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Beyond what your eyes see, what your ears hear, what your nose smells, what your hands touch, and what your tongue tastes. A more detailed and correct perception of all things!
Ulba teaching Kazuya, Chapter 124

External Spirit Sense (外部霊力感知(がいぶれいりよくかんち), Gaibu Reiriyoku Kanchi) is an ability that allows the user to sense spiritual energy in their surroundings and other people.


Ulba taught Kazuya Kagami the technique under the name of External Mana Sense, as in the Continent of Magic: Chronicles of Ziral world, what they refer to as "mana" functions identically to spiritual energy. Kazuya was able to apply Ulba's teachings to his own spiritual techniques, referring to as External Spirit Sense instead.[1]

Using technique requires the user to calm their hearts and strain their ears, sensing beyond what one's physical senses are capable of.[1][2]

This technique allows the user to sense the minute amount of spiritual power residing in everything to obtain a better grasp of their surroundings.[1] Doing so can reveal vital points in structures and people. This technique can also be gauge amount spiritual energy one possesses and where they are directing it.[3] The user can send their own spirit energy through a target to gain a more precise reading of its structure by observing the flow of energy through it.[1] The technique can be used even if the user's vision is obscured, allowing them to sense and react to their surroundings while blinded.[2]


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