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Marriage: A promise to spend your life with someone. Even verbal agreement will be considered authentic, so be careful what you say.

The False Fiancée (うそこん, Usokon) is the 14th of the Tsugumomo anime and 2nd episode of the second season.


Kazuya tells Kukuri of a dream he had of Kiriha and a woman with a black obi. Kukuri realizes Kazuya's sealed memories returning to be a side effect of him using Ascension and tells herself she will warn Kiriha about using it later.

Kiriha arrives at the Sumeragi residence's front door, but no one answers her. Sunao suddenly is launched out of her house, through the walls at the side of the door. Kiriha checks to see if Sunao is okay and meets Susumu Sumeragi who begins to cry over Sunao, worrying if she is okay. Emerging from the broken wall, Suzuri Sumeragi tells her husband not to coddle Sunao. Sunao get up to continue her duel with her mother and is promptly defeated.

Kiriha meets with Sunao in her home where Sunao apologizes for the trouble she has caused her and Kazuya. Sunao tells Kiriha that Kotetsu is undergoing repairs and they are both glad he is alright. Sunao asks how Kanaka died and Kiriha tells Sunao that she killed Kanaka after she became possessed.

Kazuya arrives at the Sumeragi residence, amazed at its grandeur. Upon walking closer, he is overcome with an aura of death while unbeknownst to Kazuya, Susumu stands on the other side of the door ready to strike him down for hurting Sunao. Suzuri disposes of Susumu, causing the aura to disappear, and invites Kazuya inside. Suzuri leads Kazuya to Sunao who is wearing a kimono and prostrates herself before Kazuya. After giving the two some tea, Suzuri leaves the two alone and closes the shoji.

Sunao apologizes to Kazuya for her previous actions and thanks him for helping her realize what is important to her. Kazuya tells Sunao that she is very honest with her feelings, his words reminding Sunao of her brother. Sunao asks Kazuya out, explaining that she is unable to the Sumeragi dojo since Kazuya defeated her in combat unless he marries her. Sunao begs Kauzya before threatening him when Suzuri suddenly returns. Suzuri opens the shoji to find the two acting like a romantic couple. The two attempt to reaffirm themselves as a couple to Suzuri but Suzuri tests them by having the two bathe together.

Twenty years ago, Suzuri defeated all of her sparring opponents and left to take a bath. Her opponents talk about the rule where if one could land a hit on her they would be married into her family, and about Susumu doing cleaning due to his poor skills. Suzuri enters the bathroom naked to find Susumu still cleaning. As Suzuri is about to hit Susumu, the two slip and Susumu accidentally hits her with his mop. Suzuri tells Susumu that he has to take responsibility and marry her, and he will be trained into a man befitting the Sumeragi dojo.

Back in the present, Suzuri has Sunao and Kazuya bathe together to prove their love for each other. Susumu hides within the bath waters, waiting for the time to strike Kazuya. As the two enter the bath, Susumu strikes, but accidentally hits Sunao instead. Suzuri again disposes of Susumu, leaving the bath bloody and unusable.

Continuing their test, Suzuri has the two sleep together as a couple, nude. Suzuri waits outside for the two to "finish". Sunao brings Kazuya under the sheets and the two pretend to have sex. While pretending to be intimate with each other, Sunao becomes infatuated by Kauzya. Susumu barges into the room and attacks again, accidentally kanchoeing Sunao instead of Kazuya. Before he can attack Kazuya, he is disposed of by Suzuri again. Suzuri tells them to continue, but they tell her they have already finished, pointing out a blood stain on their futon. Suzuri inspects the blood spot and then Sunao's hymen to find it still intact, discovering the blood to be from Sunao's finger. As punishment for attempting to deceive her, Suzuri brings Sunao and Kazuya to a room full of torture equipment.

After their punishment is complete, Sunao escorts Kazuya off their premises as Suzuri and Susumu see them off. Susumu tells Suzuri she went too far with her actions, forcing them to get married simply because she lost. Suzuri replies stating they way Sunao described her duel with Kazuya gave her a good impression of him. Susumu realizes the Sunao does have feelings for Kazuya and goes off to attack him but is stopped by Suzuri.

Sunao tells Kazuya they should train together to maintain the illusion of being a couple. When Kazuya points out their lie was already discovered, Sunao hits Kazuya and states it's still in effect. Sunao talks about what happened in bed, wondering if it was real or not, disappointed to find out Kazuya simply believed it all to be an act. Later that night, Sunao squirms around in her futon in embarrassment.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • In the manga, these events chronologically take place after Kazuya and Sunao's duel, and before Kazuya forms the club.
  • Removed Suzuri hitting Susumu out of the way during her duel with Sunao.
  • Removed comedic blood effects when Kiriha chastises Sunao.
  • Removed Kiriha and Sunao talking about Suzuri.
  • Removed scene of Kiriha telling Kazuya to go to Sunao's house.
  • Removed scene with Sunao watching Kazuya as he arrives.
    • Removed flashbacks of Suzuri chastising Sunao, which were adapted earlier in Episode 12.
  • Removed scene with Kukuri and Kiriha, showing what was occurring at Kazuya's house while Kazuya and Sunao were in the bath.
  • Removed Suzuri setting up an inflatable bath mat and stool in the bathroom.


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