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Possession: A state in which a tsukumogami takes control of its wielder. Can result in temporary bursts of incredible power.

Shirou-kun's Big Day (お騒がせしろう君, Osawagase Shirō-kun ) is the 15th episode of the Tsugumomo anime and 3rd episode of the second season.


Kukuri cleanses the accumulated curse around Kamioka from Hakusan Shrine. Kokuyou arrives to offer some tea, but Kukuri collapses. At school, Kiriha tells Kazuya about Kukuri collapsing the night before, telling him that continuing his Exorcist duties is the most he can do to ease her burdens.

During track and field, Mitsuri Mizushima is congratulated by her teacher for beating her previous records, patting her on the head. Mana Manaka pulls Mitsuri away and tell their teacher not to bother her like that. Mana congratulates Mitsuri and Mitsuri thinks to herself how Mana has always kept her motivated. Akito Ashimine watches the two in the background and grins.

At the Personal Advice Club, Kiriha, Kazuya, Osamu Osanai, Chisato Chikaishi and Shirou Shiramine go through various requests and concerns they have received. They find nothing of concern aside from numerous complaints about Shirou's behaviour. Shirou claims he has standards, only hitting on girls with large breasts, which Chisato beats him for. With nothing else to do, Kiriha dismisses the group and Shirou leaves to meet with Mana Manaka whom he sent a love letter to.

Shirou heads to the meeting point atop the school roof only to find Mitsuri there instead with his letter, then realizing he had put his letter in the wrong locker. Mitsuri asks if Shirou is serious about the letter, expressing her self doubts when compared to someone like Mana. Shirou panics and attempts to comfort Mitsuri, telling her that she is cuter. Mitsuri is flustered by his statement and fails to hear Shirou explain that his letter was meant for someone else. She accepts Shirou as her boyfriend and leaves before Shirou can say anything else. Later that night, Mitsuri thinks to herself how fortunate she is having beaten Mana in both running and getting a boyfriend first.

The next day at school, the other students are shocked that Shirou has a girlfriend, watching the two walk together with their arms together. Shirou tells Mitsuri they should be less obvious with their public display of affection, but Mitsuri ignores his request. Kazuya, Kiriha, Chisato and Osamu watch from afar, commenting on the situation. Other students comment on how Shirou will inevitably cheat on Mitsuri. Mana confronts Mitsuri and Shirou, telling Mitsuri they should break up and warning her of Shirou's lecherous nature. Mitsuri writes off Mana's comments as jealousy and Mana leaves.

Mitsuri and Shirou have a date atop the school, with Mitsuri offering Shirou some homemade cookies. Mitsuri thanks Shirou, telling him how she had always looked up to Mana and is proud of having finally bested her in some regards. Shirou tells Mana that he had always put himself out for girls of his type, earning himself a bad reputation and low popularity. Despite this, Shirou tells Mitsuri it does not bother him because he is comfortable with who he is, but Mitsuri keeps comparing herself to Mana. Shirou warns Mitsuri if she continues to do so, her happiness will only be temporary, and the she needs to decide her own worth by herself. Shirou finally confesses that the love letter Mitsuri received was meant for Mana and apologizes. Mitsuri denies his claim and begins hitting him on the chest, causing his Hazakura to fall out. The Hazakura begins to shake and Shirou realizes that Mitsuri has an amasogi in her bag. Shirou asks Mitsuri if she had come across any objects with strange powers. Mitsuri denies it, but Shirou can tell she is lying, and warns her of its dangers. Mitsuri continues denying it, crying as she runs away with her bag.

Shirou informs the other members of the club that Mitsuri had an amasogi. Osamu rereads one of their earlier requests, realizing it was from Mitsuri. They hurry to find Mitsuri before in can do any harm.

