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Fuu Futsura (布津浦 ふう, Futsū-ra Fū) is a second year student of class 4 in Kamioka East Middle School and head of the occult research club.


Fuu is a little girl with dark hair and a bob haircut. She has freckles on her cheeks and bags under her eyes. On her hair at the center of her forehead, she wears a ribbon with a pentagram on it. She wears the standard female school uniform of Kamioka East Middle School, with black thigh-high socks and a black long-sleeved shirt underneath.


Fuu hates the normal and ordinary of everyday life. Upon looking at Kazuya, she was put off just by his ordinary appearance, rejecting his help out of fear of catching his normalcy. She dedicates a large amount of her time searching for the extraordinary, being the sole member of the occult research club at her school. Upon finding something supernatural, Fuu gets extremely excited, paying no attention to the fact her life is in danger or that she is naked.


Fuu has been searching for the extraordinary since elementary school. To appease her desires, Fuu tried many manga, anime, movies and novels but found none of them to be sufficient. At some point in time, she began writing her own novel.


As the sole member of the occult research club, Fuu searches daily for extraordinary events. One day she bumps into Kazuya Kagami and falls over. When Kazuya offers to help her up, Fuu rejects him due to his normalcy. Later that night, she sneaks into the school to continue her search, having heard rumors of supernatural phenomena occurring. She is disappointed when she finds Kazuya with Kiriha, believing they are just doing normal couple activities. After explaining her situation to the two, Kiriha gets annoyed at Fuu for not appreciating the ordinary. Seeing as Kazuya and Kiriha are not there for romantic reasons, Fuu deduces they are there for the same reason as her and invites them to follow. They walk around the school until Kiriha opens up a door filled with monsters that chase after them. Though initially excited, as they encounter more monsters, Fuu begins to recognize them from a fantasy novel she wrote and grows disappointed. The group make their way to the location of Fuu's novel while Kiriha explains the concepts of amasogi and Curse Backlash to her. Upon finding her book, the strongest monster from Fuu's novel, Cute Octopus 99, emerges and ensnares Fuu and Kiriha with its tentacles. Kiriha enters her obi form to escape and helps Kazuya destroy the monster. Fuu is amazed by Kazuya and Kiriha, finally finding what she sought after so long. Kiriha passes the amasogi to Fuu for her to destroy but it falls apart as she does so. The next day Fuu suffers curse backlash, resulting in her forgetting the extraordinary events of the previous day.

When Sunao Sumeragi transfers to Kamioka East Middle School, she is transferred to Fuu's class. In addition to Sunao's abrupt transfer, Fuu senses something extraordinary about Sunao, making her the target of Fuu's excitement. Fuu follows Sunao around, asking her various questions and inviting Sunao to her club, but Sunao rejects her.[1]


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