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The mortality of tsukumogami: A tsukumogami will return to being an inanimate object if all of its spiritual power is exhausted. To a tsukumogami, this is not dissimilar to death.

Sunao and Kotetsu (すなおと虎鉄, Sunao to Kotetsu) is the 17th episode of the anime and fifth episode of the second season.


Kazuya and Kiriha lounge around in their room reading manga when the doorbell suddenly rings. Answering the door, Kazuya is met with a distraught Sunao.

Sunao informs Kazuya, Kiriha and Kukuri that Kotetsu has been unable to wake up since being repaired, and that Honoka advised her to seek out the echo stone within the cave of the Divine Naval. She informs them that it is too dangerous for her to go by herself and Honoka cannot follow her there, so she sought out Kazuya and Kiriha.

The group quickly travels to their destination by train and rent a room in a large hotel stay in. Kazuya is amazed by the luxuriousness of the hotel to which Kiriha explains their accommodations were already taken care of. Kiriha turns to Sunao, telling her to stop sulking. Sunao tells them she was thinking about Kotetsu and what she is going to say to him the net day after being mean to him for so long.

Kiriha has the three of them bathe together. While doing so, Kiriha and Kazuya's interaction remind Sunao of when she and Kotetsu bathed together when she was a child. Kiriha interrupts her thoughts, asking if she wants Kazuya to wash her and turning her towards Kazuya to her embarrassment.

The three have a large luxurious feast together, during which Kiriha has Kazuya feed her some of his food. After dinner, the three head to bed where Sunao is surprised to learn Kazuya and Kiriha sleep together. Kazuya tells Sunao that Kiriha always pushes to and Kiriha begins teasing Kazuya as she takes them under their blanket. Kazuya whispers to Kiriha they need to be more considerate towards Sunao but Kiriha states as things are, Sunao does not understand Kotetsu's feelings and will not be able bring him back. Kiriha reveals that she, Kukuri and Honoka all know why Kotetsu has not reawakened but need to have Sunao realize herself, and continues to play around with Kazuya to help her do so.

That night, Sunao dreams of herself having a conversation with Kotetsu. Sunao tries to speak to Kotetsu but all he does is apologize, and Sunao awakes from her dream before she can reach out to him. She looks around to seek Kiriha and Kazuya sleeping together, and then takes out Kotetsu to examine him and reflect.

The next day, the three walk through a forest and reach the cave. Entering the cave they eventually reach a large room with a giant stone tablet. Sunao places Kotetsu on the Echo Stone and prays for Kotetsu to wake up. A large plant-like bulbe appears from the blade, with Kotetsu sleeping in his human form inside. Sunao calls out to Kotetsu, begins apologizing and begging him to wake up. Numerous amasogi appear around them, which Sunao recognizes as those she and Kotetsu defeated in the past. Kiriha deduces they are manifestations of Kotetsu's self doubt and tells Sunao to continue calling out to Kotetsu while she and Kazuya defend them. Kiriha tells Sunao she has to give Kotetsu what he really desires. Sunao continues calling out to Kotetsu, apologizing to no avail and ponders what it is he wants.

As Kotetsu sleeps, he hears Sunao's voice, but believes he is imagining it because he wants to. Kotetsu reflects on his past failures, believing even if he were to awaken, Sunao would tell him he is not needed. A manifestation of Suou Sumeragi appears in Kotetsu's mind, telling him that fear and doubt will dull his edge as a katana, and that he should focus on what he wants most.

The Aberration that killed Suou manifests amongst the amasogi defeats Kazuya. It begins devouring the orb that Kotetsu is encased in. Sunao attempts to run towards it, but Kazuya stops her and suggests to Kiriha they use Ascension. Kiriha rejects, stating if they were unable to defeat it before ascension wore off, they would all die. The monster swallows Kotetsu and Sunao breaks down into tears. Sunao gets up as both she and Kotetsu simultaneously realize what they wanted was to be with each other. Kotetsu bursts out of the aberration's mouth from a beam of light and is reawakened. Sunao and Kotetsu cry and they apologize and hold each other. Kazuya cries too watching the two reconcile. The aberration attacks Sunao and Kotetsu but is instantly defeated as the two use ascension to destroy it.

Returning to the hotel. Kazuya continues crying tears of joy for the two which Kiriha hits him for. Sunao lie immobile on the floor, unaware of the side effects of ascension which Kazuya and Kiriha explains to her and Kotetsu. Kazuya and Kotetsu ad blindfolded as they help Sunao bathe while Kiriha watches.

Returning home, Sunao and Kotetsu thank Kukuri for her help. Kiriha tells Kazuya that the entire commotion was caused by the thought of a tsugumomo not being wanted by their owners and that they are quite emotional. Kazuya reassures Kiriha that he wishes to be with her forever, causing her to blush. Sunao continues thanking Kukuri, thanking her for paying for their stay which Kukuri is confused by. Kokuyou comes to tell Kukuri that Taguri Kanayama has come to visit her. Taguri states she has come to collect Kukuri as promised, which further confuses Kukuri. Kiriha give the go ahead and Taguri drags Kukuri away. Kazuya realizes that Taguri had paid for their expenses which Kiriha reveals she had traded Kukuri away for three days in exchange.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Added scene with Kiriha and Kazuya talking before answering the doorbell where they are reading volumes 3, 4, and 5 of their own manga.
  • Kiriha is in her bloomers instead of her kimono during the meeting.
  • In the manga, Kukuri was sitting on Kokuyou's lap during the meeting.
  • Removed Kirhia explaining how they got the money to pay for their travel expenses at the hotel.
  • Added scene where Sunao dreams of a conversation with Kotetsu.
  • Changed Kazuya's attire when travelling to the cave.
  • Added minor bits of extra dialogue while travelling.
  • Changed cave entrance's appearance.
  • Removed Sunao's incantation.
  • Added scene of Kazuya still crying after returning to the hotel.
  • Added Kiriha's explanation of how they paid for their travel expenses in a new scene where Taguri Kanayama comes to pick up Kukuri as payment.


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