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Mifune (三船, Mifune) is a ship tsugumomo and member of Mayoiga.



Mayoiga Revolt Arc

With the help of Miurahi's power, Mifune was able to create a large ship to transport the entirety of Mayoiga for the battle against Kukuri. The shipped remained as a distraction for Honoka while Miurahi and his group faced off against Kukuri. After Miuarahi is killed, Mifune is no longer to able to conceal the ship or retain its form. The ship collapses and the Mayoiga forces fall but are caught by Honoka.[1]


Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Mayoiga Revolt Arc
49. Red Bowl Absent
50. Mayoiga Absent
51. Stone Shard Absent
52. Azami Absent
53. Fight 1 Absent
54. Fight 2 Absent
55. Another Dream Encounter Absent
56. Love Backgammon Quiz Absent
57. New Club Members Absent
58. Assassins 1 Absent
59. Assassins 2 Absent
60. Assassins 3 Absent
61. Assassins 4 Absent
62. Disturbance in Mayoiga Absent
63. Reconciliation Absent
64. Transfer Student Absent
65. The Great Ship Absent
66. Showdown at the Summit Absent
67. Kanaka 1 Debut
68. Kanaka 2 Absent
69. Kanaka 3 Absent
70. Kanaka 4 Absent
71. Kanaka 5 Absent


  • The name Mifune means "three" (三) (mi) and "boat, ship, vessel" (船) (fune).



  1. Tsugumomo Manga: Chapter 67

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