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Kyouka (響華, Kyōka) is a flute Tsugumomo that was member of Mayoiga. She was part of the Mayoiga Revolt, participating in the premature assassination attempt of the God of the Land of Kamioka Kukuri. During the Madarai Revolt, she entered a temporary contract with Kazuya Kagami, but later becomes one of his official partners.

Kyouka's true name is Otomurasaki (おとむらさき, Otomurasaki).[1]


Kyouka is a common transverse flute of purple color with yellow adornments on the extremes. When taking a humanoid form she turns into a young slightly-petite girl with short wavy purple hair. She wears a short robe that extends slightly past her waist like a short skirt, combined with thigh high socks and a large cap. She also has a notably small elliptical-shaped eyebrows.


Kyouka is a rude, straightforward and harsh Tsugumomo that makes no attempts of hiding her opinions. She is ill-mannered and quite abusive, openly mocking her enemies for their flaws and having little tolerance for her allies' mistakes. Her manner of speaking is usually condescending and dismissive of other people, and it is very hard to make her change her mind once she gets a fixated stance. She is quite easily irritable and short-tempered, especially with those she dislikes. She is sometimes a bit impulsive and gets carried away by the heat of the moment without thinking things through, which often brings her less than positive consequences. When the situation proves to be largely hopeless, Kyouka shows a more coward side and quickly panics at the sight of imminent danger, even going as far as urinating herself at the sight of what appears to be a deadly attack.

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Despite all this, Kyouka is one of the most devoted members of Mayoiga and exudes a great amount of concern for the well-being of her fellow Tsugumomo, doing anything necessary in order to rescue them and being enraged when they were hurt. She has a strong dislike and rejection towards humans, claiming that none of them can be trusted and detesting the idea of being owned by one. Despite being quite violent and unfriendly, Kyouka used to hate the idea of being used as a weapon, since a flute's purpose is merely to produce beautiful music, but as she was forcefully used for her fighting potential she came to strongly dislike the idea of being owned. Despite her abusive nature, Kazuya took a liking for her and requested her to become his partner after his arrival on Tsuzura Temple, which she strongly refused for quite some time as she dislikes his soft-heartened and benevolent personality, and it took the intervention of her companions from Mayoiga to convince her to agree. Even after reluctantly allowing him to become her owner, she's rather bossy and strict with him, but Kazuya does not mind it at all and infact fully trusts her as someone who wouldn't betray him in spite of her harsher exterior. While she often hides it, Kyouka has been noted by others to have come to trust him as well, and she still finds herself comfortable with him despite her complaints.


Kyouka was originally created and owned by a blind musician who loved the sound she emitted, and she greatly respected him as her master. However, as she came into possession of other more barbarous humans like bandits, she was largely discredited as being a mediocre instrument and only useful as a weapon. She eventually grew tired of the poor treatment she received from her masters and joined Mayoiga, where she could live free from having to be owned by anyone.


Mayoiga Revolt Arc

At some point, Kyouka agreed to the restless mindset of the radical group of Mayoiga and declared, along with her colleagues, that they couldn't wait anymore time to continue weakening the God of the Land of Kamioka, since the more they waited the more of their companions from Mayoiga returned to being regular tools from lack of spirit power from the Shard inside of Miurahi. During the Mayoiga Revolt she was part of the vanguard group that went to Kamioka, ignoring the wishes and decisions of the other members of Mayoiga. She, alongside Genbu, Jungou and Senga, met with Kokuyou and requested a meeting with Kukuri, but as the cautious priestess grew wary of their intentions, the four Tsugumomo attacked her and left her incapacitated before she was rescued by the local deity Kaneyama Taguri.

Following the mobilization of the local forces from Kamioka to supress the revolt, she was tasked with dealing with Kukuri's defenders while a secondary group secretly attacked the God of the Land. She engaged in battle against the Exorcist of the region, Kazuya Kagami. She had the upperhand for most of the battle, as the Exorcist was unable to penetrate her defenses and defend from her high pitch attacks, but the tides turned after Kazuya used Ascension, overpowering fairly easily. Unlike her companions however, she was spared by her opponent in the last moment but she immediately returned temporarily to being a regular tool due to lack of Spirit Power. After the battle was over, Kukuri handed her to Kazuya believing that she could potentially revive thanks to Kazuya's influence and Kazuya then carried the flute with him since.

Tsuzura Temple Arc

Later on after the conflict with Mayoiga that resulted in the rise of Kanaka Kagami as a top rated danger, Ouhi Oriobana scouted Kazuya Kagami to take him to Tsuzura Temple and grant him the chance of train for three years in order to defeat his mother. However, upon arriving, they were quickly imprisoned by the forces of the now chief Masuji Madarai, who took advantage of Ouhi's abscence to lock up the members of the "Pro-Tsugumomo" Faction of the Tsuzura Temple and dispose of the Tsugumomo from Mayoiga that had taken shelter on the Temple after the crisis. On that moment, Kyouka managed to awake and return to her form as a Tsugumomo. She offered to assist Kazuya and Ouhi in their escape if they saved her allies from Mayoiga and they secured them all a new home with suitable owners. They both agreed, as they were planning on doing that anyway.

