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Versus! The Romantic Quiz Board Game (対戦 恋のすごろクイズ, Taisen Koi no sugoro kuizu) is the 19th episode of anime and seventh episode of the second season.


Kiriha, Kazuya Kagami, Mimane Miyou and Akito Ashimine find themselves in a tournament arena as an announcer introduces the Iron Fist Tournament.

Moments prior, Akito fails at getting a toy for Mimane from the crane game. Akito asks if Mimane is ready to leave, but Mimane protests. Mimane spots an isle of Ironman Fist arcade cabinets and jumps over it, landing atop Kazuya who is sitting beside Kiriha. Mimane recognizes Kazuya and expresses so aloud. Mimane greets Kiriha aloud, but neither her nor Kazuya recognize her. Akito signals to Mimane and she tells them that she knows them from school. Before Akito can leave, Mimane calls over to him to play with them. Kazuya recognizes Akito from their class and welcomes him to play with them. Before Akito can reject, he notices Azami watching them from afar and her curse accumulating. Kiriha's Hazakura begins ringing and they are suddenly pulled into the arcade game's world, leading to their current situation.

Just as Kiriha and Kazuya speak about dealing with the amasogi's owner quickly, Hiroki Hirohashi reveals himself as the owner and host of the tournament. The four a put on a team and the tournament begins with Kiriha fighting first against her opponent, Daruman. Kiriha is quickly defeated due to her lack of understanding of fighting game mechanics. As penalty for her loss, Kiriha is dressed in a bikini and cat ears. Kiriha embarrassingly leaves the ring. Kazuya questions why Kiriha is embarrassed, to which she explains being exposed in public is different than her doing it for Kazuya specifically.

Akito enter the ring, telling Kazuya that he is familiar with the game. He easily defeats Daruman and forgoes penalizing the opponent with a costume change. Akito's next opponent reveals himself as the sword wielding Kenshiro. Kiriha calls him out for cheating, but Hiroki explains weapons are allowed in the tournament. Akito blocks all Kenshiro's attacks by subtly transforming his arms into blades without Kazuya and Kiriha noticing. Once his meter is full, Akito's disarms Kenshiro and deals a fatal blow, but is also defeated in the process, resulting in a draw. Both teams get a receive a penalty, resulting in Mimane getting dressed in a bunny suit, though Akito abstains from enforcing a penalty on the enemy.

Mimane battles Namikawa in the next match of the tournament. Before beginning, Akito whispers to Mimane not to use her powers, which Mimane assures him she will not. As soon as their fight begins, Mimane uses her powers to reflect an attack, getting in instant K.O. Kazuya and Kiriha are surprised by Mimane's ability while Akito is stupefied by her actions. Hiroki reveals himself as the final combatant of the opponent team. Mimane attempts to confuse and outmaneuver Hiroki, but is KO'ed by his extending limb punches. Kazuya uses Kiriha to fight Hiroki in the final match of the tournament. Despite granting himself several powerups, Hiroki is defeated by Kazuya. The five of them leave the arcade world as Hiroki agrees to destroy the amasogi.

Outside, Azami looks around for them as they return to the real world. Hiroki thanks Kazuya for helping him realize his desire for battle and leaves exclaiming he is going to travel the world. Azami angrily glares at Akito and Akito tries to signal to Mimane that they need to leave. Mimane misinterprets this and kisses Kazuya instead, angering Azami further. Azami accidentally destroys the ceiling which begins collapsing on her, but she is saved by Kazuya. Kazuya offers Azami a hanker-chief to wiper her face and Azami calms down and blushes. Kiriha arrives to see what happened, but Azami has already disappeared before Kazuya can explain. Kiriha asks Mimane if she is a mirror tsugumomo, which Mimane immediately confirms to Akito's dismay. Kiriha suggests the two of them be friends while Akito is forced to explain that he is Mimane's owner.

Returning to the classroom at night, Akito explains what occurred to Yasuki and Arumi. Akito tells himself he needs to be more careful and avoid Kazuya and Kiriha as much as possible.

The next day, Akito and Arumi are trapped by an amasogi along with Kazuya and Kiriha. Akito introduces the two to Arumi as his sister. Wakana Wakisaka reveals herself as the amasogi's owner and explains the rules of her game. The two pairs are forced to roll dies to progress and answer intimate questions as they do. Akito and Arumi are eventually separated from the other two. At their second question, Akito incorrectly answers which part or Arumi's body is most sensitive. Arumi knocks out Akito before Wakana can reveal the answer. As penalty for answering wrong, they are sent back and Arumi has an article of clothing removed. After many penalties, the two eventually catch up to Kazuya and Kiriha at the final question. For the final question, Wakana asks who the male partner has loved the most. Kiriha answers herself for Kazuya, which is incorrect. Kiriha rattles Kazuya's collar in a rage before the two are sent back to the start. Akito ponders a bit about who he loved the most before Arumi offers to answer for him. Arumi answers correctly and the four are returned to the school.

Akito informs the Kazuya and Kiriha that Wakana destroyed the amasogi as a reward for finishing the game and explains why she used it. Kazuya invites Akito to join their club but Akito rejects. Kiriha hints towards Mimane having told her something about Akito, successfully blackmailing Akito to join the club. Later that night, Akito explains to Yasuki and Mimane that he has joined Kazuya's club.

At home that night, Kiriha explains to Kukuri, Kasumi Kagami and Kokuyou how she was not Kazuya most loved girl. The three get fidgety and the prospect that Kazuya's favorite may be themselves. Kokuyou suggest they simply ask Kazuya, leading to an interrogation. After refusing to answer, Bakura arrives to use a special pillow to put Kazuya to sleep and enter his dreams to find the answer. Within the dream, they find Kazuya flirting with a female version of himself.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Mimane jumps onto Kazuya while he is playing a racing game by himself and Kiriha does not arrive until later.
  • In the manga Kiriha was defeated because she did not know how to use a crouching attack. In the anime she is defeated because she does not know how to use a crouching block.
  • Added "HIGH SCORE" text to obscure Mimane's exposed chest.
  • Removed Mimane hitting Namikawa on the head to finish him off.
    • Removed Akito making up excuses for why Mimane can use special abilities in the game world.
  • Hiroki Hirohashi's battle with Mimane is shortened.
    • Removed Hiroki punching away the crown trying to take pictures of Mimane after she is defeated.
  • Hiroki's battle with Kazuya is shortened.
  • Removed arcade manager arriving to make sure no one was injured.
  • Removed scene where Kazuya and Akito's group part ways and leave the arcade.
  • Removed scene showing the moment the group was captured by Wakana Wakisaka's amasogi
  • Removed Kazuya mentioning his interaction with Arumi in the washroom which was previously omitted.
  • Removed scene showing Kazuya answering a question about Kiriha's breast size correctly.
  • In the manga, the penalty for an incorrect question was being sent back one space and being sent back to the start was only the penalty for the final question. In the anime, being sent back to the start is the default penalty.
  • Removed scene of Akito answering what Arumi's favorite sex position is incorrectly.
  • In the manga, Arumi had lost all her clothes before meeting back up with Kazuya and Kiriha.
  • Removed Akito thinking about the other girls from Mayoiga when trying to think of who he likes the most.



  • On the wall behind the claw crane Akito and Mimane are playing at, a poster advertising the game "Pure Heart 2" can be seen, a sequel to Pure Heart which was the item in which Hiroshi Ohkado's amasogi manifested.

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