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Jungou (盾合(じゆんごう), Jiyungou) is a shield tsugumomo and member of Mayoiga who participated in the Mayoiga revolt.


In his human form, Jungou resembles a pudgy man with a shaved head. His eyebrows are small, appearing as two small circles and is usually squinting.



Jungou was among the residents of Mayoiga who expressed their discontent on relying on Arumi Ashimine's divination to no results after many years.[1]


Mayoiga Revolt Arc

Jungou was part of Genbu's group along with Kyouka and Senga who along with several others revolted within Mayoiga and planned a premature assassination attempt at Kukuri. Genbu's group find Kokuyou and after failing to deceive her into allowing them to see Kukuri they attacked her. Kokuyou is badly injured by saved by Taguri Kanayama, forcing them to retreat momentarily.[2]

Jungou and Senga were confronted by Kaneyama in battle and killed.[3]


Heavenly Defensive Formation (護天陣(こてんじん), Kotenjin): Jungou's object form takes the appearance of a rectangular wooden shield. Though the shield is capable of blocking attacks by itself, it also possess various other abilities revolving around defence.[3]

  • Shield Wall (盾垣(たてかき), Tatekaki): Jungou slams his shield to the ground, causing a stone numerous stone columns to arise from the ground, forming a defensive wall.[3]
  • Shield Pierce (盾貫(たてぬき), Tatenuki): An ability that allows Jungou to negate his opponents defenses, allowing attacks to pass through whatever blockades they have set up.[3]
  • Heavenly Stone Shield (天石盾(あまいしたて), Amaishitate) Jungou creates a stone wall with his full power to act as a barricade. It is presumably Jungou's more powerful defensive ability, though Taguri Kanayama destroyed easily once she stopped toying around with her enemies.[3]


  • The name Jungou means "shield, escutcheon, buckler" (盾) (jun) and "fit, suit, join, 0.1" (合) (gou).


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