Hiroki Hirohashi (広橋広樹(ひろはしひろき), Hirohashi Hiroki) was a random arcade player.


Hiroki appears as a thin, tall man with light skin and short black hair. He has a mole on near the lower right of his mouth.


Hiroki seeks out entertainment and excitement, as his desire to play video games for the rest of his life spawned an amasogi. He enjoyed his battles and even after being defeated, decided to skip work the next day to go on an adventure. He shows good sportsmanship, shaking hands with Kazuya Kagami after being defeated and thanking him for the fight.


While Kazuya Kagami, Akito Ashimine, Mimane Miyou and Kiriha are at the arcade, Azami watches over them jealously, her anger causing Hiroki's amasogi to manifest in the form fighting game world in which he is the host and final boss. Kiriha and Akito are defeated by NPC characters. Mimane faces off against Hiroki and is defeated. Kazuya and Kiriha are able to defeat Hiroki and Hiroki destroys the arcade cabinet hosting his amasogi. Hiroki thanks Kazuya and leaves.