Chronicles of Ziral Arc

Kazuya's Partners Arc

Divine Resurrection Arc


Kyouka Object Form.png

Blue Trembling Flute (蒼震笛(そうしんてき), Sōshinteki): As a flute tsugumomo, Kyouka's abilities are primarily sound based, ranging from destructive high pitch attacks to quiet utility skills. Even on her own, she is quite powerful as even an experienced Kazuya skilled enough to use 5 Obi Layers was unable to give her a very challenging fight, though she paled against him once he used Ascension. However, as she is a musical instrument, making full use of her potential is quite difficult and requires a lot of practice as even for using her in the most basic forms it is needed a refined control in the use of the spirit power, and failing on doing so could potentially backfire and wounding the user.

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  • High Pitch Impact (衝甲音(しようかんおん), Shōkanon): Kyouka produces a shattering sound that blows up a spot through a shockwave. It is quite powerful and Kiriha noted it for being very troublesome to deal with due to the shockwave being invisible to the eye and of instantaneous cast.
    • Quartet (四重奏, Shijūsō): The user fires four blasts of sound towards her target.[2]
    • Kodama (呼霊(こだま), Kodama): From the sound wave of High Pitch Impact, multiple concentrates bursts of energy are created and shot towards the target.[3]
    • Power Breath (威吹(いぶき), Ibuki): The user takes a deep breath, blowing into the flute to create a large sound wave, capable of clearing smoke and dust.[3]
    • Transparent Trembling (奏震透(そうしんとう), Sōshintō): A technique which has the user send the vibrations of the flute through their own body instead of through the air. This has increases the power of the user's physical attacks and allows them to fight in environments in which sound does not travel. The vibrations of the attack will also travel through the target. Since the user needs to be playing the flute while using the ability, their attacks are limited to kicks.[4]
      • Hundred Bellows (百蹈鞴(ひやくたたら), Hyaku Tatara): The user attacks with rapid kicks using Transparent Trembling.[4]
    • Eight Extreme High Pitch Impacts (八衝大甲音(はつしようだいかんおん), Hatsushōdaikanon): Kyouka's most powerful move. She produces an extremely high pitch sound that generates a vibrating wave around her that extends like a small earthquake.[2]
  • Low Pitch Search (呂音探知(りよおんたんち), Ryōntanchi):Kyouka sends a subtle and delicate sound wave through an area that allows her to perceive everything in the area the waves travel through. It's also indetectable and serves as an excellent spying ability.[5]
  • Noise Wall (音壁(おとかべ), Otokabe): Kyouka creates a barrier around her that protects her from attacks of all angles. It is very strong, as it was easily capable of protecting Kyouka from Kazuya's Weave Hammer and Spiral Weave.[6]
  • Tube Tone Hammer (管音槌(つつねつち), Tsutsunetsuchi): Kyouka fires a sound wave that affects directly on the nervous system of her victim, allowing her to briefly stun or even knock out her targets. Depending on the strength she puts it can work on multiple targets.[2]
  • Silencing Performance (音切奏(おうしんそう), Ōshinsō): Kyouka creates small barrier around herself, prevent herself from emitting any sound.[1]
  • Silence (音無(おとなし), Otonashi): An ability which silences the surrounding area when used. Kyouka is also capable of storing single usages of it in clone bodies for others to use.[7]

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Chronicles of Ziral Arc
114. Welcome to Another World Absent
115. Slaves in Another World Absent
116. Wall Dungeon Minadonari Absent
117. Level Ups and Tentacles Absent
118. Dabada's Dark Reputation Appears
119. Demon King Suppression Force Appears
120. Demongarden Mushroom Appears
121. Shinobu's Plan Appears
122. Teaming Up With Tilt Appears
123. Showdown with Dabada Appears
124. Showdown with Dabada 2 Appears
125. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada Absent
126. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada 2 Absent
127. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada 3 Appears
Kazuya's Partners Arc
128. Moody Shinobu Appears
129. Welcome Back, Tsuzura Temple Appears
130. Maddy and Taguri Appears
131. Sosogu and Kazuya Appears
132. Sosogu and Kazuya 2 Appears
Divine Resurrection Arc
133. Offering Thief Absent
134. Resurrection Absent
135. Shirane's Trial Appears
136. Death Preparations Appears
137. Chigaeshi, the Great Barrier Appears
138. Blood Mirror Mansion Appears
139. Shinobu's Kiss Appears
140. Yomi's True Phoenices Appears
141. Taunade Appears
142. Taunade vs. Kazuya Appears
143. Jawfire Fortress Appears
144. Hollowspine Demons Appears
145. Hollow Consumption Appears
146. Taunade Sensei Appears
147. Pulling Out Appears
148. Shirane's Feelings Appears
149. Escaping God's Bamboo Grove Appears


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