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Kyouka and Kazuya Trade Places (きようかとかずやの人れ替わり, Kyouka to Kazuya no hitore kawari) is an extra chapter found in volume 18 of the Tsugumomo manga.


Kyouka and Kazuya Kagami awake one day to find they have swapped bodies. They argue blaming each other for what has happened before Kyouka becomes infatuated with her own body. Kyouka tries to have sex with herself using Kazuya's body but is rejected by Kazuya in her body. Kyouka makes a more forceful attempt, prompting Kazuya to headbutt his Kyouka in his body, swapping them back to normal. Kazuya gets dressed and leaves for their daily training while Kyouka is still aroused. The narrator implies Kyouka masturbated after that which she yells at it for.

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