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Chigaeshi no Ookami (道返大神(ちがえしのおおかみ), Chigaeshi no Ōkami) is a god who guards the entrance to Yomi, sending souls of the deceased on their way and rejecting living beings who try to enter.[1]


Chigaeshi resembles a giant muscular bald man made of stone. His height is such that a human of Kazuya Kagami's stature does not even reach his ankles. He has several scars and cracks across his body, including a large "X" shaped scar on his chest and a vertical scar on his left eye. His left hand is missing, leaving a jagged stone stump. He has a large marking on his forehead. His clothes consist of a loincloth and giant rope around his ankles and right wrist.[1]



Shirane Shirahabane states his left hand was rumored to have been cut off by a lone girl a few years prior.[1] This rumor is true, with both his severed left hand and the scar on his face being caused by a girl who Kamuado later named Taunade. Kamuado rescued the girl from Chigaeshi before he could crush her and the two escaped into the Plains of Yomi.[2]


Divine Resurrection Arc

Kazuya Kagami and his party encounter Chigaeshi on their journey to Yomi to recover Kukuri's soul. Having passed the previous inspections, they reach Chigaeshi who acts as the final inspector. Shirane Shirahabane warns the party not to draw his attention but otherwise passing should be easy. They arrive just in time to witness a large monster attempt to break into Yomi, only to be stopped by Chigaeshi who sends it back. Kazuya and his party then proceed to pass through without trouble.[1]


Chigaeshi's enormous stature and stone composition make him an imposing threat to those who would challenge him. He appears to have great physical durability, being able to withstand a barrage of powerful attacks and maintain his ground.[1]

Chigaeshi Kenpo (道返拳法(ちがえしけんぽう), Chigaeshi Kenpō): Chigaeshi's primary method of battling is hand to hand combat, using his own martial arts techniques.

  • Thousand Pulling Arms: Great Circular Block (千引腕大廻受(ちびきのかいな おおまわしうけ), Chibiki no Kaina Ōmawashi Uke): Chigaeshi blocks incoming attacks by moving his hand in a circular motion. This can be used to deflect projectiles.[1]
  • Thousand Pulling Arms: Great Palm Strike (千引腕大掌底(ちびきのかいな だいしょうてい), Chibiki no Kaina Dai Shōtei): Chigaeshi hits his opponent with a powerful palm strike which send them flying and forcibly ejects them from Yomi.[1]

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Divine Resurrection Arc
133. Offering Thief Absent
134. Resurrection Absent
135. Shirane's Trial Absent
136. Death Preparations Absent
137. Chigaeshi, the Great Barrier Debut
138. Blood Mirror Mansion Appears
139. Shinobu's Kiss Absent
140. Yomi's True Phoenices Absent
141. Taunade Absent
142. Taunade vs. Kazuya Flashback
143. Jawfire Fortress Absent
144. Hollowspine Demons Absent
145. Hollow Consumption Absent
146. Taunade Sensei Absent
147. Pulling Out Absent
148. Shirane's Feelings Absent
149. Escaping God's Bamboo Grove Absent
150. Yomi Grand Mortuary Absent


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