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Swapped! (はんてん!, Hanten!) is the 16th episode of the anime and fourth episode of the second season.


Kazumi Kagami wakes up to Kirio rubbing her breasts and screams. Kasumi Kagami rushes to Kazumi's room to punish Kirio.

At school, the Kazumi and Kirio meet with their friends Shitone Shiramine, Osane Osanai, and Chikao Chikaishi. Kazumi notes something feels strange, to which Kirio suggests that she forgot her panties and lifts her skirt. While Chikao beats Kirio for her perversion, Osane opens her notebook, remembers they are in a dream and informs the others.

A few days earlier, Isuzu Iriha takes attendance of the very empty classroom. Isuzu leaves to consult with the other teachers what to do, leaving the class alone. Shirou brings up rumors of one of the absent students suffering from an unnatural sleep sickness. The group head to their clubroom to further discuss the spreading sleep sickness amongst the students. To help with their investigation, Kiriha tells the group she has arranged for a class advisor for the club. Shirou quickly fantasizes about who it could be but is disappointed to find out it is Kukuri.

Kazuya, Kiriha, Kukuri and Chisato head to home of the first sleep sickness victim to investigate. Kukuri attributes the phenomena to be caused by a pillow tsukumogami, but upon inspecting the victim's pillow with her Hazakura, there is no response.

After investigating the first three victims to no avail, they return to the club room to continue the discussion. Shirou comments on the three victims as being friends and frequently causing trouble. Looking for clues about the three of them, Kazuya realizes they were marked as sick instead of absent despite their parents never phoning in about it. Kazuya confronts their teacher Isuzu about this, but Isuzu retreats into her dream world and falls asleep.

Isuzu is brought to her home where they identify her pillow as the amasogi. Being unable to destroy the pillow due to it entrapping the students within the dreamworld, Kukuri invites the pillow tsugumomo Bakura help them enter the dream and convince Isuzu to destroy the amasogi from within. Bakura explains how the dream world works to them, sending Kazuya, Kiriha, Chisato, Osamu and Shirou inside. Shirou writes a message in his sketchbook to help them realize they are in the dream once they enter. Tadataka Tadata stay in the real world to watch out for anything going wrong.

Within the dream world, after realizing they are in a dream, Kazuya and Kiriha go to confront Isuzu. They plead with Isuzu to leave the dream and destroy the pillow, but Isuzu dons a monstrous grin. She reveals that had planned for their arrival, and the pillow they had stolen in advance was a fake. Behind the corner, the fake pillow Shirou, Chisato and Osamu had recovered bursts into flames. From Kazuya and Kiriha's shadows, their shadow selves manifest.

The four burst through the school building to the outside as they begin to fight. Chisato, Osamu and Shirou watch from the destroyed wall, but are suddenly surrounded by the Shadows of other students and soon their own. Isuzu preaches about their Shadows being more obedient and offers to release the students if they accept their Shadow selves. Chisato rejects her, stating her proposition is more than forcibly controlling her students. Isuzu orders the Shadows to attack, but a cloud of chalk dust appears and the three escape.

As Kazuya and Kiriha do battle with their Shadow selves, they find themselves being overpowered as they are able to create more obi projections. Shadow Kazuya attacks Kazuya and slowly begins to take him over.

Chisato, Osamu and Shirou escape to a classroom with the help of a girls who reveals herself to be the real Isuzu. Isuzu explains her situation of how her students never took her seriously and how she eventually stumbled upon the pillow. Within her dreams she could be as assertive as she wanted, but in reality nothing changed, and over students ended up being dragged into her dreams without her realizing it, which she suspects was her Shadow's plan. Isuzu reveals that her Shadow has the pillow but with Kazuya busy, they have no way of obtaining it. Osamu tells them he has an idea.

Isuzu confronts her Shadow self, landing a surprise attack on it using yojijukugo idioms written on a piece of paper to power herself up. She identifies the pillow to be within its body but is quickly restraint by other shadows before she can get it. Shadow Isuzu uses the paper to transform herself into a giant spider.

Before Shadow Kazuya can take over, Kazuya breaks free. Kazuya and his Shadow self have a final clash using Spiral weaves and Kazuya defeats his Shadow.

