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Meotoike (女夫池(めおといけ), Meotoike) is a math teacher at Kamioka East Middle School and homeroom teacher of class 2-4.[1][2]


Meotoike has short black hair that is slicked back, with a single strand hanging down the centre of her forehead. She wears oval shaped glasses.


Not much is shown about Meotoike's personality as she is only shown to have spoken once throughout the series.


Introduction Arc

The day after meeting Kiriha, Kazuya Kagami rushes to class hoping to make in on time only to be told he is late by Meotoike.[3]

Counselling Office Club Arc

She is one of the teachers Shirou Shiramine fantasizes about when thinking of teachers to have as advisors to the Counselling Club.[1]

Mayoiga Revolt Arc

When Sunao Sumeragi transfers to the school, she is put in Meotoike's class and Meotoike has Sunao introduce herself.[2]

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Introduction Arc
1. Mother's Memento Absent
2. Master!? Absent
3. Library and Childhood Friend Debut
4. Library and Childhood Friend 2 Absent
Counselling Office Club Arc
35. Counselling Office 1 Absent
36. Counselling Office 2 Absent
37. Rowdy Shirou-kun 1 Absent
38. Rowdy Shirou-kun 2 Absent
39. Rowdy Shirou-kun 3 Absent
40. Rowdy Shirou-kun 4 Absent
41. Breasts and Advisor Mentioned


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