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Power of a Land God: Gods who oversee dominions are not able to wield their full strength freely. That is why they require the aid of exorcists.

Revolt (騒乱, Sōran) is the 22nd episode of anime the 10th episode of the second season.


Kukuri lies in bed with Kazuya after getting sick from drinking too much while Taguri Kanayama takes pictures of her. Kiriha asks Taguri what the two gods are going to do about the recent assassination attempt. Taguri tells them she has contacted Takamagahara about the incident and explains what it is. Kazuya asks if they are sending more gods as reinforcement which Taguri denies, explaining the dangers of doing so. She tells them that they contacted Tsuzura Temple who will send help. The doorbell rings and Kiriha goes to answer it, being met with Sunao Sumeragi and Kotetsu.

Akito, Arumi, Mimane and Yasuki arrive in Mayoiga, witnessing several smoking buildings in the distance. They are suddenly surrounded by clay constructs from Sanjuurou which attack them. Azami tells them to kill Sanjuurou, telling them Sanjuurou has already killed several Mayoiga tsugumomo. Mimane uses her abilities to find Sanjuurou amongst the clay figures, allowing Akito to kill him. Chikage arrives to greet them, explaining Sanjuurou was the last of the revolters and telling them to speak with Tanmen for more details. Mimane tackles Chikage to give her a hug, causing one of Sanjuurou's constructs to fall on them.

Akito and Yasuki speak with Tanmen who explains the entire radical group within Mayoiga rebelled and in Genbu's absence the remaining tsugumomo ran amok. Yasuki asks how they could have accomplished such feats when the village leaders were more powerful. Tanmen explains they committed the sin of feeding on humans to gain power. He reminds the two that though Mayoiga is a gathering of tsukumogami who are fed up humans, tsukumogami cannot exist without humans and forbidden to do such a thing. Akito debriefs Tanmen what occurred to Genbu and his group. Tanmen estimates their entire village would not be enough to defeat Kukuri, wanting to use Arumi's divination to decide their next course of action. Akito tells Tanmen that Arumi and the other girls went to take a bath after getting covered in Sanjuruou's mud. Tanmen gets up to leave, but is stopped by Urara and Sarara.

Chikage, Arumi, Mimane and Arumi take a bath in the hot springs. Chikage notices Azami washing her obi bundle and Azami tells them it is important. Mimane offers to help wash it, but Azami rejects. Mimane starts bouncing around on it, prompting Azami to restrain her with her obi. Mimane instead offers to wash Azami which Azami accepts, only for Mimane to start fondling her. Meanwhile, Tanmen is left tied up alone.

Kazuya wakes up and heads to the bathroom where he finds Sunao naked and is punched for walking in. Kukuri explains to Kazuya that Sunao and Kotetsu were sent as reinforcements by Tsuzura Temple. Sunao tells them that they will be living at Kazuya's place for the time being.

Sunao transfers to Kazuya's school where she introduces herself to her class. Sunao begins fantasizing about going to the same school as Kazuya before realizing he is in a different class. Meanwhile, Shirou expresses his excitement of the news of a new attractive transfer student, only to be met with little surprise from Kazuya and Kiriha. Sunao sulks in class after ending up separated from Kazuya, but fires herself up over the other opportunities they will have to interact.

Shirou is shocked at the fact that Sunao is joining their Personal Advice Club and questions why Kauzya has yet another attractive female companion. Kazuya explains Sunao's reason for coming and how Kukuri was attacked the previous day. Sunao and Kotetsu introduce themselves. Shirou comments on it being a long commute from Komiya to which Sunao explains she will be staying at the Kagami household for her stay. Shirou violently shakes Kazuya by the collar, while Chisato thinks to herself she should move in with him as well.

Sunao takes Kazuya out to train under the bridge where Sunao begins choking out Kauzya for bailing out on his previously promised training sessions. Kazuya and Sunao spar unarmed and Kazuya admits defeat. Sunao tells them they will be sparring with their tsugumomo next, but Kazuya tell her Kiriha has been busy as of late.