Shadow Isuzu strikes at Isuzu in its giant spider form but is hit by Chisato's library golem, and then by Osamu's sketchbook dragon, while Shirou uses his perfume to lure the shadow students away from Isuzu. The Shadow covers Osamu and Chisato in web, but the are quickly freed by Kazuya who saves them from the spider, after rescuing Shirou first. Kauzuya flips the spider over and restrains it, allowing Isuzu to finish it off and destroy the pillow. With their work done, Bakura messages them all to return to sleep in the dream world in order to wake up in reality.

The next day at school, Kazuya and Kiriha comment on Isuzu having grown more assertive.

Prior to exiting the dream world, Shirou checks out his own genderswapped body but fails to get turned on by it. Osamu reasons since they are currently female they would be attracted to males instead. Shirou argues he is simply not attracted to himself, disproving Osamu's argument playing and getting aroused by Osane's body instead.

Characters in order of appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • The scene of Kirio waking up Kazumi is shortened.
    • Added a brief scene where a kiwi outside of Kazuya's window.
  • Removed scene showing Kazumi and Kirio heading to school.
  • Removed scenes Kazuya and his friends spent genderbent, skipping directly towards the revelations that they are in a dream.
    • The scene of their realization is shortened.
  • The introduction of Kukuri as club advisor and first investigation meeting are combined.
    • Removed scenes covering the aftermath of the battle with the shoe amasogi.
    • Removed meeting between the members of Mayoiga.
    • The investigation is shortened with several scenes omitted.
  • Removed Mimane Miyou talking to Isuzu which caused her to pass out.
  • In the manga, Shirou is looking through Isuzu's wardrobe while in her room and Chisato hits him.
  • Bakura's introduction and explanation is shortened.
    • Removed Shirou drooling over Bakura's chest.
    • Removed Bakura periodically falling asleep during her explanations.
    • In the manga, Bakura forgets to mention Shadows and only mentions it right before the fall asleep.
  • In the manga, Shadow Isuzu uses a Dream Lantern to create Shadows.
  • The fight with Shadow Kazuya and Kiriha is shortened.
    • Kazuya's internal conflict with his Shadow's desires is removed.
    • The inner monologues of both Kazuya and his shadow self are removed.
  • The scene where the real Isuzu meets Kazuya's friends is drastically altered.
    • In the manga, The other students in the dream spectate Kazuya and Kiriha's fight with their Shadow selves.
    • In the manga, Isuzu speaks with Kazuya's friends directly requesting their help to Shadow Isuzu but is briefly ignored since they do not recognize her.
      • Shadow Isuzu confronts the them while they are talking here.
        • In the manga, Shadow Isuzu does not begin to manifest her monstrous feature until this moment, while in the anime they are shown during the first confrontation.
      • In the manga, the real Isuzu does not reveal herself until this moment in order to save Kazuya and his friends from their shadows.
        • In the manga, Isuzu retains her true adult form after revealing herself until confronting Shadow Isuzu again.
        • In the manga, Shadow Isuzu directly orders Shadow Kazuya to eliminate the real students after growing frustrated.
          • Removed scene where the real Isuzu gives Kazuya advice on how to beat their Shadow.
  • Removed scene showing what Kukuri and the others are doing in the real world while waiting where she explains the charm given to Kazuya's friends that allows them to use amasogi in the dreams.
    • In the anime, Kazuya's friends using amasogi within the dream is explained as possible simply due to it being a dream, instead of using a charm given to them.
  • Removed flashback where Isuzu talks with Mimane.
  • The fight with Shadow Isuzu is shortened and drastically altered.
    • In the manga, Shadow Isuzu tears up the paper the real Isuzu was using and transforms without it.
      • In the manga, surface Isuzu passes out from fear after seeing Shadow Isuzu transform into a spider.
        • The fight is shortened drastically as Kazuya no longer needs to buy time fight Shadowing Isuzu in order for surface Isuzu to wakeup.
    • Removed the tentacle monster summoned by Osamu and changed the design of the dragon which now no longer reflects the one used in the fight against Nakajima.
    • In the manga, Kazuya split open the spider to reveal the pillow before having Isuzu finish it off, while in the anime, Isuzu punches through the spider to the pillow.
  • Removed scene of Kazuya' and crew waking up in the real world.
  • Removed Isuzu's change in hairstyle after waking up.
    • Removed scene of student staring at Isuzu's breasts while he is being chastised.


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