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Chisato Chikaishi (近石 千里(ちかいし ちさと), Chikaishi Chisato) is a childhood friend and classmate of Kazuya Kagami.


Chisato has a rather plain appearance with thick eyebrows and black hair that she ties in a braid. She normally wears glasses. However, when she unties her hair and removes her glasses, she is shown to be pretty.

She originally had bangs in her hair, but she later has her forehead exposed with the bangs now hanging at each side of her face.

When her gender swapped, Chisato face looks the same but her hair becomes short.


Chisato has a studious, prudent, and overall caring personality. However, she will resort to violence when facing extremely unpleasant situations (mostly perverted). When it comes to Kazuya, Chisato is shown to always be harsh, if not sometimes violent, towards him but only because she cares for him.

She is also shown to be simple and rather modest, such as how she created an Amasogi that was born from a simple desire to come over to Kazuya's house to study with him, and was satisfied when Kazuya invited her, dispelling her Amasogi.


Chisato has been friends with Kazuya since childhood. They would often play together. When they were playing house with dolls, some kids teased them, which made Kazuya not wanting to play anymore. Despite that, Chisato decide to hold on one doll while Kazuya holds the other one. They have since been together where Chisato would often lecture and help Kazuya at school.


Introduction Arc

Hakusan Shrine Arc

Local Exorcist Arc

Sunao Sumeragi Arc

Counselling Office Club Arc

Reversal Arc

Mayoiga Revolt Arc


Chisato possess no special abilities beyond a normal human's capabilities, but she is shown to be skilled at wielding a harisen fan.

When given a special charm by Kukuri in the Dream World, Chisato is able summon and command her Amasogi.

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Introduction Arc
1. Mother's Memento Debut
2. Master!? Absent
3. Library and Childhood Friend Appears
4. Library and Childhood Friend 2 Appears
Hakusan Shrine Arc
5. Curse Appears
6. Arm Wrestling Appears
7. Local Deity Appears
8. Divine Fury Appears
9. Watershed Appears
Local Exorcist Arc
10. Intensive Training Appears
11. Spacing Appears
12. Memories and Childhood Friends 1 Appears
13. Memories and Childhood Friends 2 Appears
14. Romero Special Absent
15. Kaneyama-san Absent
16. Letter, Pt. 1 Appears
17. Letter, Pt. 2 Appears
18. Letter, Pt. 3 Appears
19. One Day at the Kagami Home Absent
Sunao Sumeragi Arc
20. Fist Pt. 1 Appears
21. Fist Pt. 2 Absent
22. Nemesis Absent
23. Naked Blanket Roll Absent
24. Night Before the Confrontation Appears
25. Into a Dream Dream
26. Sunao vs Kazuya 1 Absent
27. Sunao vs Kazuya 2 Absent
28. Sunao vs Kazuya 3 Absent
29. Sunao vs Kazuya 4 Absent
30. Reward Absent
31. Memory Absent
32. Fake Marriage Part 1 Absent
33. Fake Marriage Part 2 Absent
34. Kazuya's Fist Absent
Counselling Office Club Arc
35. Counselling Office 1 Appears
36. Counselling Office 2 Appears
37. Rowdy Shirou-kun 1 Appears
38. Rowdy Shirou-kun 2 Appears
39. Rowdy Shirou-kun 3 Absent
40. Rowdy Shirou-kun 4 Appears
41. Breasts and Advisor Appears
Reversal Arc
42. Reversal! 1 Appears
43. Reversal! 2 Appears
44. Reversal! 3 Appears
45. Reversal! 4 Appears
46. Reversal! 5 Appears
47. Kirio in Top Form Absent
48. Sunao and Kotetsu Absent

Appearances in Other Media

  • Tsugumomo Himitsu no Yadoya Crossover Characters.png
    Chisato appears in the mobile game Himitsu no Yadoya by GESI as an obtainable character, alongside Kazuya, Kiriha, Kukuri and Kokuyou as part of a promotional collaboration for the Tsugumomo anime.



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