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Haniya Tatetsuchi (館壌はにや(たてつち      ), Tatetsuchi Haniya) is the resident god of the Tatetsuchi Shrine.



Haniya acts quite energetic, winking and posing with a peace sign upon introducing herself to Masuji Madarai, and appears excited to reform his physical body.[1] She is proud of her clay molding skills and gets frustrated when Madarai doubts her abilities. Haniya gets flustered upon hearing Madarai's nightly activities with Taguri Kanayama, and embarrassed when her naked body is exposed to him.


Kazuya's Partners Arc

Ouhi Oriobana has Haniya return Masuji Madarai to a human form after he is deformed from overusing the puppet bindings in the Nine Masters Tournament. Madarai is transformed into a little girl much to his displeasure. Haniya explains that it is simply the most fitting form for his soul after being cursed by the puppet bindings.[1]

Some time later, Haniya visits the Kanara Shrine to perform regular maintenance on Madarai's new body. Madarai complains to Haniya to return him to a male body but Haniya tells him to get used to his new body. He requests to have male genitals at least so Haniya slaps some on, warning him they are temporary and will fall off after a week. Madarai complains his new genitals are unable to get erect and accuses Haniya of being a fraud. Haniya reasons that he just needs some mental stimulation, prompting Madarai to strip her clothes off. She binds Madarai with clay but Madarai continues provoking her, claiming his lack of erection is proof of her fraudulence. Unable to let Madari to doubt her abilities, Haniya lets Madarai perform a more thorough inspection of her body. Madarai finally gets erect and prepares to put it to use on Haniya but she stops him. Haniya creates a clay onahole for Madarai to relieve himself.


Tatetsuchi Style Clay Art (館壌流 粘土術(たてつちゆう ねんどじゆつ), Tatetsuchiyuu Nendojutsu): Haniya's ability to manipulate clay. She can manipulate clay freely and use it to craft various constructs.

  • Nikunenne (にくねんね, Nikunenne): Haniya's ability to create functional biological constructs out of clay.

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Kazuya's Partners Arc
128. Moody Shinobu Absent
129. Welcome Back, Tsuzura Temple Absent
130. Maddy and Taguri Debut
131. Sosogu and Kazuya Absent
132. Sosogu and Kazuya 2 Absent


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