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Curse Crossing: The ability to travel through curse, with the destination being limited to the location of the other Azami.

New Club Members (新入部員, Shin'nyū buin) is the 20th episode of the anime and the eighth episode of the second season.


Kazuya recalls memories of his childhood when he created an amasogi eraser and was scolded by his mother. He remembers his mother was an Exorcist, but does not recognize her when speaking to her within his dream. Kanaka tells him it is because of the seal and leaves, telling Kazuya he needs to get ready. Kazuya is awakened by Kiriha's foot landing on his face.

Akito explains to Azami that he ended up joining Kazuya's club, requesting her permission to do so. Azami does not answer, remaining wrapped in her obi. Mimane lifts up the obi to find Azami sniffing the handkerchief she had received from Kazuya the other day. Upon realizing she is unwrapped, Azami quickly wraps herself back up and allows Akito to join the club so long as he does not harm Kazuya. Yasuki warns Akito and Mimane of the potential dangers, since the club advisor Kukuri is also their target. Akito states there are also benefits to getting close to her, and Yasuki once again warns Akito to be careful of Mimane's behaviour. The four mayoiga tsugumomo leave the classroom, leaving Azami alone. Azami communicates to her other half in Mayoiga to give her a status update, stating the situation has not changed.

Akito and Mimane introduce themselves to the other club members. Chisato is surprised about Akito owning a tsugumomo and Shirou asks him about his sister's big breasts which Chisato hits him for. Kiriha explains that Akito and Mimane will deal with amasogi like she and Kazuya do. Akito states he and Mimane are not suited for combat to which Kiriha suggests they test them out on an aberration currently active on the school campus.

The group meets outside where a large spiked rock has made itself present. Akito whispers to Mimane if it was her doing which she denies, leaving Akito to conclude it was a naturally occurring amasogi. Osamu states the aberration to be caused by hikikomori syndrome, implying the owner is inside. Kiriha tells them persuasion will not work and suggest Akito use force to get the owner out. Mimane demonstrates her ability to copy the appearance and ability of others using Kiriha. Akito tries attacking the rock with Mimane's copied Kiriha abilities to no avail. Kiriha teaches Akito and Mimane a few more techniques, but they still fail to damage the rock. Shirou suggests they use breasts as the solution. Before Chisato can hit him, Shirou explains his reasoning, citing the myth of Ame-no-Uzume's nude dance to lure Amaterasu out of a cave as an example of a similar situation. Mimane goes ahead with Shirou's plan and strips naked while still in Kiriha's form, prompting Kiriha to hit Mimane. The owner of the rock does not respond and Shirou suggests they need someone with larger breasts, annoying Kiriha. Mimane goes to copy Arumi's appearance and returns, transforming into Arumi naked. Shirou fondles the Arumi double's breasts while the real Arumi comes running towards the scene. Mimane and Shirou are both hit for their actions. The rock does not respond to Arumi's breast's either and Mimane suggests to Arumi they both get naked to double its effect. Arumi tells Mimane to get naked herself and tears Mimane's clothes off. The amasogi's host comes out to take a picture of Mimane and is then knocked out and has his phone destroyed.

Kukuri arrives to congratulate them on dealing with the amasogi. Akito and Mimane introduce themselves to Kukuri. Akito thinks to himself how a child like Kukuri could be a god, barely sensing any spiritual energy from her. He begins to doubt Azami's words suggesting they need to wait longer, but understands they need Azami maintain contact and travel between Mayoiga. Mimane suddenly asks Kukuri about being a god and to show off her powers. Kukuri complies, summoning a bucket's worth of water, which lands on Kiriha. Kiriha begins grappling Kukuri, leading Akito to have further doubts.

Later that night, Akito reports the day's activities to Yasuki. Yasuki expresses his concerns about Mimane's behaviour only for Arumi and Akito to realize she is not there with them. Meanwhile, Mimane barges into the bathroom of Kazuya's house while Kazuya and Kiriha are bathing. Mimane announces she is staying over, stating Akito wants to learn about Kazuya. Mimane asks to see Kazuya's penis, causing a ruckus while Kukuri and Kokuyou stand atop the roof. Before she cleanses the town's accumulated curse, Kukuri senses four tsugumomo having entered the town. Kukuri asks Kokuyou to bring them over and Kokuyou flies away.

Entering the house, Mimane hugs Kukuri. Mimane tries to tell Kukuri about Kazuya's penis but Kazuya interrupts her as he sulks in the corner. Mimane continues anyways, telling Kukuri about Kazuya's penis, causing Kazuya to cry. Kiriha and Kukuri try to reassure Kazuya not to be ashamed of his penis when Kukuri sneezes. Kukuri states she just got a little cold from standing outside prompting Mimane to drag her bath to warm up. Mimane caresses Kukuri in the bath and the two eventually get overheated from staying in too long.

