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Kokuyou (黒耀(こくよう), Kokuyō) is a transformed crow and servant of Kukuri.


Kokuyou is a tall, slender woman with a curvaceous figure.[1]


Kokuyou has poor identification skills, mistaking Shirou Shiramine for Kazuya Kagami despite possessing a perfect drawing of Kaguya's appearance.[1] Her poor memory retention for people's appearances led to her completely forgetting Shirou when she next saw him.[2]

She is an unapologetic glutton, spending a long amount of time easily consuming an entire feast singlehandedly when the opportunity presented itself despite being on an urgent mission.[3]


After Kanaka Kagami's defeat, and the sealing of Kazuya Kagami's memories, Kukuri began losing power rapidly, to the point of being unable to maintain her adult form. Kukuri called for a divine servant which arrived in the form of Kokuyou.[4] Upon their first meeting, Kokuyou demonstrated her abilities as a crow, flying in the air before immediately falling due famishness. Kokuyou ate through the entirety of Kukuri's food supplies, apologizing while doing so. Kokuyou later accompanied Kukuri to visit Taguri Kanayama to ask for a loan to repair the damage from the aftermath of Kukuri's battle with Kanaka.[5]


Introduction Arc

Kokuyou appears on the outskirts of Kamioka at night, commenting that the curse has deepened and questioning how it should be addressed. A voice answers back to her that they need only to wait and see for the time being.[6]

Hakusan Shrine Arc

She is ordered by Kukuri to bring in Kazuya Kagami since the situation is worsening as evidenced by the amasogi awakening at Kamioka East Middle School.[7]

Five hours later, Kokuyou ran into Shirou Shiramine in the streets, mistaking him for his friend Kazuya.[1] Shirou offers to lead Kokyuou to Kazuya in exchange for a meal at a restaurant together. Kokoyou tries to leave to resume her search but Shirou tempts her to stay with the menu and she orders a massive quantity of food.[8]

After devouring an entire feast singlehandedly Kokoyou is congratulated by a crowd of onlooking staff and customers, and is given a cake to take away with her a reward. She bids them farewell as Shirou is apprehended by the staff and forced to work to make up for all the food that Kokoyou ate which he cannot pay for.[3]

Returning to her shrine, Kokuyou apologizes to an irate Kukuri for abandoning her assignment and makes an offering of the cake she recieved which Kukuri enthusiastically eats. Kukuri orders her to go once and more and bring Kazuya back, stating that he is probably at school and that Kokuyou should avoid causing any trouble.[9] Kokuyou barges into Kazuya's class, having already stolen everyones lunches, and demands Kazuya's location as she continues to eat. She briefly accuses Osamu Osanai of being Kazuya before Shirou recognizes her and demands she repay his food bills, otherwise threatening to fondle her. Kokuyou does not remember Shirou but allows him to feel her up as an apology. Shirou grabs Kokuyou's breasts but is instantly knocked out by Chisato Chikaishi as he does so. After finally identifying Kazuya, Kiriha stops Kokuyou from taking him away. While referring to Kiriha as a rag, Kokuyou tells her she is not allowed to follow them. Kiriha becomes enraged and challenges Kokuyou to arm wrestling, with her being allowed to accompany them to the shrine if she wins. They have their duel on the school roof as the rest of Kazuya's class watches, ending in Kiriha's victory.[10]

Kokuyou brings Kazuya, Kiriha and Chisato to Hakusan Shrine.[11] Chisato begins yelling at Kazuya and Kiriha about proper shrine visiting etiquette before Kokuyou tells them to quiet as she calls Kukuri. Kukuri appears and Kiriha immediately insulting her. Kokuyou apologizes for brining Kiriha and explains what occurred. Kiriha and Kukuri begin arguing about who has more wins in arm wrestling and begin another match but are interrupted by their own hubris. Kukuri tells Kazuya he is to become the region's exorcist which Kiriha rejects. Kiriha tries to leave with Kazuya but Kukuri's barrier stops them from doing so. Seeing as Kiriha continues to reject her, Kukuri prepares to use force.[12] Kokuyou grabs Chisato and flies away with her to prevent her from being caught up in their battle.[13] After the battles conclusion, Kokuyou sits with Kukuri in the shrine as she explains ruse to get Kazuya to use Kiriha's powers. After the three leave, Kokuyou sits with Kukuri in the heavily damaged shrine sipping tea as Kukuri wonders what to do about the damage.[14]

