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Guramon (ぐらもん, Guramon) is a gramophone tsugumomo and member of Mayoiga. She was held captive by the Servitude Faction of the Tsuzura Temple.



Tsuzura Temple Arc

Guramon is enslaved by Taiki Tairaku using a Puppet Binding. Prior to his match in the Nine Masters Tournament, Taiki used Guramon to record his the chant for his Daruma doll tsugumomo. During the match Taiki was able to have Guramon recite the chant for him, enabling him to use the Daruma doll's ability faster and catching his opponent off guard. Taiki is ultimately defeated and drops his puppet band at the end of the match, revealing Guramon to the crowd. Guramon cries out for Kyouka's help before being sealed away again.[1]

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Tsuzura Temple Arc
86. Welcome to Tszura Temple Absent
87. Kyouka Absent
88. Kyouka 2 Absent
89. Negotiation Absent
90. Strategy Conference Absent
91. Kazuya's Partner Absent
92. Kazuya and Kyouka Absent
93. Nine Masters Tournament Absent
94. The Daruma Doll Has Fallen Over Absent
95. The Puppet Bands Debut
96. World in a Wrapping Cloth Absent
97. Sibling Bonds Absent
98. Explanation of the Sixth Match Absent
99. Ouhi Oriobana Absent
100. Ouhi Oriobana 2 Absent
101. Review Meeting Absent
102. Suzumi vs Sunao Absent
103. Suzumi vs Sunao 2 Absent
104. Suzumi vs Sunao 3 Absent
105. Fighting Platform Repair Absent
106. Kazuya vs Madarai 1 Absent
107. Kazuya vs Madarai 2 Absent
108. Kazuya vs Madarai 3 Absent
109. Kazuya vs Madarai 4 Absent
110. Kazuya vs Madarai 5 Absent
111. After the Tournament Absent
112. While Kazuya Sleeps Absent
113. Kyouka's Kazuya Trouble Absent


  1. Tsugumomo Manga: Chapter 95

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