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Assassins (刺客, Shikaku) is the 21st episode of the anime and ninth episode of the second season.


Akito, Mimane, Taguri Kanayama, Kazuya and Kiriha split up to fight Genbu, Senga, Jungou and Kyouka.

Genbu confronts Akito and Mimane, telling him not to interfere. Akito states it is not yet time to strike. Genbu reminds Akito of how many of their comrades have fallen waiting, but Akito simply apologizes and the two prepare to battle.

While running, Senga and Jungou are caught in a barrier set up by Taguri who then confronts them. Elsewhere, Kazuya and Kiriha battle Kyouka, struggling with their opponent as she taunts them.

As Genbu and Akito fight, Mimane offers to help, but Akito rejects her offer. After an exchanges of blows and landing a few slashes on Genbu, Akito warns him again to return to Mayoiga but Genbu refuses. They clash again, but Genbu blocks Akito's attack with a scissor case, paralyzing him and then goes in for a finishing strike.

Taguri struggles with her opponents and gets struck in the chest by Senga's fan, collapsing to the ground. The two claim Taguri underestimated them, saying their power rivals her after growing so old.

Kazuya continues to struggle in his fight with Kyouka, being sent flying back. Kiriha returns to her human form to defend Kazuya from an oncoming attack. Kazuya suggests they use Ascension but once again Kiriha warns him of the dangers, reminding him to fight smarter and not let his anger get to him. Kyouka begins taunting them about how she fought Kokuyou and how she looks forward to killing her and Kukuri. Kazuya calls Kiriha's true name and forcibly activates Ascension. Kyouka is surprised about seeing someone capable of using Ascension while Kiriha is surprised that Kazuya used her true name to do so. Using Ascension, Kazuya quickly overpowers Kyouka, negating her attacks and cornering her. Kyouka begs for her life as Kazuya delivers the final blow while Kiriha tells Kazuya not to kill her. Kazuya's punch stops just short of Kyouka's gut and Kyouka pisses herself before collapsing to her knees.

Senga and Jungou brag about having easily defeated Taguri, only for Taguri get up and reveal herself unharmed, unveiling a set of coin armour beneath her clothes. Done with gauging the enemy's power, Taguri kills them instantly with her Flowing Iron Sand which they futilely attempt to block. Taguri steps on their destroyed bodies as she reminds herself that she was supposed to keep one alive for interrogation, but states they got what they deserved for targeting Kukuri.

Genbu goes for a finishing strike on Akito when he is suddenly stopped, finding chopsticks embedded into his chest. Akito reveals they are made from iron birch, also known as axe-breaking birch, which they had time to get since they knew Genbu was coming. Genbu pulls the chopsticks out of himself and the two prepare for the final exchange. Genbu is destroyed and Mimane reminds Akito of Taguri telling them not to kill their opponents. Akito states it did not matter since Genbu would not give up their secrets anyways. Mimane questions how Genbu and his group were planning to take the Stone Shard back to Mayoiga if they had succeeded since they would not have enough energy to travel back, especially if they knew they would be busy fighting them. Akito realizes that Genbu's group was a distraction and he had more allies waiting to target Kukuri.

At the Hakusan Shrine, Kukuri confronts six tsugumomo from Mayoiga, with Rokkaku stepping up to kill Kukuri in one swift blow. Mimane, Akito and Kazuya travel to Kukuri's location via rooftops as fast as they can, only to arrive and witness Kukuri destroy Rokkaku with ease. The remaining assassin prepares to fight Kukuri. Kazuya attempts to help but a barrier prevents him from getting any closer. Kukuri quickly destroys her opponents, leaving only the fishing rod tsugumomo left. Both Kazuya and Akito are amazed by Kukuri's power. The fishing rod tsugumomo launches his final attack, summoning a large monstrous sea creature, but Kukuri easily destroys it and kills him with a single attack.

The barrier is released and the group meets up with Kukuri. Kazuya, Mimane and Taguri praise Kukuri. Kazuya's Ascension wears off, and Kiriha returns to her human form, grappling Kukuri for killing her opponents instead of leaving one alive as planned.

Returning to the Kagami household, they find all the Mayoiga tsugumomo have been destroyed with the exception of Kyouka the flute which Kazuya battled. Kiriha explains that after their battle, Kyouka collapsed and reverted back to her object form which Kukuri surmises as her having used up too much energy. Kukuri gives Kyouka to Kazuya to be his temporary partner in order to restore her spiritual energy. Kukuri congratulates the group on a job well done and Taguri suggest she takes break as well, offering some sake. Kiriha states they should go to another room while to leave Kazuya and Kokuyou to rest. Kazuya apologizes to Kiriha for using her true name to force commands onto her, but Kiriha does not respond.

Akito and Mimane leave and begin to walk home. While walking, Arumi arrives to tell them there has been a revolt in Mayoiga.

Taguri and Kukuri help Kazuya bathe while he is paralyzed from using ascension. Kukuri acts very affectionate towards Kazuya to which Taguri explains is because she got Kukuri drunk earlier while celebrating. Taguri records Kukuri as she washes Kazuya's body with her own. Kazuya asks Taguri for help but Taguri charges him money for it.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Genbu recites the names of the comrades who have died waiting and mentions others being in critical condition.
  • In the manga, Genbu places the scissor case on Akito's blade instead of blocking with it.
    • In the manga, Genbu also places a mirror case on Mimane.
  • Removed Kazuya's vision of Kukuri and Kokuyou dead when Kiriha tells him not to kill Kyouka.
  • Removed Kasumi tending to Kokuyou at the shrine behind Kukuri during her fight.
  • Akito's inner thoughts during the meeting after the fight are moved to when he is walking home.
    • Added additional thought's about losing more comrades.
  • Added extra dialogue of Taguri inviting Kukuri to bathe and Kiriha being upset with Kazuya.
  • Removed Kasumi from scene of Kukuri getting drunk.
  • Added Taguri using a camera during the bath.
  • Removed Kukuri mentioning Kokuyou during the bath.
  • Removed Kazuya telling Kukuri about Kiriha being upset during the bath.


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