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Tsugumomo: A tsukumogami spirit that has transformed after many years, obtaining a body and soul indistinguishable from a human's.

The Troubleshooters' Office (お悩み相談室, O nayami sōdan-shitsu) is the 13th episode of the Tsugumomo anime and the first episode of Tsugomomo‘s second season.


Kazuya Kagami has unclear dreams of his past and wake up to find Kiriha, Kukuri and Kokuyou all lying in his bed on top of him. Kazuya pushes them off and chastises them. As Kiriha tries to return to sleep with Kazuya, Kasumi Kagami barges into their room, begins yelling at Kiriha for sleeping with Kazuya. Before Kasumi can launch a pan of fried eggs at Kiriha, Kazuya stops her and Kasumi warns him he is going to be late for school. Kazuya quickly gets dressed and reminds Kiriha what they have to do at school.

At school, Kazuya's friends speak to him while his classmates ask Kiriha various questions. Kiriha eventually reveals she lives with Kazuya and they frequently bathe and sleep together, prompting Shirou Shiramine to start a mock-trial in class to judge Kazuya for his crimes. Kazuya is found guilty and punished via turtle-shell bondage pendulum.

After class, Kazuya speaks with Shirou, Chisato Chikaishi and Osamu Osanai in a private room about where Kiriha explains herself as a Tsukumogami. There, Kazuya tells them he wishes to form a club to deal with the various paranormal activity occurring around the school. They explain the existence of aberrations, curse and that Kazuya himself is a Taboo Child. Kazuya's friends agree to join and form the club. Tadataka Tadata and Nanako Nanakai arriving to pledge their support as well, revealing that they have slowly been recovering from their Curse Backlash.

The group holds their first meeting and begin discussing if anyone is aware of anything of note that has happened recently. Chisato, Nanako and Tadataka reveal that there have been cases of underwear going missing after swimming classes.

At night, as Chisato sleeps in her room, she dreams of Kazuya, while Azami and Mimane Miyou sneak into her room. Mimane rummages through Chisato's wardrobe and confirms what they were looking for has disappeared as planned.

The next day at school during swim class, Shirou leers as girls in their swimsuits. Chisato arrives and Kazuya notes that her she is not wearing her glasses. Chisato goes back to the locker room to get them to find their clothes have been scattered everywhere and catches a glimpse of a mysterious creature which escapes through the vents.

Kazuya meets with his club to discuss Chisato's findings, where Kiriha confirms it was likely an amasogi. Shirou states they need a bait to catch it, demanding Chisato's and Nanako's panties, which Chisato hits him for. Tadataka's offers his own underwear, but Shirou rejects. Kiriha agrees with Shirou's plan and they end up using her underwear as bait, placing it box trap. They catch the culprit which they discover to be a pair of panties with an animated frog cartoon on it. Kazuya' recognizes the underwear as Chisato's but she denies it, prompting the underwear to flee to the school roof.

Kiriha and Kazuya quickly catch up to it where the amasogi gathers curse and transforms into a giant frog monster. Kazuya and Kiriha battle it but are unable to damage the frog. Chisato, Shirou and Osamu arrive at the rooftop where Kazuya once again asks if the underwear belonged to her. They tell Chisato that she needs to admit the underwear is hers and her desire for underwear gave birth to the amasogi. Chisato reluctantly admits the underwear is hers, but denies having such a desire which they realize would have been odd. Kazuya and Kiriha defeat the frog monster and it reverts back to its underwear form. Chisato tells them that though the underwear is hers, they had been put away for a long time.

Kiriha tells Kazuya to strip, and Kazuya takes off his boxers. They give the boxers to the amasogi, who Kiriha deduces was lonely from being discarded and unused. The pieces of underwear float up to the sky into a beam of light which can viewed from across town. Kiriha tells Chisato this was the best outcome for the underwear and she agrees. The group stands triumphantly, aside from Kazuya, who remains without underwear and covers himself in embarrassment. The undergarments continue to fly up into the sky, eventually ending up in space where they are spotted by an astronaut.

Later that night, Osamu is interviewed on Tv about the beam of light while Kokuyou consumes vast amounts of food. Kazuya and Kiriha bathe, discussing the unusual case of Chisato's underwear, which did behave like a normal amasogi or tsugumomo. Kasumi's mind races while doing the laundry, wondering where Kazuya's underwear went, coming to the conclusion that Kazuya had sold them.

At school, Yasuki Yatsukawa speak with Mimane, Arumi and Akito Ashimine about the aberrations defeat and prepare for the next one.

Characters in order of appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • The dream that Kazuya sees and the position in which Kazuya awakens differs greatly between the manga and the anime.
    • In the manga Kazuya awakens to find only Kiriha in his bed (and to find that her breast has found its way into his mouth) while in the anime he awakens to find Kukuri, Kokuyou, and Kiriha in his bed while the position in which he awakens is far less sexual.
    • Added a brief scene of a barn swallow outside Kazuya's window.
  • In the manga, Kiriha's introduction to the class, the trial, and formation of the club all occurred on the same day.
    • A new scene of Kazuya dreaming and waking up is added.
    • The trial occurs before class starts instead of interrupting the middle of class.
  • Several scenes from the trial are omitted
    • The trial concludes with Kazuya's punishment. In the manga, Kiriha defended Kazuya resulting in Shirou overlooking Kazuya's crimes, only to immediately reveal that Kazuya did perform obscene acts with her, then resulting in his instant punishment.
  • The flashback where Kazuya and Kiriha talk about forming the club is omitted.
  • Kiriha's explanation of the paranormal phenomena is shortened with many details and topics omitted.
    • Kiriha does not undergo costume changes during her explanations.
    • Omitted the other group member reacting to Tadataka Tadata's baldness.
  • The second half of the episode is anime-original content, focusing on a new amasogi and introducing Akito Ashimine's crew early.


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