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Sosogu and Kazuya 2 (そそぐとかずや 2, Sosogu to Kazuya 2) is the 132nd chapter of the Tsugumomo manga.


Kazuya and Sosogu flee from the horde of mouth-shaped monsters as Sosogu apologizes again for rushing with the liqour and getting it wrong. Kazuya has a sudden realization and declares that Sosogu is amazing. He requests that she make the same slowing mixture again and when she does Kazuya uses it by feeding it to each of the monsters chasing them.

The monsters beging slowing down as planned so Kazuya switches from the Eight Speeds Liqour to the Seven Strengths Liqour to power up. Kazuya uses his enhanced strength to create a shockwave with his punches, annihilating the slow monsters. Sosogu transforms back into her human appearance Kazuya congratulates her, showing her that she isn't useless at all since it was her rare ability to weaken the enemy which was her true strength.

Sosogu begins crying and tearfully acknowledges that she is glad that Kazuya is her owner. Kazuya begins to collapse to the ground as the side-effects of all the liqour he has drank starts to affect him.

On the surface, Kyouka uses her Low Pitch Search to find the body of the Toothyworm deep underground through echolocation. She sees inside the body of the Toothyworm and notices that one of either Kazuya or Sosogu has collapsed to the ground and they're both together. Sensing the urgency of the situation, Kiriha creates a large drill and burrows her way straight to the Toothyworm, taking her allies with her. Kyouka guides her straight into the Toothyworm's head, killing it instantly, and bringing all four of them into the belly of the beast.

Once there, they see that Kazuya and Sosogu are naked and Kazuya is feeding off of Sosogu like a nursing baby. Sosogu explains that all of Kazuya's repressed desires and hungers have been unleashed as a side-effect of the liqour he drank, and that his biggest desire was to become extremely intimate with Sosogu's breasts. Kazuya initially held himself off, feeling that it would be wrong without her consent, but Sosogu willingly strips herself for him and grants him free access, though Kazuya then proceeds to become much more intimate with other parts of her body in turn.

In the present, Sosogu finishes recapping the story to the other four. Kiriha offers herself to Kazuya as well but Kazuya harshly rebuffs her by claiming to only want to suck on large breasts - a statement which would lead to many problems.

Story Impact

  • Kazuya uses Sosogu's failed liquor from the previous chapter to debuff his opponents, lowering their speed to the point where he could defeat them without relying on Sosogu's speed buffs.
  • Kyouka uses her echolocation ability to find Kazuya's and Sosogu's location from the surface.
  • Kiriha uses her drill to tunnel straight to the two of them underground, killing the Toothyworm in the process in order to free them.

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