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Internal Spiritual Power Manipulation (内部霊力操作(ないぶれいりよくそうさ), Naibu Reiryoku Sōsa) is a technique that allows the user to control and manipulate the spiritual power within their own body.


After being taught External Spirit Sense from Ulba, Deortha then taught Kazuya Kagami how to manipulate his internal "mana". Deortha's method of teaching involved pouring her own power into Kazuya so he could sense it flow through him and obtain a better understanding.[1]

This technique allows for better control of ones own spiritual energy. In doing so, the user is able to channel their spirit power to specific areas to strengthen their attacks, channel their power to another, and prevent the loss of excess spirit power.[1][2] In the case of a tsukumogami user such as Kazuya, power can be channelled to their partner to strengthen their attacks.[2]

The technique is said to have less sever side effects than Ascension.[1] Core Excitation collects energy before sending to one's tsukumogami to enhance their power at the cost of the tsukumogami being unable to use their powers afterwards for a short period of time.[3]


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