Kokuyou returns home badly damaged being carried by Taguri Kanayama. After getting Kokuyou a place to lie down, she explains her encounter with the four tsugumomo that entered the town. When meeting them, Kokuyou called them out on their suspicious behaviour prompting them to attack her. Kokuyou was quickly overpowered, but rescued by Taguri. Kazuya questions why tsugumomo would attack them. Taguri and Kukuri explain the tsugumomo to have likely been from Mayoiga and are after Kukuri's Stone Shard. Taguri states she was likely followed when carrying Kokuyou back, making their location a target for attack once the assailants regroup. Taguri divides the group to deal with the assassins, counting one group short before Kiriha introduces their new club members to her.

Mimane relays to situation to Akito, Arumi and Yasuki in the classroom using a mirror. They identify the drawings of the assailants as Genbu, Kyouka, Senga and Jungou. Yasuki wonders how they had left Mayoiga. Akito states the other Azami would not have allowed them, but notices Azami is not present with them either. Yasuki suggests they use the chance to work with the other Mayoiga members to defeat Kukuri. Mimane tells Yasuki he is too optimistic and explains she was able to ascertain Kukuri's strength while staying over with her, telling them Kukuri is still too powerful. As proof, Mimane shows them footage of Kukuri from the bath, causing Arumi to get flustered and close the mirror.

Akito and Mimane arrive at Kazuya's house agreeing to help. Mimane shows off her mirror powers to Taguri, including footage of Kukuri in the bath and Taguri suggests they be friends. While waiting for the assassins to arrive, Taguri tells the other to keep their opponents alive so they can be interrogated later. Just as she says so, the four tsugumomo appear walking down the street towards them.

Some time, shortly after Akito and Arumi arrived in Mayoiga, Mimane pesters Arumi about wanting to bathe together, which Arumi rejects after what happened previously. Akito and Chikage arrive at the room with Chikage having brought a futon for the two of them to share. Chikage teases them about it and Arumi gets a little flustered. Akito and Chikage leave to spar and Mimane leaves with them, leaving Arumi alone in the house. Akito returns to the room, making physical advances on Arumi and pinning her to the ground. Arumi allows Akito to continue only for Akito respond in Mimane's voice, revealing herself as Mimane having disguised herself as Akito. Arumi wrestles Mimane around only for the real Akito and Chikage to return and witness Arumi pinning Mimane to the futon. Akito quickly closes the door and he and Chikage leave before Arumi can explain herself.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Kazuya's dream which originally occurred immediately after the battle Mana Manaka occurs now instead.
    • In the manga, dream Kanaka fought against one large amasogi instead of multiple small ones.
    • Removed the text "MOMO" from the eraser.
  • Shirou's body in the club room is replaced with a chalk outline.
  • In the manga, it was Kiriha who explained the amasogi's desire.
    • Removed Mimane attempting running towards the amasogi while the others are talking.
  • In the manga, Mimane's skirt was ripped off as well, leaving only an open shirt on her.
  • Removed Shirou asking Mimane to turn into Arumi again.
  • Added scene where Mimane talks about Kazuya's wiener to Kukuri and gets in the bath with her.
  • In the manga, Taguri explains part what happened to Kokuyou first while in the anime, Kokuyou explain it all herself in chronological order.
    • Added extra dialogue for Kyouka.
  • In the manga, Mimane returns to the school to speak with Akito and the others. In the anime, they communicate via a mirror.
    • In the manga, Mimane explaining Kukuri is still too powerful is first shown in a flashback later on.
    • Added Mimane relaying footage of Kukuri in the bath.
    • Added Mimane stating she has the ability to communicate through other mirrors, an ability that has not established in the manga.
    • Added Mimane talking to Taguri and showing her footage of Kukuri.
  • The scene of Arumi and Akito's life in Mayoiga has been drastically altered.
    • In the manga, Chikage arrived after Akito to deliver his and Arumi's bedding.
    • Removed Mimane asking to take a bath with Akito and getting kicked out by Mimane. Mimane is now present when the bedding is being presented.
    • Removed scene of Akito and Chikage training and Mimane interrupting Akito for a favor.
    • Removed Arumi imagining sleeping with Akito.
    • Removed Mimane disguised as Akito kissing and stripping Arumi.
    • In the manga, Arumi and Mimane are naked when Chikage and Akito walk in on them.
      • Removed Tanmen being outside the house to see them naked when Arumi tries to explain herself.


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