Arumi Ashimine (安次峰 あるみ, Ashimine Arumi) is a crystal ball tsugumomo and member of Mayoiga.


Arumi has the appearance of young girl with white long hair that has two green pins on the sides and purple eyes. She has a large chest which many point out.


Arumi is a normally a quiet and modest girl. She gets easily flustered when approached with lewd situations. However, when it comes to her feelings for Akito, she desires (but hides from him) a more romantic and sexual relationship with him.


Arumi is a Tsugumomo who was together with Akito Ashimine and Hifumi and cared deeply for both of them.



Arumi is a crystal ball Tsugumomo that has the ability to look into the future. She hasn't shown any combative abilities which suggests she hasn't any.

Peeking Ahead: The name of the technique Arumi uses to look into many futures such as a possible and/or desirable future but it comes with many limits and flaws. She is only able to use it once per month and until the day the future actually happens. In addition, the farther she looks ahead, the less accurate her future reading becomes.



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