Local Exorcist Arc

Kokuyou explains to Kukuri they are lacking in money from donations, resulting in the two being unable to pay the carpentry tool tsugumomo for repairs, leaving having only placed some tarp over the damaged areas. Later that night, Kokuyou and Kukuri package flowers as their home leaks rain. Soon they find the shrine falling apart and struggle to keep the wood in place, eventually being forced to leave the shrine. Kukuri and Kokuyou relocate to under a slide in a children's playground at the park as their new temporary shrine.[15]

Kokuyou, Kukuri and Chisato watch Kiriha train Kazuya and later sit down to eat together. Kukuri panics to Kokuyou seeing how little Kazuya's skills have developed and Kokuyou warns her not to arouse Kiriha's suspicion. When Kiriha suspects Kukuri of hiding something, she redirects Kiriha's attention to her missing pudding which Kokuyou is eating. Later, back at their temporary shrine, Kokuyou notices their curse forecast scrolls are outdated.[16]

As Kiriha bullies Kukuri at the park, Kokuyou bids her farewell as she leaves for her part-time job as a workman, ignoring Kukuri's pleas for help. Later, the slide which they had used as a temporary home and shrine is demolished due to complaints of kids getting injured. Kazuya and Kiriha pass by that night and bring Kukuri and Kokuyou back to their home to stay.[17]

After being allowed to stay at their residence, the next morning, Kazuya still half-asleep walks into Kokuyou in the shower and accidentally gropes her breasts. Kokuyou offers Kazuya to continue as an expression of gratitude which she learned from Shirou.[18]

Kokuyou eats with the group again, after another unsuccessful day of Kazuya's training back at the shrine grounds.[19] At some point in time, Kokuyou began working part-time as a cashier of a grocery store, with her large breasts attracting many customers. Kazuya, Kiriha and Kukuri catch her as she is getting off work and they return home together.[20]

Sunao Sumeragi Arc

Kokuyou, Kukuri and Chisato watch Kazuya train with Kiriha in preparation for their duel with Sunao Sumeragi.[21] She appears along the three girls within Kazuya's dream the night before his duel.[22]

Counselling Office Club Arc

Kokuyou is present eating breakfast with the family, the morning Kiriha transfers to Kazuya's school.[23] At night, after Kukuri cleanses some curse accumulating in Kamioka, Kokuyou brings her some mizuyokan just before Kukuri collapses from exhaustion.[24] After his battle with Mana Manaka's shoe amasogi, Kazuya is left immobile once again due to using ascension. Kokuyou and Kasumi tend to Kazuya, helping him bathe.[25]

Reversal Arc

A dream version of Kokuyou appears in Isuzu Iriha's dream world, along with Kukuri and Kasumi, witnessing Kirio sexually harrassing Kazumi in the morning.[26] Before exiting the dream world, Kiriha in her male form Kirio performed numerous lecherous activities with the genderbent Kazuya and dream versions of Kokuyou and Kukuri. This included sucking on Kokuyou's breasts while she sleeping and joining the three in their bath. Kokuyou comforts Kazuya after Kiriha details the embarrassing experience to her and Kukuri.[27]

Kukuri sits on Kokuyou's lap when Sunao returns to Kazuya's home, explaining to them the news of Kotetsu being unable to reawake. Kokuyou sits beside Kukuri after Sunao and Kotetsu give their thanks for Kukuri's help.[28]