At home, Kazuya is blindfolded while bathing with Sunao. Kazuya tells Sunao she should have taken a bath first, but Sunao tells her as a guest she should not, also citing other concerns.

Prior to leaving home, Suzuri Sumeragi told Sunao that staying at Kazuya's home would be a prime opportunity to build their relationship. Sunao denies liking Kauzuya but Suzuri pulls a photo of Kazuya she had as evidence of the contrary. Suzuri warns Sunao that she will know if she failed to make any progress with Kazuya.

Sunao explains her bathing with Kazuya was her mother's idea and they need to fool her. While bathing together, Sunao asks Kazuya if something had happened between him and Kiriha. Kazuya explains how he used her true name to order Kiriha the other day and though he apologized, promising never to do so again, he still has not been forgiven. Sunao tells Kazuya he is failing to understand the real reason Kiriha is angry and tells him Kiriha upset about being treated as a tool.

Kazuya tells Kiriha that she is the only tsukumogami partner for him and he wants to stay together with her forever. Kiriha blushes and he tells her that she is irreplaceable to him. Kiriha smiles and tells Kazuya to get her some pudding to be fully forgiven.

Sunao and Kazuya spar again under the bridge, this time using their tsugumomo and with Kukuri overseeing them while Osamu, Chisato and Shirou watch. After they are done, Kazuya thanks Sunao for helping him resolve things with Kiriha. Kazuya tells Sunao that she is a great friend, disappointing Sunao and causing her to sulk.

By a river, Akito contemplates his conversation with Kazuya before he left. Kazuya told Akito he was not going to torture answers out of Kyouka, understanding that she and the other Mayoiga may have been unfairly treated by humans, but wishing to find good partners for all of them so there would be no need for conflict. Akito believes Kazuya is being naive, having lived for so long and coming to the conclusion that tsukumogami and humans cannot coexist. Arumi arrives to tell Akito that Tanmen is calling for a meeting.

At the metting, Tanmen tells the group that after Arumi's divination had shown two stone shards, he had decided to reawaken Miurahi. Miurahi introduces himself to the group and apologizes for his failings causing the group trouble. Chikage asks about his shard's curse instability, but Miurahi explains he has learned to control it. Tanmen announces that Mayoiga will now begin their full assault on Kukuri to claim her stone shard.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Details of Taguri Kanayama's conversation with Kazuya Kagami and Kiriha are omitted.
    • Removed Taguri placing Kukuri's naked body on Kazuya.
  • In the manga, Akito's group return to Mayoiga via walking through a portal instead of coming from the ground.
  • The fight with Sanjuurou is slightly changed.
  • Removed the other members of Mayoiga from Tanmen's meeting with Akito Yasuki
  • Added a brief scene where a superb-bird-of-paradise can be seen outside Kazuya's window.
  • Removed Kukuri being next to Kazuya when he woke up.
  • The events of Sunao Sumeragi's transfer to Kazuya's school are rearranged.
    • The scenes of Sunao explaining they are here for reinforcements and her getting a school uniform are combined.
      • Removed scene of Kiriha ignoring Kazuya.
      • Removed scene of Sunao complaining Kiriha's spare school uniform is too tight on her chest .
    • In the manga, Sunao helps Kazuya make amends with Kiriha before transferring to his school.
      • Removed scenes from their unarmed training session.
      • In the manga, Sunao's reason for taking a bath is that Kazuya caused them both to fall into puddles.
      • In the manga, Suzuri takes the photo of Kazuya from Sunao's wallet.
      • Removed Kukuri, Sunao and Kotetsu being present when Kazuya apologized to Kiriha.
      • In the manga, Kazuya thanked Sunao directly after apologizing.
    • Removed scenes of Fuu Futsura, who has yet to be introduced in the anime, following Sunao.
    • The sparring session in the gym is moved to under the bridge where they sparred earlier.
      • Parts of the fight are omitted.
  • Kazuya's conversation with Akito has been slightly altered.
  • Arumi's divination of seeing two Stone Shards is described having occurred offscreen instead of being shown and Akito is not present for it.
  • Miurahi demonstrating his control over Curse is less flashy.
  • Removed dialogue from Sanjou.


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