A thousand years of protection, a thousand years gifted... The treatement of a divine blessing... In that case my shard will... bear a thousand year grudge.

Iwanaga-Hime-no-Mikoto (磐長姫尊(いわながひめのみこと), Yuwa naga hime no Mikoto) often referred to simply as Iwanagahime (磐長姫(いわながひめ), Yuwa naga hime) was a God of the Land that was killed by Miurahi and his followers. Miurahi imbued himself with her Stone Shard and used his new power to create Mayoiga.


Iwanagahime appeared as a young woman with light skin and light headlong hair. The right side of her face is covered in scale-like features resembling cracked skin.


Over a thousand years ago, the eruption of Mt.Fuji resulted in a great famine spreading across the land. During the famine many tsukumogami were abused while others died as a result of their owners dying. Miurahi gathered a large group tsugumomo and pleaded with Iwanagahime to establish a temporary haven for them. Iwanagahime did not grant their request and Miurahi, with his followers launched an attack to kill Iwanagahime. As a result of exhausting her power purifying the land, Miurahi and his followers were able to successfully kill Iwanagahime after a week of combat.