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Mana Manaka (真中まな, Manaka Mana) is a second year student attending Kamioka East Middle School.


Mana is a young girl of average height with an athletic build. She has dark hair tied back into a ponytail. She has light skin and a mole underneath her right eye.[1]



When Mana first met Mitsuri Mizushima, Mana was a short child with no outstanding qualities. Mana liked Mitsuri who was always the center of attention, desiring to become friends with and be acknowledged by her. Mana began imitating Mitsuri's behaviour, training at short-distance running, speaking like Mitsuri and copying her hairstyle. Mitsuri eventually took notice of Mana and they became friends.[2]

Eventually, Mana's track record, height, bust size and popularity all surpassed that of Mitsuri's. With the roles reversed, Mana became the goal of Mitsuri with her wanting to grow as much as Mana did. Mana enjoyed Mitsuri's attention and did her best to keep ahead of Mitsuri.[3]

Upon entering middle school one year ago, Mitsuri began growing taller and faster. Mana grew frustrated, believing that if she was not the target of Mitsuri's goal anymore, that Mitsuri would not like her anymore. Soon after, Mana received a pair of amasogi sports shoes and gave them to Mitsuri.[4]


Counselling Office Club Arc

At school, Mana grabs Mitsuri Mizushima away from their teacher while he is congratulating Mitsuri for setting a new record. Mana congratulates Mitsuri herself for beating both their previous track-and-field records and they hold a brief celebration.[5]

The next day at school, upon seeing Mitsuri and Shirou Shiramine become a couple, Mana becomes suspicious of him. In class, she confronts Mitsuri, telling her to break up with Shirou. The two get into an argument with Mitsuri accusing Mana of being jealous of her for getting a boyfriend first. Later on, Mana attempts to seduce Shirou to prove that he is a womanizer, but Mitsuri drags Shirou away before listening.[6]

Later that night, Mana opens her front door to find, Mitsuri, Kazuya Kagami and Kiriha outside her home making a ruckus. Mitsuri returns the shoes Mana gifted to her and confronts her about them being amasogi meant to stifle her growth. Mana confesses and takes back the shoes. Believing that Mitsuri will not forgive her actions and instead begin to resent her, Mana dons the shoes and attacks Mitsuri. Mitsuri is saved by Kazuya and Kiriha who take her away. Mana chases after them using her amasogi, and confronts them in battle beneath a bridge.[7]

As Mana and Kazuya fight, they are interrupted when Mana walks up to Mitsuri to kiss her on the lips. Mitsuri convinces Mana to accept her wrongdoings and try better herself, and the two reconcile. Mana agrees to destroy the shoes herself but as she does so, they begin emitting curse and she is taken over by them. She uncontrollably begins to attack again, only being able to beg Kazuya to kill her to stop her. Kazuya uses ascension and destroys the shoes, freeing her of the amasogi.[8]

After returning home, Mana suffers Curse Backlash resulting in paraplegia. One week later, Mitsuri helps push Mana in her wheelchair and they visit Kazuya's Personal Advice Club. Mana reveals what the curse backlash has done to her but thanks Kazuya for stopping her. The group are surprised upon realizing the person pushing Mana is Mitsuri, having gone drastic physical growth after destroying the amasogi. Shirou asks Mitsuri out but she rejects him, stating she has someone in mind. Mana looks to Kazuya and tells him she will not lose.[8]

Mayoiga Revolt Arc

Some time later Isuzu Iriha tells Kazuya's group she had received her amasogi from someone but cannot remember who. Mana, Shirou, Nanako Nanakai state the received their amasogi in a similar situation.[9]

Former Abilities

Shoes Amasogi

Manaka's Amasogi.png

Shoes (シューズ, Shūzu): An amasogi pair of sport cleats which whispered to Mana when she encountered them in a store. They were fuelled Mana's desire to keep herself ahead of Mitsuri Mizushima so that she would continue to like her.[7] The shoes act differently depending on who's possession they are in. As shoes come in pairs, when one shoe was destroyed both were. Upon being destroyed, their Curse Backlash resulted Mana becoming paraplegic.[7]

  • Growth Inhibition: When given to Mitsuri, the shoes inhibited the physical growth. When worn they prevented Mitsuri from running at her full potential during track and field, instead making her slower.[7] Upon the destruction of the shoes, Mitsuri underwent rapid physical growth which the shoes had been suppressing for the past year.[8]
  • Enhanced Leg Power: When using the amasogi herself, Mana gains increased physical capabilities with her legs. This allowed Mana to kick rapidly with immense power, run at extreme speeds, and maneuver beyond the capabilities of a normal human. The cleats of the shoes themselves were capable of digging into surfaces, allowing Mana to stand upside from ceilings.[7]



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