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Genbu (玄斧(げんぶ), Genbu) is an axe tsugumomo and member of Mayoiga who participated in the Mayoiga revolt.




Genbu along with other residents of Mayoiga expressed their discontent on relying on Arumi Ashimine's divination to no results after many years.[1]


Mayoiga Revolt Arc

Genbu along with Kyouka, Senga and Jungou and several others revolted within Mayoiga, orchestrating a premature assassination attempt at Kukuri. Genbu's group found Kokuyou and after failing to deceive her into allowing them to see Kukuri they attacked her. Kokuyou is saved by Taguri Kaneyama but badly injured.[2]

Genbu is later confronted by Akito Ashimine and Mimane Miyou and killed in battle.[3]


Genbu Axe.png

Axeform ((おんづくり), Onzukuri): As a wood cutting axe, Genbu's primary abilities as a tsugumomo revolve around cutting and slashing. Genbu wields his object form as a weapon and is able to change its size.

  • Chop ((たち), Tachi): Genbu slices downwards, unleashing a powerful attack. The attack is strong enough to destroy the terrain and wipe out a large chunk of forest in a single blow. It is so powerful, Mimane had to warn Akito to dodge it instead of blocking it, suggesting he would be unable to do so.[4]
  • Uppercut ((はつり), Hatsuri): While the axe is pointed downwards and the blade is facing up, Genbu swings the blade upwards. Though Akito was able to block this attack unlike Chop, it pushed him back a considerable amount.[4]
  • New ((あらた), Arata): Genbu swings his axe, creating an axehead further away in front of him that mimics the trajectory of his swing. This ability allows Genbu to damage his opponents from a distance without needing to make direct contact with his has.[4]
  • God Axe Triple Core Cut (神斧三ツ緒伐り(しんふ みつおぎ ), Shinfu Mitsuogiri): Genbu creates two extra duplicates of himself which also swing downwards in unison.[4]
  • God Axe Decapitation (神斧斬(しんふ ざん), Shinfu Zan): Genbu enlarges his axe and strikes. The effect of this ability is never seen as Akito killed Genbu before he could be hit with it.[3]


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