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Tsukumogami and their masters: A master is critical for a tsukumogami, to replenish their spent strength.

Mayoiga (迷い家, Mayoiga) is the 18th episode of the anime and the sixth episode of the second season.


Isuzu Iriha speaks with the Personal Advice Club, telling them that her amasogi pillow was given to her but she cannot recall by whom. The group suspect that the recent amasogi incidents were caused deliberately but wonder why.

Mimane Miyou rocks back and forth in her chair, complaining about being bored. She blames Kazuya Kagami and Kiriha for destroying the previous amasogi and exclaims her desire to take them out. Akito Ashimine rejects Mimane, reminding her that they promised not to. Mimane says she we will eliminate the two herself, prompting Azami to attack Mimane and Yasuki Yatsukawa to defend her. Akito tells the two to stop and apologizes to Azami. Azami reminds them of their deal and disappears. Yasuki questions if they can truly trust her, but Akito says they have no choice.

Several hundred years ago in a certain house, Akito, Arumi and Hifumi all became Tsugumomo at the same time. As surrogate siblings, they made a deal with the master of the house to serve them, but on the condition they be treated as people as well. The master found the most use out of Hifumi and her ability to manipulate luck. They lived peacefully for a while until monsters began attacking the village and Hifumi began to weaken. Hifumi told her siblings that the monsters were the result of their master abusing Hifumi's power by having villagers continually roll Hifumi's die to avoid falling to misfortune and becoming a monster himself. When Hifumi tried to stop their master, he threatened the well being of Akito and Arumi, forcing Hifumi into compliance. When Akito and Arumi told the villagers of what their master was doing, they formed a mob, killing their master but Hifumi as well. They soon turn their weapons towards Akito and Arumi, leaving Akito no choice but to slay them all. The two sworn siblings would leave the village, wandering and shifting from one master to the next, eventually growing tired of serving anyone.

One day, Akito and Arumi came across a red bowl floating through a river. Upon retrieving the bowl, a gateway opened up, bringing the two to a pocket dimension they would alter know as Mayoiga. Upon entering Mayoiga, they were immediately attacked by Yasuki who shot an arrow towards their feet. Being unable to negotiate with Yasuki, Akito was forced to defend himself and Arumi until Mimane arrived and interrupted their battle out of curiosity. The two were brought to Tanmen who formally welcomed them to Mayoiga and explained its existence to them. Akito and Arumi lived in Mayoiga peacefully but at the same time, Akito wondered about various about Mayoiga which Tanmen and the others had refrained from explaining so far. One day, two tsugumomo reverted back to their original forms. It was then Tanmen told them Akito and Arumi the truth of Mayoiga, of how their founder Miurahi obtained the power to create Mayoiga by killing a god stealing their Stone Shard to use as their own. He tells them that their current shard's power is waning and asks if they will aid Mayoiga in killing a god to obtain a new one.

After thinking it over, Akito and Arumi decide to join Mayoiga in their hunt for their a stone shard. Using Arumi's power of divination, they decided when was best to act. As time passed and more of them lost power, some tsugumomo began to grow discontent on relying Arumi's divination. Genbu lead a protest at the gates of Mayoiga but soon after, Arumi received a divination of a black mass. Akito, Arumi, Mimane, Yasuki and Chikage captured and brought it to Mayoiga. There, the black mass revealed itself as Azami. Azami gave them information on on which god was the most suitable target and how to weaken them further. Azami cooperated with them in exchange for them following her terms. Akito, Arumi, Mimane and Yasuki were sent to Kamioka to carry out Azami's plan.

Back in the present, Akito reminds the other three that they need Azami's cooperation for their goals. From an alleyway, Azami spies on Kazuya and Kiriha going to an arcade.

Some time during their early days at Mayoiga, Arumi took a bath with Mimane at their hot springs. There, Mimane teased Arumi about her and Akito being lovers and played with her breasts.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Removed Mana Manaka, Nanako Nanakai and Mitsuri Mizushima from scene where Isuzu Iriha speaks about obtaining her amasogi.
    • Removed Shirou Shiramine stating he received his in a similar manner.
    • Kiriha makes reference to the previous incidents.
  • In the manga, Yasuki Yatsukawa grabs Mimane Miyou away from Azami's attack.
    • In the manga, Akito Ashimine physically intervenes with their fight, blocking their attacks at each other.
  • Slight changes to Akito's group conversation after Azami leaves.
  • Removed Tanmen telling Yasuki to apologize.
  • Added scene with Chikage and Akito duelling.
  • Added scene with Akito and Tanmen in the bath.
  • Tanmens strategy meeting for their next target is shortened.
    • Removed Tanmens specification of the survivors of their battle with Iwanagahime.
    • Removed dialogue from the other tsukumogami present.
  • Removed Kyouka from group protesting at the gate.
    • Removed fight breaking out at the gate.
  • Removed Shinshou from the group that went to capture Azami.
    • Fight with Azami is shortened.
  • Removed scene where Azami watches Kazuya bump into strangers and Azami later attacks them in the alleyway.
    • Replaced with scene of Kazuya meeting up with Kiriha.


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