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Offering Thief 1 (おそなえ泥棒1, Osonae Dorobō 1), originally titled simply as Offering Thief (おそなえ泥棒, Osonae Dorobō) in the magazine release, is the 133rd chapter of the Tsugumomo manga.


One day, roughly a year after Kazuya's arrival Tsuzura Temple, Kiriha comes to Kazuya and informs him that there has been an 'offering thief' stealing the pudding that they had left as an offering for Kukuri, though Kiriha admits that she was planning on stealing it herself anyway to eat. They set a trap to abmush whoever has been stealing the offerings.

That night, the two of them wait in ambush though Kazuya is doubtful anybody will show up and states that it was probably a wild animal which Kiriha does not believe. She notices a light shining from the shrine and a avatar of Kukuri appears to collect the pudding left as bait. Kiriha leaps out and grabs her, immediately tying Kukuri up in her obi wrappings.

Kazuya recognizes her as Kukuri and is confused, so Kiriha explains to him that just as there are multiple shrines built for her, there are multiple Kukuris for each one. The Kukuri that Kiriha caught loudly proclaims that she is the most revered of them all and demands to be released. Kiriha however angrily gives her some payback for stealing the offering they gave by pulling off her clothes and spanking her repeatedly. Kukuri curses them as blasphmers and tries to counterattack with her Minazuchi but the power held inside her clone body is too tiny to summon more than a splash of water. Kukuri laughs off her attempt and gives her another spanking. Kukuri angrily departs, retreating back into the shrine and promising that she won't forget this.

Returning to Tsuzura Temple, Kiriha eats her pudding which has now become lukewarm, and the two of them are greeted by both incarnations of Ouhi Oriobana. She takes them to her office where she reveals that the Kukuri they're familiar with is in the process of reviving, or at least that the potential for her revival has improved. She informs them that a problem has arisen concerning her revival and that the cooperation of the two of them is required, which they eagerly volunteer for. Ouhi tells them that Kukuri's body is being kept at Ookane Shirahagi Shrine, and that they can get all of the details there. As Kazuya and Kiriha departs, Ouhi wonders to herself why they hadn't gotten the information already from a certain person.

Kazuya and Kiriha journey by bus to the Ookane Shirahagi Shrine and they discover that a large crowd has gathered somebody nearby, who they discover to be Kokuyou. Kokuyou is so overwhelmed at reuniting with them that she begins crying.

Inside the office for the Ookane Shirahagi Shrine, Kokuyou remarks that she heard that Kiriha had died and is glad to see her well. Kokuyou recounts her experience of the day when Kanaka killed Kukuri, and explains that before their intervention in the fight, the Kasumi Kagami and Saori used a technique that froze the passage of time for Kukuri's corpse. The next dau, attendants from the Shirahagi Shrine took her body away and Kokuyou accompanied them. They were able to heal the wounds on Kukuri's body and transplant a new shared into her body. The only remaining step is for her soul to return to her body for the resurrection to be completed.

Kokuyou begs for Kazuya's help to revive Kukuri and although he doesn't fully understand the problem, Kazuya swears to help.

Shirane Shirahabane, the divine messenger for the Ookane Shirahagi Shrine appears and introduces themselves. She scoffs that Kazuya couldn't even sense their arrival until she made an announcement of her presence. She guides the three of them to the peak of the mountain instead of the main shrine, stating that her master, Kukuri of Shirahagi resides atop the mountain watching over the land and the people below.

Arriving at the peak, Shirane recites a chant in front of a tiny shrine and the four of them are transported within the shrine where they are greeted by Kukuri of Shirahagi.

Story Impact

  • Kazuya and Kiriha discover that another version of Kukuri has been taking the offerings that they had left out in memory of the version of Kukuri that they are familiar with. When they catch her in the act, Kiriha spanks her as punishment.
  • Ouhi Oriobana informs Kazuya and Kiriha that the version of Kukuri they're familiar with is in the process of reviving.
  • Kazuya and Kiriha travel to Ookane Shirahagi Shrine where they reunite with Kokuyou who fills them in on the situation with Kukuri's body after her defeat at the hands of Kanaka.
    • She reveals that Kasumi and Saori used a technique to freeze the passage of time Kukuri's body, and that a group of attendants from the Shirahagi Shrine took her away, along with Kokuyou.
    • At Shirahagi Shrine, Kukuri's body was healed and a new shard was successfully transplanted into it.
  • Shirane Shirahabane greets the three of them, and escorts them to see her master; the Kukuri of Shirahagi.

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