Kazuya and Kiriha confront Mitsuri outside of Mana's house where Kazuya gives his deduction that Mitsuri is trying to kill Mana so she will not lose to her. Mitsuri laughs at Kazuya for being completely wrong and Kiriha stomps his crotch in for it. Mana exits her house to see what the commotion is about. Mitsuri returns the shoes to Mana, explaining how she was grateful for the gift and used them everyday which only worsened her abilities. She explains that when she wore a different pair of shoes her performance improved, and with Shirou's explanation of amasogi, deduced that Mana had given her the shoes to hinder her abilities. Mana tells Mitsuri of when they first met, of how she always looked up to Mitsuri and wanted to keep ahead of her so she would always be her goal. Mana admits to giving Mitsuri the shoes to slow her down and takes them back. Believing that Mitsrui will never love her and instead hate her for what she has done, Mana dons the shoes to kill Mitsuri instead.

Kazuya and Kiriha protect Mitsuri and attempts to flee with her using obi wheels, but Mana easily gains on them using her amasogi. They relocate to under a bridge to do battle with Mana. Kazuya and Kiriha are quickly overpowered and Kazuya suggests they use Ascension, which Kiriha rejects, stating it is a last resort. Mitsuri interrupts their fight, calling out to Mana and kissing her. Mitsuri yells at Mana for giving up so easily and not even attempting to apologize. The two make amends but Mana becomes possessed the amasogi. Before being fully taken over, Mana warns Mitsuri to flee. Kazuya carries Mitsuri on her back as they try to evade Mana. With no other choice, Kazuya and Krihia use ascension and successfully destroy the shoes.

At school, Shirou expresses his surprise to the other club members that Mana was the amasogi host. Mana arrives in a wheelchair, explaining she lost her ability to walk soon after she returned home. Kazuya blames himself for Mana's Curse Backlash but Mana tells him not to and states she is grateful to him. Chisato asks about Mitsuri and Mana points out the person pushing her is Mitsuri. The group is surprised at Mitsuri's sudden change in appearance. Shirou attempts to ask Mitsuri out for real but is rejected. Kiriha thinks to herself how the timing of the amasogi possessing Mana was too much of a coincidence, suspecting something at play.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • In the manga Kokuyou brings Kukuri some Mizuyokan.
  • Removed scene where Kiriha opens her locker revealing it to be filled with love letters from admirers.
  • Removed Mitsuri's classmates talking about her after beating Mana's record.
  • Removed scene of the club members talking with a student in person.
    • The student's complaint about Shirou is changed to a letter, replacing Shirou's letter about wanting to be popular with girls
  • In the manga, Shirou did not specify who he asked out to the other club members before leaving.
    • In the manga, the other club members threw Shirou a celebration party, not knowing he ended up with the wrong person.
    • Shirou's comment about only liking girls with big breasts is moved to the earlier scene earlier in the club room.
  • Removed scene where Arumi Ashimine gives Kazuya a cryptic hint about the amasogi while in the washroom.
  • In the manga, Mana thinks about herself winning against Mana in her bed instead of in the bath.
  • In the manga, Mana confronts Mitsuri about Shirou privately in their classroom, while in the manga she does so in the hallway.
    • Removed scene of Mana flirting with Shirou in the hallway to prove his lecherous behaviour.
  • In the manga, Mitsuri force feeds her cookies in large amounts to Shirou.
  • Removed flashback of Kiriha explaining what a Hazakura is.
    • In the manga, the Hazakura fell directly on Mitsuri's bag.
    • In the manga, Mitsuri held on to Shirou's Hazakura.
  • Removed scenes of the club members searching for clues about Mitsuri's whereabouts.
    • Removed scene of Kazuya attempting to deduce the answer from the clues they have gathered.
  • The fight between Kazuya and Mana is shortened, omitting scenes and dialogue.
    • Removed flashback of Kukuri telling Kiriha about Ascension causing Kazuya's memories to come back.
    • In the manga, Mana takes off her shoes and prepares to destroy them before becoming possessed.
  • Removed Kiriha's dialog praising Shirou for discovering the Mana's amasogi.
  • Dialogue of Shirou's rejection was changed. In the manga Mitsuri states she has someone else in mind, and Mana tells Kazuya she will not lose, implying that Mitsuri has fallen for Kazuya.
  • Removed scene Akito and his crew plotting after the amasogi was defeated.



  • The first eyecatch is based on an illustration from Volume 8

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