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The Demons without Spine that Creep like Red Roots in the depths of Yomi (黄泉深夕芦根這虚呂鬼(よみしんしんのあしねはううろのおに), Yomi Shinshin no ashi nehau urono oni) or known simply as Hollowspine Demons (虚呂鬼(うろろおに), Uroro oni) are soulless creatures found within the depths of Yomi.


After Izanagi escaped Yomi, he washed his body of the impurities that had accumulated within Yomi. While some impurities created gods, most of flowed back into Yomi into its depths and took form over a long period of time. For this reason they are sometimes referred to as false gods.[1]

Hollowspine Demons are creatures without souls, acting purely off of their desire to consume souls. By devouring a soul, they can absorb its memories and abilities for itself. Being soulless, they have no spiritual power, a trait they can use to their advantage in various ways.[1]

Physically, Hollowspine Demons resemble dark muscular humanoid creatures. They have tails and in place of a head the possess large gaping holes which they use to consume.[1]


Physically Hollowspine Demons are not particularly powerful. They can crawl at rapid speeds to chase their targets. They appear to lack any bones or internal organs and can be cut through rather easily, their remains entering a goo-like state can cling to a target.[1]

Lack of Spiritual Power: Hollowspine Demons possess no spiritual power. This helps them avoid detection from those using sensory abilities based on spiritual power such as External Spirit Sense.[1]

Hollow Illusion (虚幻(うろまほろ), Uro Mahoro): Due to their lack of souls, when fighting a Hollowspine Demon one's soul waves are reverberated back at them. Since soul waves are one's desires, this creates an illusion of what the target wants. The demons use this to advantage by having their target put their guard down due to the illusion, allowing them to consume them.[1] The illusions are powerful enough to lure tsukumogami out of their object forms. Strong stimulation can be used to break oneself out of the illusion.[2]

Hollow Consumption (虚喰い(うろぐ), Uro Gui): Hollowspine Demons consume their targets by enlarging their giant mouths to swallow victims whole. By doing so they gain access to the targets' body, memories and abilities. Even if destroyed mid consumption, scraps of the demon may remain on the victim, continuing to possess them. The time limit before this process is irrevesable is about ten minutes.[1]


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