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Hiroki Hirohashi (広橋広樹(ひろはしひろき), Hirohashi Hiroki) was a random arcade player.


Hiroki appears as a thin, tall man with light skin and short black hair. He has a mole on near the lower right of his mouth.


Hiroki seeks out entertainment and excitement, as his desire to play video games for the rest of his life spawned an amasogi. He enjoyed his battles and even after being defeated, decided to skip work the next day to go on an adventure. He shows good sportsmanship, shaking hands with Kazuya Kagami after being defeated and thanking him for the fight.


While Kazuya Kagami, Akito Ashimine, Mimane Miyou and Kiriha are at the arcade, Azami watches over them jealously, her anger causing Hiroki's amasogi to manifest in the form fighting game world in which he is the host and final boss. Kiriha and Akito are defeated by NPC characters.[1] Mimane faces off against Hiroki and is defeated. Kazuya and Kiriha are able to defeat Hiroki and Hiroki destroys the arcade cabinet hosting his amasogi. Hiroki thanks Kazuya and leaves to go on an adventure, avoiding work.[2]

Former Abilities

Arcade Game Amasogi

Ironman Fist (鉄人拳(アイアンマンフィスト), Aianmanfisuto): The arcade cabinet of the 2D fighting-game, Ironman Fist. It became an amasogi due to Azami's frustration leaking out curse, answering Hiroki's desire to play video games forever. Hiroki and those near the machine are transferred into the game world where Hiroki asks as an announcer and final boss. Hiroki sets up a two team tournament, requiring his opponents battle against his own team of virtual fighters and offers the amasogi as a reward.

Hiroki Amasogi Ability.png
  • Fighting Game Rules: The world follows the logic of a traditional 2D fighting game. Both combatants are given a life bar and a three-level gauge which needs to be filled in order to perform special moves. Attempting to use certain moves with inadequate meter will result in nothing happening. All moves and attacks are associated with a specific button motion inputs, which the combatants seem to know intrinsically. Characters movements are limited as seen when Kiriha is unable to change the trajectory of her normal attack, requiring her to crouch to attack the lower area. A combatant is defeated when their life gauge is depleted. The winner a match advances on to the next opponent and is able to change the their opponents costume as a penalty. If both combatants have the life depleted simultaneously, it will result in a double knockout, eliminating both combatants from future fights and granting both sides the opportunity to penalize the other.
  • Almighty Hiroki (全能ヒロキ(オールマイティ         ), Ōrumaiti Hiroki): Within the game world, Hiroki possess various supernatural abilities for combat.
    • Arm and Leg Stretching (四肢伸縮(しししんしゆく), Shishishinshyuku): Hiroki is able to extend his limbs, allowing him to attack while maintaining his distance.
    • Attribute Change (属性変化, Zokusei henka): An ability which requires Hiroki use up his full gauge, changing his form and gameplay style. Hiroki retains form changes between matches.
      • Throwing ((なげ), Nage): In this style, Hiroki grows extremely muscular. This form focuses on grappling attacks. The combination input for this entering this form is ↑RP+LP+RK+LK.
        • Vacuum (吸引ツ(バキユーム), Bakyūmu): An ability that allows Hiroki to suck his opponent towards him, enabling them for an easy grab. The combination input for this is →↓↘→RP+LP.
        • Four Extremely Hellish Throws (四極投げ(じごくな  ), Jigoku Nage): Hiroki grabs his opponents performs in sequence a backbreaker, a suplex, and ending with a piledriver.
      • Flame ((ほのお), Honō): Hiroki reverts back to his skinny form but is covered in flames. This form focuses on fire based attacks. The flames can be extinguished, rendering Hiroki vulnerable.
        • Fireball (火炎玉(かえんだま), Kaen Dama): Hiroki launches a giant fireball from his fist towards his oppoenent.
        • Blazing Fists (火炎拳(かえんこぶし), Kaen Kobushi): Hiroki performs a series of fiery rapid consecutive punches with his flaming fists.


  • The name Hiroki means "wide, broad, spacious" (広) (hiro) and "tree" (樹) (ki).
  • Hiroki's surname Hirohashi means "wide, broad, spacious" (広) (hiro) and "bridge" (橋) (hashi).


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