METAMORISER is a song by Band Ja Naimon! which serves as the opening theme to the first season of the Tsugumomo anime.


Kiriha skips across water in an empty space before launching obi weave attack. The background changes to a series of yellow books, as the attack travels and forms the logo of the anime. The Kagami household spins in the background as Kiriha is introduced from behind, showcasing her video game playing habits and eating pudding as she turns around. Kazuya Kagami is introduced from behind, with his room as the background, he puts his hand behind his head and awkwardly smiles. Kokuyou and Kukuri are introduced as they walk on screen from opposite ends and Kukuri jumps into Kokuyou's arms, while the torii from Kukuri's shrine is shown in the background. With Kazuya's home-classroom in the background, Chisato Chikaishi is introduced as she turns around towards to camera, before the panning out reveal Shirou Shiramine and Osamu Osanai as well. The camera zooms in on the two as Shirou poses for the camera while Osamu continues drawing in his sketchbook. The scene transitions with a shōji closing the scene and opening again to reveal Kukuri and Kiriha in a super deformed style. The two fight while the door opens and closes, cutting to a scene of Kokuyou lurking from behind a telephone pole before returning to Kukuri and Kiriha as the perform various activities. The scene changes to panning still shots of Taguri Kaneyama, Honoka and Tadataka Tadata with Nanako Nanakai in their respective locations. The scene returns to the yellow books from the beginning, where Kazuya is grabbed by Kiriha's obi weave and dragged along by her as charges forward towards an Chisato's amasogi, dodging a bunch of stationery flying towards her before performing a spiral weave on the ground scattering the books across the screen. A brief scene of Kukuri wearing her Akujou mask as she prepares a barrage of water bullets is shown, along with a brief scene of Kanaka Kagami in white dress. Kiriha runs turning into her obi form in Kazuya's hands as he defends himself from oncoming attacks from Kotetsu and Sunao Sumeragi. The two clash before cutting to a scene of Kiriha holding her hands towards Kazuya's head as a burst of energy rises from beneath them. The scene changes to Chisato, Kukuri and Kokuyou surrounding Kazuya, before Kiriha materializes herself on top of him and the group pose. The camera travels into Kazuya's home, showing Sunao and Kotetsu outside, Kasumi Kagami at in the kitchen with a ladle, travelling upstairs shwoing Kukuri and Kokuyou in their room and finally entering Kazuya's room where Kiriha grabs his crotch. The opening ends on a shot of the Kagami household by itself.


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