Kazuaki Kagami (加賀見 一明(かがみ かずあき), Kagami Kazuaki) the husband of Kanaka Kagami and the father of Kasumi and Kazuya Kagami.



Kazuaki Kagami appear to be a laid back at first. However, he is a caring father who loves his children. He was seen being ordered around by Kiriha, but this is not because he is afraid of her. The reason is solely due to her threateningto expose what he wrote to his wife in the so many loves letter in the old days before they started dating. He was shown to be willing to go to any length to hide the contents of hislove letters such as breaking the fourth wall in a fit of rage.

He seems to blame himself for what happened to his wife and was surprised when his son didn't blame him at all as he thought Kazuya would think of him as the villain.