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Maddy and Taguri (まあちやんとたぐり, Mā-chan to Taguri) is the 130th chapter of the Tsugumomo manga.


Within Tsuzura Temple, Shinobu goes looking for Mimane Miyou to ask her for something but discovers Mimane to be lying in her room, dazed and exhausted. Mimane complains to Shinobi that twice a day Arumi Ashimine comes to her with requests that she impersonate her brother and lewd stuff with her such as hugging, kissing and other activaties. She adds on that Kyouka requests her services twice a day as well by having her impersonate Kazuya Kagami.

She exclaims that the two of them should just do it with the real person and asks if Shinobu agrees. Shinobu hesitates before blushing and half-heartedly agreeing with her. Mimane goes to seek out Kazuya and perform Spiritual Intercourse with him to top up her reserves and spiritual power and she brings Shinobu with her but when the two of them arrive at Kazuya's room, he is gone.

Kazuya and Kiriha visit a small shrine where Kiriha leaves a donation of Mizu Yokan from Hayama in memory of Kukuri. The two of them eat their own portions of the dessert while paying respects to Kukuri, and after they leave a spirit emerges from the shrine and takes the food inside.

Meanwhile, at Kanara Shrine in Kamioka, a young girl is doing work cleaning up the floor of the shrine. After she is done, Taguri Kanayama appears to congratulate her and remind her that she has more work to do in order pay off her debt. She flashes "Maddy" a sadistic smile and informs her that her debt currently stands at 149,500,000 Yen left to go. Maddy continues her daily work of laundry, office work, cooking, eating and washing the dishes. Once she nears completion, Taguri appears behind her and demands her presence in the bathroom where they bathe together and Taguri rubs down Maddy's body. Maddy curses her fate of being trapped in a little girl's body as she's left exhausted on the floor.

In a flashback, after the Nine Masters Tournament, Ouhi Oriobana comes before Masuji Madarai's cell in order to fulfill her promise to him. Instead of fulfilling his wish to die, Ouhi grants him the chance to regain human form since he is a valuable asset to Tzusura Temple.

Ouhi introduces Haniya Tatetsuchi, the resident god of Tatetsuchi Shrine, and she uses her power to knead Masuji's body into that of a young girl which is the most suitable form for her cursed soul. Ouhi laughs at Masuji's new form while Masuji rages silently. Masuji tries to protest but Ouji reminds her that she has already been informed about everything that Masuji did to her and that she will absolutely make Masuji pay for the debt of her crimes once she returns to Tsuzura Temple.

In the present, Masuji shudders at the memory while lying in the bath with Taguri. She stands up and declares that nothing she did was wrong regarding the attempted coup of Tsuzura Temple. She explains that everything she did was for the sake of Tsuzura Temple and that they needed to make sacrifices to grow stronger. Masuji reveals that prior to the Nine Masters Tournament, she strengthened the crystal ball tsukumogami and peered ahead to three years in the future, witnessing a terrifying future of a towering pillar in a ruined town. Taguri nonchalantly feels up Masuji's body during her speech.

Taguri questions why Masuji could not just reveal the nature of the future she saw instead of going through with the coup, but Masuji explains that it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy and that trying to avert it through explaining it may increase the risk of it coming true. Taguri hugs Masuji tightly and calls her a "good girl" for thinking it through so thoroughly but she refuses to cancel Masuji's debt and allow her to return to Tsuzura Temple.

That night, Masuji attempts to escape but the door out of the way is locked. Unable to leave, Masuji resorts to make use of Taguri's sleeping body as a distraction from her woes. She takes full advantage of her sleeping body but curses herself for becoming so spaced out by it, and vows to herself to escape.

Story Impact

  • Mimane Miyou confesses to Shinobu that Arumi Ashimine and Kyouka have both been using her recreationally every day to satisfy their urges which has drained her of spiritual power.
  • Kazuya Kagami and Kyouka visit a shrine for Kukuri and leave her an offering which is collected by an unknown woman from within the shrine.
  • Masuji Madarai is revealed to have survived his transformation after the Nine Masters Tournament, and has been released from it in the form of a young girl.
    • She has been given over to the custody of Taguri Kanayama to work off the debt she incurred for her crimes.
    • She reveals to Taguri that she foresaw a horrifying vision of the future by using Arumi to see three years into the future and claims it as justification for her actions in trying to take control of Tsuzura Temple.

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