Mayoiga Revolt Arc

Kokuyou and Kukuri walk into Kazuya and Kiriha healing Bakura's butthole after Kiriha kanchoed it. Bakura tells the four she wants a pillow as repayment for her earlier help. Kazuya gives her his pillow and Bakura brings the three girls with her into Kauzya's latest dream. Within the dream they find themselves dressed in revealing bellydancer outfits, while Kazuya is depicted some sort of Arabian prince with a harem. The dream Kazuya dismisses and directs his attention to the four new girls. After he fondles them a bit, Kiriha grow tired and requests to leave. Bakura finds they she is unable to get them out due to being too deep in the dream. Bakura learns from Kazuya that his dream ended with him getting close to a girl and they attempt to reenact it but fail. They are ultimately able to escape once Bakura brings in Kazuya as a female for his dream self.[29]

After Kiriha learns the one Kazuya likes the most is not herself, she tells Kokuyou, Kukuri and Kasumi of it. The three get fidgety at the prospect that they themselves may be Kazuya's favorite. When Kazuya refuses to answer their interrogation, they have Bakura put him asleep to enter his dream and find out. Within his dream, they find Kazuya flirting with a female version of himself.[30]

The night Mimane Miyou stays over at the Kagami house, just before Kukuri is about blow away some of the town's accumulated curse, she detects four tsugumomo that have crossed the boundary into town.[31] Kukuri tasks Kokuyou with bringing them to her and Kokuyou flies off to do so. They tell Kokuyou that they were seeking protection from tyrannical owners and ask to meet with Kukuri. Kokuyou announces her suspicion towards their claims and they attack her, causing her grave injuries. She is rescued by Taguri who brings her back to the Kagami household where they explain what transpired. There the others formulate a plan to deal with Kukuri's assassins and split up.[32] Kokuyou is brought to Hakusan Shrine, where Kasumi tends to her while Kukuri awaits her assailants.[33] Kukuri places a barrier around Kokuyou and Kasumi before engaging in battle, easily killing the assassins. Kokuyou is brought back to the house where the others discuss the aftermath of the battle.[34]

Upon hearing news of Mayoiga's full assault on Kukuri, Kukuri and her allies gather at Hakusan shrine to prepare for battle. Kukuri tells Kokuyou to return home since she is clearly still too injured for battle, but Kokuyou refuses.[35] Miurahi arrives with a small portion of his faction and engages in one-on-one combat with Kukuri. Kukuri is forced to release the barrier around Kamioka and then quickly overpowers Miurahi. Before Miurahi can launch a final attack, he is suddenly killed by Azami who uses his stone shard to revive Kanaka Kagami.[36] Kanaka defeats the remaining Mayoiga forces, Kukuri's allies, and kills Kukuri, taking her stone shard.[37][38][39] Kokuyou charges towards Kanaka in a rage but is taken out with a single motion.[39] After the battle, Kokuyou was taken to have her injuries treated by servants from Hakusan Shrine's head temple.[40]

Divine Resurrection Arc

Around one year after Kazuya left to train at Tsuzura Temple, Kokuyou is reunited with Kazuya and Kiriha when they visit the Ookane Shirahagi Shrine, bursting into tears at the sight of them. Kokuyou speaks with the two in private, expressing her relief that Kiriha is still alive. She explains to the two how Kasumi and Saori preserved Kukuri's body and a new shard was transplanted but her soul has failed to return, begging the two to help. Though not fully understanding the situation Kazuya agrees and Shirane Shirahabane arrives to escort the three to meet with Kukuri of Shirahagi.[41]


Flight: As a transformed crow, Kokuyou can manifest a large pair of black-feathered wings and fly through the air, even while carrying another person.[42]

