasogi made by Kazuya.
Ability/Effect: Rocks form a mouth powerful enough to destroy an aberration.

Status: Purpose fulfilled

Amasogi Stationery Manga.png

Stationery Fighters

Desire: Defeat each other
Items: Eraser and Pencil

Two separate amasogi created to fight each other.

Status: Destroyed by Kazuya Kagami

Amasogi Soda can Manga.png

Soda Can

Desire: Kill Kazuya
Item: Soda Can

An amasogi created to test Azami in combat and was destroyed before it could act.

Status: Destroyed by Kazuya & Azami


School Uniform

Desire: Kill Kazuya
Item: Old School Uniform

An amasogi created to train Azami in combat. Due to a mistake on Kazuya's part, it ended up possessing her.
Ability/Effect: Unknown

Status: Active, possessing Azami and Kanaka.

Amasogi Riverbed Stones Manga.png

Riverbed Stones

Desire: Kill Kazuya
Item: Riverbed stones

Numerous skull shaped stones formed from Kazuya's suicidal grief, believing he had killed his mother.

Status: Destroyed by Kiriha while bound to Kazuya


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