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Konoka Kobayashi (小林このか, Kobayashi Konoka) is a second year student attending Kamioka East Middle School in class 2-3.


Konoka is a young girl with light skin and short dark hair. She has a slim body and large eyes.


Konoka is very passionate about her art, growing increasingly frustrated when her classmates continually altered creative vision against her will. Kiriha recognizes her script as being ripped off of the role-playing game Dragon Flare, suggesting she is a fan of the game. Konoka is very self-centred, having written her script with the idea of placing herself in the role of the hero and refusing to destroy her amasogi even after being defeated.


As part of the drama club, Konoka was forced by her classmates to write a play for their school. After writing the script, Konoka was removed from the main role, her script rewritten and herself given the new role of a unimportant townsperson.

At some point she was given a curse filled script which became her amasogi, likely from Mimane Miyou.


One day Kazuya Kagami and his friends discover their school to be covered in plant life and roaming with monsters. As Konoka enjoys her time defeating monsters Kazuya and his friends confront Konoka in an attempt to convince her to destroy the amasogi herself. Konoka refuses but is defeated by Kazuya and Kiriha. In defeat, Konoka refuses to destroy her amasogi, resulting in Kazuya and Kiriha destroying it for her. Konoka's hair becomes stuck in the style of the hero's as a result of the Curse Backlash.

Former Abilities

Script Amasogi

Konoka Amasogi Ability.png

Legend of a Certain Hero (とある勇者伝説, Toaru Yūsha Densetsu): A fantasy play written by Konoka. After her classmates forced her to write the play only to make casting and story changes despite her protests, it became an amasogi to fulfill Konoka's desire to be the hero and get revenge by forcing her classmates into undesired roles just as she was. It is implied the amasogi was given to her by someone from Akito Ashimine's group. Kiriha recognizes the script as being a ripoff of the role-playing game, Dragon Flare, including identical weaknesses for the dragon. Once destroyed, the resulting Curse Backlash caused Konoka's hair to be stuck in the style of the hero's.

  • Imposed Role Transformation: Konoka's amasogi transforms the surrounding environment into the setting of her script and turns all within range, except Konoka herself, into fantasy monsters.
  • Casting Change (配役変換, Haiyaku Henkan): As author of the script, Konoka can change her role at any time by rewriting the script. By doing so, Konoka gives herself access to various forms with different abilities.
    • The Hero (勇者, Yūsha): The protagonist of the story, Konoka equips herself with a sword, headband and chestplate. Konoka used it in battle against a monster, the aftermath of which caused large damage to the building they fought in.
    • Great Wizard (大魔法使い, Dai Mahōtsukai): Konoka dons a wizard's robe and hat, equipped with a satchel and magic staff. In this form, Konoka can cast various spells by reciting incantations.
      • Isaz (アイスース, Aisūsu): A spell that instantly freezes those struck by it in a block of ice, immobilizing them.
      • Meteo (メテオ, Meteo): A spell that summons a meteor from the sky.
    • Great Swordsman (大剣士, Dai Kenshi): Konoka equips herself with a full set of plate armor along with a sword and shield.
    • Dragon: Konoka transforms herself into a giant dragon. In this form, she is nearly impervious to all forms of attack and can breath fire. Its weak-point is the large black horn on it forehead, which once destroyed, leaves Konoka vulnerable.


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