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Domination (人憑(ひとつき), Hito-tsuki) is an ability which allows the owner to takes over the body and power of a tsukumogami. It is also referred as the Anti-Ninth Sigil.[1]


Domination works opposite in nature to Possession i.e., rather than the tsugumomo taking over the body of its owner, the owner absorbs the tsukumogami into themselves, granting the owner full control over the power and ability of the tsukumogami they absorbed.[2]

Doing so gives the user enhanced physical capabilities, exceeding the limits of the human body for the duration. It also allows the user to use the abilities of the tsukumogami it absorbed without any restraints or backlash and draw out power beyond the limits of the tsukumogami.

But utilizing this technique cause tremendous stress on the tsukumogami, as it is forced to go beyond its own limit. Eventually causing the tsukumogami to break down because of the backlash of going beyond its own limits.[3]

Known cases of Domination


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