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Total War (総力戦, Sōryoku-sen) is the 23rd episode of the anime and 11th episode of the second season.


A shrine attendant witnesses a giant ship emerge from the ground into the sky, carrying the Mayoiga tsukumogami, before Miurahi uses his abilities to make ship invisible. Kukuri is contacted about the invading forces and informs Kiriha and Kazuya Kagami.

Kazuya, Kiriha, Kukuri, Sunao Sumeragi and Kotetsu head to the Hakusan Shrine awaiting the enemy's arrival. Taguri Kanayama arrives with Omoikane Yagokoro who introduces himself to Kazuya. Kukuri tells Kokuyou to remain in bed to heal, but Kokuyou refuses. Kukuri thanks everyone for supporting her and thinks to herself she may need to use her last resort.

Meanwhile, Azami observes Kamioka from the outskirts of the town's barrier. Prior to arriving there, Azami spoke with Miurahi and the Mayoiga members, telling them not to harm Kamioka's exorcist, Kazuya. Miuarahi and Tanmen both state fighting him would be difficult to avoid. Azami grows angry and begins emitting curse before Akito calms her down stating he will deal with Kazuya and Kiriha. Azami tells them she will not be joining the battle as she cannot enter Kamioka.

As Mayoiga approaches Kamioka, Miurahi gives a speech reminding them of what they must do. They are suddenly caught in a mesh of fire, dispelling their invisibility. A projection of Honoka reveals herself and warns them to retreat. Miurahi signals to Mimane to take action. The Mayoiga tsukumogami battle with Honoka's projection until she destroys the ship, only for it to be revealed to be an illusion. Honoka realizes the ship was a decoy and their forces have already split apart to reach Kamioka. Before Honoka can leave to find their main forces, Yasuki warns her of the disruptions in curse their battle just caused and that they will hunt down the region's defences if she leaves.

Miurahi's group reaches Hakusan shrine and face off against Kukuri and her group, exchanging introductions before he and Kukuri clash. Kukuri and Miurahi clash one-on-one, with Kazuya offering to help which Kukuri rejects. As Kukuri begins to struggle, she releases the barrier she had created around Kamioka to return herself to her full power. With her full power, Kukuri easily overpowers Miurahi. As he struggles to get up, Chikage calls out to Miurahi but he tells his forces to stay back. Kazuya tells Miurahi to stop, stating they can find good owners for all of them, but Miurahi expresses his doubts. As Miurahi goes in for a final attack, he is suddenly killed by Azami, impaling him through the back and taking his Stone Shard. The two Azami reveal themselves as Kukuri realizes they had been waiting for this moment the entire time. Azami give the stone shard to Kanaka Kagami's body and Kazuya recognizes Kanaka as his mother.

Arumi and Akito watch from behind the bushes, shocked at the turn of events. Prior to entering battle, Miurahi told the others he would fight one-on-one with Kukuri to decrease casualties. Miurahi confirmed with Arumi that his decision had an acceptable outcome, telling them only to interfere if they foresee something bad happening. Akito is frustrated that for some reason they were unable to predict Azami betraying them despite using Arumi's divination.

As Honoka battles the Mayoiga forces, their ship suddenly reveals itself. Yasuki calls out to Mifune, who tells him that that Miurahi's power has vanished and he is no longer able to maintain the ship. The ship collapses and dozens of tsukumogami revert to their original forms as they fall. Shien catches Tanmen but tells him he does not have enough power to catch everyone. Honoka catches the falling tsukumogami and Tanmen questions why she would help them. Honoka tells them the fight has already ended and Miurahi has died. She tells them to give up or risk more casualties, offering to use her power to keep them alive. Tanmen reluctantly accepts and the remaining Mayogia forces surrender.

Kanaka is revived with Miurahi's stone shard, quickly clothing herself in Azami's obi as she awakens. Kanaka thanks the two Azamis before greeting Kukuri and her old friends. Kiriha is shocked that Kanaka is still alive after she believed she killed her. Kukuri tells them there is no time for a full explanation, simply telling Kazuya that the two Azamis are amasogi he created which have possessed Kanaka. Kazuya begins to have visions of his past when Kanaka was killed. Kazuya asks how they can save his mother but Kukuri tells him she is already dead and the amasogi's goal is to kill him. Kukuri tells Kazuya he must be the one to destroy them otherwise not only would he incur Curse Backlash strong enough to kill him, but the resulting backlash would decimate the entire region. Kanaka waits for Kukuri to finish her explanation, stating she looks forward to fighting Kazuya.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • The unnamed coin tsugumomo's dialogue is given to Akito Ashimine.
  • Added Omoikane Yagokoro introducing himself, as the chapter of him and Kazuya Kagami having met previously was not adapted in the anime.
  • Azami telling Miurahi not to harm Kazuya was moved from previous meeting during Miurahi's awakening, to a meeting on the boat.
  • Honoka's fight is slightly altered.
    • Removed scene of Shinshou participating in the fight against Honoka.
    • In the manga, Yasuki shot at Honoka before the paintbrush tsugumomo attacked with the dragon.
    • Removed Honoka's cheek getting grazed by Chikage.
  • Removed internal thoughts from Kanaka.
    • Added dialogue between Kazuya and Miurahi after Miurahi is defeated by Kukuri.
  • Removed Sanjou holding Chikage and Shinshou from back trying to attack Azami after she kills Miurahi.
  • Removed Arumi's dialogue suspecting that Azami had manipulated her divinations from the beginning.
  • Added additional flashbacks to Kazuya's past.
    • Added Kazuya trying to talk to Kukuri about saving Kanaka.


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