MBlazi MBlazi 6 August

Yoshikazu makes good lolis

Yes, yes he does

no I am not just making this for an award definitely not

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MBlazi MBlazi 2 August

If Tsugumomo gets a season 3, I'm doubting it's getting a 4th.

Basically what I'm saying is if Tsugumomo does get a season 3, which would be pretty cool since I'd love to see the Tournament Arc animated, I'm guessing they'd end there because the next arc after that is just way too lewd to adapt as well as it would have to be censored and cut insanely. I'm thinking even the BD when it comes out will still not even be close of how it was in the anime. But who knows, know one knows the future.           



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Damage3245 Damage3245 1 December 2019

To-Do List

  • Update references on Ouhi Oriobana and Masuji Madarai to the new referencing system.
  • Create Naviboxes for significant groups and organizations, and add them to the relevant pages.
  • Add in volume links to each chapter page.
  • Add Arc page links to each character's synopsis sections.
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