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Greg (グレッグ, Gureggu) is a fictional character within the book Continent of Magic: Chronicles of Ziral. He is a level 42 adventurer, leading a party of four consisting of himself, Rosa, Dario and Emilia.





Chronicles of Ziral Arc


Gregs's abilities resemble that of a warrior in common role-playing games and fantasy settings.

Shield Bash: Greg raises his shield before him and charges straight into his target, shoving them back with his strength and speed.[1]

Magic Resistance: Due to his high level Greg possesses a certain level of innate magic resistance which allows him to withstand a magical sound wave from a goblin singer without much difficulty.[2]

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Chronicles of Ziral Arc
114. Welcome to Another World Absent
115. Slaves in Another World Debut
116. Wall Dungeon Minadonari Appears
117. Level Ups and Tentacles Appears
118. Dabada's Dark Reputation Absent
119. Demon King Suppression Force Absent
120. Demongarden Mushroom Absent
121. Shinobu's Plan Absent
122. Teaming Up With Tilt Absent
123. Showdown with Dabada Absent
124. Showdown with Dabada 2 Absent
125. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada Absent
126. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada 2 Absent
127. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada 3 Absent


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