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Introduction Arc
1. Mother's Memento Absent
2. Master!? Debut
3. Library and Childhood Friend Absent
4. Library and Childhood Friend 2 Absent
Hakusan Shrine Arc
5. Curse Appears
6. Arm Wrestling Appears
7. Local Deity Appears
8. Divine Fury Appears
9. Watershed Appears
Local Exorcist Arc
10. Intensive Training Appears
11. Spacing Appears
12. Memories and Childhood Friends 1 Absent
13. Memories and Childhood Friends 2 Absent
14. Romero Special Appears
15. Kaneyama-san Appears
16. Letter, Pt. 1 Appears
17. Letter, Pt. 2 Absent
18. Letter, Pt. 3 Absent
19. One Day at the Kagami Home Appears
Sunao Sumeragi Arc
20. Fist Pt. 1 Absent
21. Fist Pt. 2 Absent
22. Nemesis Absent
23. Naked Blanket Roll Absent
24. Night Before the Confrontation Appears
25. Into a Dream Dream
26. Sunao vs Kazuya 1 Absent
27. Sunao vs Kazuya 2 Absent
28. Sunao vs Kazuya 3 Absent
29. Sunao vs Kazuya 4 Absent
30. Reward Absent
31. Memory Absent
32. Fake Marriage Part 1 Absent
33. Fake Marriage Part 2 Absent
34. Kazuya's Fist Absent
Counselling Office Club Arc
35. Counselling Office 1 Appears
36. Counselling Office 2 Absent
37. Rowdy Shirou-kun 1 Flashback
38. Rowdy Shirou-kun 2 Absent
39. Rowdy Shirou-kun 3 Absent
40. Rowdy Shirou-kun 4 Absent
41. Breasts and Advisor Appears
Reversal Arc
42. Reversal! 1 Dream
43. Reversal! 2 Absent
44. Reversal! 3 Absent
45. Reversal! 4 Absent
46. Reversal! 5 Absent
47. Kirio in Top Form Appears
48. Sunao and Kotetsu Appears
Mayoiga Revolt Arc
49. Red Bowl Absent
50. Mayoiga Absent
51. Stone Shard Absent
52. Azami Absent
53. Fight 1 Absent
54. Fight 2 Absent
55. Another Dream Encounter Appears
56. Love Backgammon Quiz Appears
57. New Club Members Appears
58. Assassins 1 Appears
59. Assassins 2 Absent
60. Assassins 3 Appears
61. Assassins 4 Appears
62. Disturbance in Mayoiga Mentioned
63. Reconciliation Absent
64. Transfer Student Fantasy
65. The Great Ship Appears
66. Showdown at the Summit Appears
67. Kanaka 1 Appears
68. Kanaka 2 Appears
69. Kanaka 3 Appears
70. Kanaka 4 Appears
71. Kanaka 5 Flashback
Memories of Kanaka Arc
72. Kanaka and Kiriha 1 Absent
73. Kanaka and Kiriha 2 Absent
74. Kanaka and Kiriha 3 Absent
75. Appointment to Kamioka 1 Absent
76. Appointment to Kamioka 2 Absent
77. Together with God Absent
78. Kanaka and Succession Absent
79. Kazuya's Past Absent
80. Kazuya and Azami 1 Absent
81. Kazuya and Azami 2 Absent
82. Kazuya and Azami 3 Absent
83. Kanaka's Death Absent
84. Black Heart Appears
85. Past Trivialities Appears
Divine Resurrection Arc
133. Offering Thief Appears
134. Resurrection Appears
135. Shirane's Trial Appears
136. Death Preparations Appears
137. Chigaeshi, the Great Barrier Absent
138. Blood Mirror Mansion Absent
139. Shinobu's Kiss Absent
140. Yomi's True Phoenices Absent
141. Taunade Absent
142. Taunade vs. Kazuya Flashback
143. Jawfire Fortress Absent
144. Hollowspine Demons Absent
145. Hollow Consumption Absent
146. Taunade Sensei Absent
147. Pulling Out Absent
148. Shirane's Feelings Absent
149. Escaping God's Bamboo Grove Absent
150. Yomi Grand Mortuary Dream

Appearances in Other Media

  • Tsugumomo Monmusu Harem Crossover Promo 1.jpg
    Kokuyou appears in the mobile game Monmusu Harem by Furyu Corp as an obtainable character, alongside Kiriha, Kukuri and Sunao for a limited time as part of a promotional collaboration for the Tsugumomo anime.
  • Tsugumomo Himitsu no Yadoya Crossover Characters.png
    Kokuyou appears in the mobile game Himitsu no Yadoya by GESI as an obtainable character, alongside Kazuya, Kiriha, Kukuri and Chisato as part of a promotional collaboration for the Tsugumomo anime.


Illustration by Yoshikadu Hamada
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