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Master!? (で主人様!?, De shujin-sama!?) is the 2nd chapter of the Tsugumomo manga.


Hearing his sister rushing up the stairs to check on him after he woke up from a nightmare, Kazuya hurriedly wraps Kiriha in a blanket and suplexes her off of his bed in precisely 4 seconds in order to hide her. He manages to convince his sister that everything is fine and rushes her out of his bedroom before checking on a very annoyed Kiriha.

Kiriha wraps Kazuya up in her obi and lifts him into the air, insulting him repeatedly for treating him with such disrespect and pile drives him into the floor to karmically punish him. Kazuya then kneels before her while she gives a proper introduction of herself.

Kazuya once more expresses gratitude to her for saving him when he was helpless against the Amasogi, but he tries to clarify that since he owned that the obi that he is technically her master, to which Kiriha responds by binding Kazuya and throwing him around the room until he capitulates and becomes her servant. Kiriha decides to give him his first order in the form of gathering sweets for her from the convenience store. Kiriha is initially delighted at the large pile of sweets that he gathered, but becomes enraged after discovering a lack of pudding, punching him into the air for his mistake. Kazuya makes up for this by going back to the store and getting her some pudding which satisfies her. He tells her to be quiet while he gets dinner downstairs.

Instead of being quiet, Kiriha noisily laughs at the TV and plays video games loudly, drawing the attention of Kasumi. She bursts into Kazuya's room yet again, believing there to be an intruder but Kiriha hides herself. Wondering where she went, Kazuya goes to the bathroom to have his bath and he stumbles upon the naked Kiriha who is busy bathing herself.

Kazuya worries that her initial reaction will be to attack him or accuse him of being a pervert but instead Kiriha invites him to come wash her back. Satisfied with it, she offers to wash his back in return. As she does so, Kazuya reflects that it feels familiar to him and Kiriha comments that he has grown larger since last time she saw him, before suggesting that she was simply talking about his private parts.

That night the two of them sleep together in Kazuya's bed, side by side. Kiriha sees no reason for him to be embarrassed since he normally slept with her in her obi form, but Kazuya is nonetheless red-faced as she hugs him and cuddles with him to sleep.

Meanwhile, across the city, an older woman in a formal dress stands atop a tree and speaks to an unseen figure within a shrine over the deepening curse, with the unseen figure reponding that they don't need to take any immediate action.

Story Impact

  • Kiriha begins living in Kazuya's bedroom in her human form, establishing herself purportedly as his master and using him to gain access to sweets, video games and relaxing times.
  • Kazuya's sister, Kasumi, is suspicious of all the noise, but fails to discover Kiriha's presence.
  • Kazuya feels another sense of familiarity connected with Kiriha but is unable to piece together the meaning behind it.
  • Kokuyou makes her unnamed debut, overseeing Kamioka and discusses the increases levels of Curse in the town with Kukuri who is unseen and unnamed.

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