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Kikka Kikutani (菊合きつか, Kikutani Kikka) is an fourth sigil exorcist in training at the Tsuzura Temple. She is friends and classmates with Mei Meguriya.


Kikka is a young girl with a dark hair and a bob haircut. She wears glasses with rectangular frames and is usually seen in her exorcist uniform.


Kikka is a fujoshi, possessing interest in homoerotic male relationships.[1] She is very studious, with Saki referring to her as the "Hard Studying Exorcist". This is reflected in Kikka's high intellect, being able to correctly analyze and deduce the actions of combatants during the Nine Master Tournament despite not being a capable fighter herself.


Tsuzura Temple Arc

Upon her class ending, Kikka speaks with her friend Mei Meguriya about the tournament lineup for the Nine Masters Tournament. Mei expresses interest in Shinkurou Shishizaki for which Kikka comments on Mei's interest in older men. Mei retorts by mentioning Kikka's in yaoi and male-on-male romances. Returning to the topic at hand, they speak of the unranked outsider, Kazuya Kagami. Kikka gets flustered when Mei mentions rumors of Kazuya and his tsukumogami getting intimate.[1]

Kikka and Mei sit in the crowd in the stands as Masuji Madarai give the opening introduction for the Nine Masters Tournament. When Mei asks Kikka which side she believes will be victorious, Kikka tells her that she believes Ouhi Oriobana's faction will win and gives her predictions of the match outcomes. Kikka is shocked and begins to suspect when Tooru Toganou and Tsuzumi Tsukigase lose their respective matches, going against her predictions.[2] She and Mei are bewildered upon seeing Taiki Tairaku taking a moment to suck on his opponent Sumire Suzutani's breasts mid battle.[3] After Takano Tagusari defeats her brother in the fourth match of the tournament, the self-proclaimed commentator of the tournament, Saki Sasazaki invites Kikka to her table to explain the outcome for the audience. She has Saki replay the footage of Takano's attack, explaining it in detail and stating they and everyone else should apologize for underestimating Takano. Kikka sits by Saki as her co-commentator for remainder of the tournament.[4]

During Ouhi's match, she is surprised by how overwhelming skilled Ouhi is despite having been captured third sigil exorcists a while ago.[5] For the eighth match of the tournament, Kikka looks up the identity of Sunao Sumeragi who had previously entered the tournament under the alias of Fox Mask, commenting how Sunao was previously in the Servitude Faction.[6] While Saki and the audience are baffled by Sunao and Suguru Susuzumi's static stances, Kikka recognizes it to be a back-and-forth of premonitions.[7] When Sunao and Suguru begin fighting for real, Kikka is amazed by the two combatants' power.[8] Saki and the audience baffled by Sunao's sudden transformation, which Kikka identifies as Ascension through the ninth sigil on Sunao's forehead.[9] With Sunao's victory, Saki screams in excitement for the final match of the tournament only for the match to be postponed for repairs to the arena.[10] Kikka returns as Saki's co-commentator for the final match, covering her ears again as Saki yells excitedly.[11] As Kazuya and Madarai battle, Kikka explains the techniques Kazuya is using to Saki and the audience.[12] Kikka and all the spectators are shocked upon seeing Madarai transform himself into a monstrous amalgamation of tsukumogami.[13] She appears shocked by Kazuya defeating Madarai, securing the Partnership Faction's victory in the Nine Masters Tournament.[14]

Kazuya's Partners Arc

Kikka is amongst the exorcists to watch Kazuya's demonstration of External Spirit Sense.[15]


Keen Intellect: Kikka is described as hard studying and a great learner by Saki Sasazaki but possessing little strength.[4] Throughout the Nine Masters Tournament, Kikka was able to correctly read and analyze the combatants movements and actions when Saki and the general audience could not. Kikka's initial predictions for the outcome of Nine Masters Tournament aligned with that of Ouhi Oriobana's would have been mostly correct if not for Masuji Madarai's use of puppet bindings.[2]


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