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The Kanara Shrine (金羅神社(かならじんじや), Kanara jinja) is a shrine to the god Taguri Kanayama and her home.


The Kanara Shrine serves as the residence for Taguri Kanayama. It is a small shrine located in a heavily forested area. Leading up to the shrine is a torii gate adorned with a nameplate of the shrine's name and shimenawa.

As a god, Taguri is capable of warping the space inside of the shrine to be much larger than the outside. Within the shrine there is a room containing a large table, a bathroom with a round bathtub, a laundry room, a kitchen, and a room for sleeping. These rooms are connected via long hallways.[1] Taguri appears capable of sucking those in front of her shrine inside while also keeping people from leaving if she desires.[2][1]


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