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Chikage (千影, Chika-ge) is a spear tsugumomo and is one of the original members of Mayoiga.


Chikage has short head-length light-purple hair that has a large ahoge.

She typically wears traditional Japanese armor resembling that of a samurai's.


Chikage acts kind to those she considers her friends and allies. She likes to occasionally tease other's about their romantic feeling as seen with Arumi Ashimine with Akito Ashimine and Kyouka with Kazuya Kagami, but she offers helpful such as when Akito was concerned with Arumi acting cold towards him. When serious, she is quick to anger, being the first to charge towards Kanaka Kagami after Azami had killed Miruahi, and instantly lashing out the moment Ouhi Oriobana takes out a Puppet Binding.


Chikage was one of the few survivors that joined Miurahi in his battle against Iwanagahime.[1]

At some point in time, Chikage brought Akito Ashimine and Arumi Ashimine a futon to share for sleeping. Arumi get embarrassed, in which Chikage teased her for. Chikage and Akito leave to spar leaving Arumi alone in the house. Upon returning, they found Arumi pinning Mimane Miyou down as both were naked. Akito and Chikage quickly left the scene before Arumi could explain herself.

When Genbu and his group expressed their discontent about relying on Arumi's divination for over thirty years with no results, he and his group attempted to attack Tanmen. Chikage and others defended Tanmen, quickly quelling their outburst. Arumi performed her divination revealing and image of a black mass within the mountains.[1] Chikage along with Akito, Arumi, Yasuki Yatsukawa, Mimane and Shinshou worked together to capture it.[2]


Mayoiga Revolt Arc

Chikage greets Akito Ashimine, Arumi Ashimine, Yasuki Yatsukawa, Mimane Miyou and Azami when they return to Mayoiga after they defeat Sanjuurou, telling them to meet with Tanmen to get debriefed of what has happened. Mimane hugs Chikage, tackling her into one of Sanjuurou's mud structures, knocking it over and covering the girls in mud. The girls went to the bath to clean up while Akito and Yasuki meet with Tanmen.[3] After Tanmen awakens Miurahi from his meditation, Chikage asks about his Stone Shard's power running rampant to which he demonstrates he can now control its power. Tanmen and Miurahi announce that Mayoiga will begin their full invasion to claim Kukuri's Stone Shard. Mayoiga's launch their assault via a giant flying ship which is intercepted by a projection of Honoka. A project of Chikage briefly battles with the project Honoka before it is detroyed, while the real Chikage, Miurahi along with some other reach Hakusan Shrine to confront Kukuri.[4] Miurahi and Kukuri battle, Miurahi being easily overwhelmed by Kukuri at her full power. Before Miurahi can launch a final attack, he is killed by Azami who attacks him from behind and steals his stone shard. Chikage and Shinshou prepare to attack Azami but are held back by Sanjou. Azami use's Miurahi's shard to revive Kanaka Kagami.[5]. Chikage angrily combats Kanaka who taunts her. Even as the other Mayoiga forces join in, they are easily defeated by Kanaka.[6]

Tsuzura Temple Arc

Some time after Kanaka Kagami was sealed, Chikage and the other Mayoiga tsugumomo were taken to Tsuzura Temple and kept in storage. Chikage is amongst the first batch of Mayoiga tsugumomo rescued by Kazuya Kagami with Kyouka's help. They and Ouhi Oriobana explain the current civil dispute occurring within Tsuzura Temple. After speaking it over with the others, Chikage and Akito Ashimine lay out their terms for aiding Ouhi Oriobana's faction in the conflict and ask them to look for the missing Mayoiga tsugumomo.[7]

As the Nine Masters Tournament begins, Ouhi tells her and Akito that she was unable to locate the missing Mayoiga tsukumogami, with their only change of doing so being winning the tournament. Ouhi shows Chikage, Akito and Kyouka the match lineup for the tournament and assures their victory. They see that Ouhi predicted Kazuya to lose, which Kyouka gets upset about and Chikage teases Kyouka for.[8] After their first victory in the third match of the tournament, Ouhi discovers the their opponents had been using puppet bindings in battle. Chikage is enraged upon hearing such tools exists, to which Ouhi explains their history and apologizes for.[9] Knowing their enemies are using puppet bindings, Chikage helps predict which Mayoiga tsugumomo their opponents might use, correctly predicting Ayumi Ayukawa's use of the paintbrush tsugumomo Fushimitsu. Shinkurou Shishizaki returns from his match where Chikage identify the remains of his opponent's tsugumomo as the plant pot Tsuchishiro. Shinkurou apologizes but Chikage tells him it is not his fault. Chikage looks to Takano Tagusari and tells her that she must win her match.[10] The night prior to Kazuya's match, Chikage and Ouhi come to his room to inform him and Kyouka that his opponent will likely use Sanjou to counter Kyouka's abilities.[11] Ouhi also tells them that Masuji Madarai only has three puppet bindings at his disposal left.[12] Chikage watches Kazuya face off against Madarai in the final match of the tournament using a tv in their faction's meeting room.[13] Chikage claps when Kazuya defeats Madarai, winning the tournament for their faction.[14]

After the tournament, they find none of the recovered Mayoiga tsugumomo are waking up. Ouhi explains that their souls were damaged when Madarai fused with them during his match and that their spirit energy is leaking out. Ouhi states their is only one way to save them and brings Chikage, Akito and Kiriha to the cell where a now deformed Madarai is being held. When Ouhi explains his form is a byproduct of overusing the puppet bindings, CHikage says he deserves it. Ouhi makes a deal with Madarai, taking out his tsukumogami Chuushingura and Ouhi takes out a puppet binding. Chikage is enraged and ask why she has one to which Ouhi explains the puppet bindings' history in further detailing. Chikage ask why they did they not destroy them to which Ouhi explains they were kept in case they were ever needed, the current situation being one of them. Madarai uses the puppet binding to amplify Chuushingura's abilities and repairs the damaged Mayoiga tsugumomo. The tsugumomo recover and Chikage seen happily conversing with them.[15]


Expert Combatant: Being one of the few survive the battle with Iwanagahime, Chikage is fairly strong and experienced [1] that she is described as Mayoiga's strongest combatant. After all their years of sparring together, Akito Ashimine states that he has never defeated her once.[16]

Spear Proficiency: As a spear tsugumomo, spears act as Chikage's primary weapon.


  • The name Chikage means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "shadow, shade, other side" (影) (kage).


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