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Decision (決意, Ketsui) is the 24th episode of the anime, and the 12th and final episode of the second season.


The forces of Mayoiga and Kamioka witness Kanaka Kagami's resurrection.

Kanaka prepares to battle Kazuya, Kukuri and the others, but is interrupted by Chikage and the remaining Mayoiga tsukumogami. They attack Kanaka but are defeated in an instant. Kazuya, Kukuri and Kiriha are frightened by Kanaka's power and Kiriha tells Kazuya he should flee. Akito and Arumi are also shocked by Kanaka's power, failing to find any openings in her defences even with Arumi's divination.

Kiriha clings to Kazuya, telling him to flee, but Kukuri states they cannot. Kukuri tells Kazuya that she and the others will weaken Kanaka for him to finish off. Kanaka gets bored of waiting and tells them to come over and fight. Kukuri expresses her regrets and guilt over what happened to Kanaka, to which Kanaka tells Kukuri to undo the seal she put on Kazuya's memories to make up for it. Kukuri refuses, stating Kazuya will only land the killing blow and she will have to fight the rest of them.

As they are speaking, Taguri Kanayama attacks Kanaka from behind, but Kanaka blocks it. While the two clash, Omoikane Yagokoro attacks Kanaka with lighting, but Kanaka is able to avoid most of the damage. Sunao Sumeragi joins the fray and uses ascension after Kanaka avoids her initial attack. Kukuri attacks Kanaka with Suzuro Mizuchi which she attempts to block with a watershed weave, but it is cut by Sunao's final attack before Ascension wears off. Kanaka is caught in a three-way attack by Kukuri, Taguri and Omoikane, incapacitating her.

As Kukuri calls over to Kazuya to finish her, Azami appears and ambushes the three gods. Though Kukuri avoids the attack, Taguri and Omoikane are heavily wounded. Before they can deliver another attack, the two are ambushed again by the second Azami. Kukuri attacks the two Azami but they are saved by Kanaka and rejoin her. Kukuri and Kanaka battle at full power. Kanaka tells Kukuri that after her initial defeat by Kukuri, one Azami stayed in Kamioka, observing Kazuya's battles, which she was able to watch as well. Kanaka uses ascension to kill Kukuri and take her stone shard. After seeing Kukuri die, Kokuyou flies at Kanaka in a rage, but is taken out with no effort. Kanaka then turns her attention to Kazuya and Kiriha.

Kiriha thinks back to when Kazuya was a baby and when she had promised Kanaka that she would protect Kazuya should anything ever happen to her. Kiriha reaffirms to Kazuya that the Kanaka before them is just an amasogi he created, which he needs to defeat. Kazuya uses ascensions and clash against Kanaka but is overpowered. Kanaka expresses her disappointment and goes in for the killing blow. Kiriha uses herself as a shield to save Kazuya, but is killed in the process. Kazuya screams as he frantically tries to gather Kiriha's remains.

Before Kanaka can kill Kazuya, he is saved by Kasumi, who kicks Kanaka back. Kasumi releases her tsugumomo Saori and tells Kazuya that they will buy him three years to get strong enough to defeat Kanaka. The two rush to face Kanaka before Kazuya begins losing consciousness and a large pillar of light bursts from the Hakusan Shrine.

Kazuya awakes in his room, calling out the others, but no one answer. His father calls him down to the living room where he, Bakura and Ouhi Oriobana await. Ouhi introduces herself and explains what happened after he lost consciousness.

When Ouhi and her team arrived at Hakusan shrine, they found a large black dome in the center. Ouhi inspected the dome while her exorcists tended to the wounded and apprehended any Mayoiga tsukumogami. There, Ouhi found a projection of Saori which left a message explaining they have trapped Kanaka within a time stopping barrier for three years to buy time.

Ouhi tells Kazuya the battle occurred three days ago, telling him the fates of the combatants on their side. Kazuya asks abut Kukuri to which Ouhi informs him has passed away. Kazuya asks about Kiriha and Kazuaki shows him her collected remains, leaving Kazuya speechless. Kazuya rests in bed, clutching the box of Kiriha's remains while being unable to sleep. Ouhi tells Kazuya that they have no other option to deal with Kanaka other than Kazuya himself killing her. She tells Kazuya, he is to come train at Tsuzura Temple, telling him he no choice in the matter, but still wishes he will choose to do so willingly. Ouhi asks Kazuya what he will do, but he does not respond. Some time after Ouhi and Bakura leave his room, he thinks about Kiriha and Kukuri begins to cry.

Kazuya washes his face and prepares to leave. Ouhi expresses her surprise to Bakura that Kazuya regained his resolve so quickly. Before leaving, Kazuya speaks with his father. Kazuaki admits he like the other knew what was going on, but Kazuya thanks the other for protecting him for so long, stating it is his turn to repay them. Before Kazuya leaves, Kazuaki asks Kazuya to take care of Kanaka and Kazuya accepts. Bakura tells Ouhi that she knew Kazuya would regain his resolve because she knows him well from his dreams. Kazuya meets with Ouhi and Bakura at the door and the three prepare to leave.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Removed dialogue involving other members of Mayoiga when they attack Kanaka.
    • Mayogia's fight with Kanaka is not shown.
  • Kanaka's fight has been slightly altered
    • Sunao's fight with Kanaka is shortened.
    • Removed bits of dialogue between characters during the battle.
    • Removed scenes of Akito and Arumi spectating and commenting on the fight.
    • Removed scenes from Kukuri and Kanaka's clash.
    • Replaced Kazuya's flashback scenes with Kiriha's flashback from Chapter 9.
    • Removed flashback of Kiriha telling Kazuya of how tsugumomo can be killed.
    • Removed Kanaka and Kasumi talking about when she trained her.
  • Removed Ioshiki accompanying Ouhi Oriobana to inspect the barrier.
  • Removed Ouhi explaining the dangers of having two Stone Shards in close proximity to one another.
  • The episode ends off with Kazuya preparing to leave home. In the manga, Kazuya returns to his room and the three prepare to enter the memories of the past.


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