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Sosogu and Kazuya (そそぐとかずや, Sosogu to Kazuya) is the 131st chapter of the Tsugumomo manga.


Kazuya battles against an Aberration provisionally named "Toothyworm" in the mountains which is inferred to be an earthworm possessed by some powerful vessel and grown to enormous size. It ruptures the ground in front of Kazuya and fires a stream of acidic puke in his direction.

He calls upon Mimane Miyou for aid, and uses her Mirror World Submersion ability to absorb the acid. Toothyworm burrows underground before he can counterattack. He uses External Spirit Sense to locate it underground and uses Kyouka to send a sound attack at it, forcing the creature to the surface. He then uses Shinobu to bind Toothyworm in place before finally using Kiriha to land the finishing blow with a Spiral Weave.

The team collect themselves in front of the aberration's corpse and congratulate each other on their performance except for Sosogu who reflects out loud that she wasn't able to contribute anything to the battle just like in their previous fights against the "Gillsword" and "Giant Datara". Kazuya and Kyouka try to reassure Sosogu that they need her and she is useful for healing, but Mimane bluntly states that she doesn't get used a lot in a typical job.

Suddenly a second Toothyworm bursts out of the ground next to them and swallows Kazuya and Sosogu whole before diving back underground. Holding onto her tightly, Kazuya begins to experience some of Sosogu's memories of when she was abandoned by her original owner who also considered her to be useless.

He comes to his senses, deep inside the creature's stomach with the both of them trapped. He tries using a wide range variant of his External Spirit Sense but every direction that he searches is just more ground. Sosogu comments that if he were trapped alongside any of the other girls then he might have been able to escape but instead they're trapped since she considers herself to be useless.

Creatures resembling giant mouths before appearing from the stomach of the Toothyworm and try to eat them, but Kazuya drinks Sosogu's Eight Speeds Liquor and manages to avoid them. He considers mixing different drinks from Sosogu to raise both his strength and speed but she recommends against it. Kazuya chooses to consume more of the speed-enhancing drink and manages to increase the power of his strikes enough to damage the creatures but Sosogu accidentally gets one of the drinks wrong and it begin lowering his speed.

Kazuya is healed rapidly by Sosogu after one of the creatures manages to injure him, and she apologizes, but he tells her there is no time for that as another wave of creatures close in on them.

Story Impact

  • Kazuya has been dealing with multiple threats alongside his team of partners, Mimane Miyou, Kyouka, Shinobu, Kiriha and Sosogu.
  • As part of their latest mission, they killed an enormous possessed earthworm but it was revealed that there was a second worm.
  • Sosogu begins to feel as though she cannot contribute as much to the group as Kazuya's other partners which is affecting self-esteem.
  • A glimpse of Sosogu's past is shown where she was abandoned by her former master for not being useful enough to him.

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