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Mimane Miyou (美鷹 みまね, Miyō Mimane) is a mirror tsugumomo and member of Mayoiga.


In her human form, Mimane appears as a short girl with orange hair. On her forehead, usually covered by her hair, she has a circular marking with points in cardinal directions which matches the shape of her mirror form.

Mimane's normal clothing consists of a dark suit with short sleeves and pant legs, a small open short sleeved coat worn over her suit, and black shoes. The same mirror symbol on her forehead is present on the chest of her suit and the back of her coat. When acting as a student at Kamioka East Middle School she wears the girls school uniform.



When Akito and Arumi first arrived in Mayoiga they were attacked by Yasuki who was acting as gatekeeper. Mimane interrupted their fight, and excitedly began to ask the newcomers a variety of questions. Tanmen holds a meeting to welcome Akito and Arumi to Mayoiga. Overtime Akito and Arumi became friends, during which Mimane would continue to barrage them with questions. Yasuki states Mimane had previously gotten excited by newcomers and thrown tantrums about wanting to go outside.[1]

Early on, Mimane introduced Arumi to Mayoiga host springs and the two took a bath. During the bath, Mimane fondled and caressed Arumi, and later showed Tanmen the footage which she had recorded with her mirror abilities. Mimane later asks Arumi to take a bath together again, which Arumi refused. Akito arrived and Mimane invited him to take a bath together but Mimane is kicked out by Arumi. Mimane interrupted Akito and Chikage's training to copy Akito's appearance. Using her disguise, Mimane seduced Arumi until her personality gave her away.

When Arumi used her divination abilities to identify the best course of action for Mayoiga, it eventually revealed a black mass which Mimane, Yasuki, Akito, Arumi, Chikage and Shinshou went out to capture.[2][3] Years after its capture, Azami eventually revealed herself, giving Mayoiga information on Kukuri and offered her cooperation under the conditions that they follow her plan. Mimane, Akito, Arumi, and Yasuki were dispatched to Kamioka to carry out Azami's plan, enrolling themselves at Kamioka East Middle School.[3]


Reversal Arc

Following the defeat of Mana Manaka's amasogi, meeting with Akito Ashimine, Arumi Ashimine and Yasuki Yatsukawa, Mimane expresses her boredom and disappointment in how easily it was defeated. Mimane says she wants to choose the next host for their amasogi which Akito allows.[4] Mimane gives a dream pillow amasogi to Isuzu Iriha.[5] When Kazuya and Kiriha confront Isuzu about her amasogi, Mimane tells Isuzu to return to her dream world, knocking her unconscious.[6] Within her dream world, Isuzu tells Mimane she wants to give up, but Mimane summons Isuzu's shadow to replace her.[7]

Mayoiga Revolt Arc

After the destruction of Isuzu's amasogi, Mimane once again complains about her boredom to the others. Mimane is annoyed by Kazuya and Kiriha's interference and states she is going to take them out herself, triggering Azami to attack her. Yasuki protects Mimane and starts to fight Azami but their fight interrupted by Akito. Akito reassures Azami that they will keep their promise not to harm Kazuya and chastises Mimane.[5]

Akito brings Mimane to an arcade to relieve her boredom, during which they come across Kazuya.[3] After playing and winning at a racing game, at which Azami begins to leak curse, creating an amasogi from a nearby arcade machine, sucking them all into the fighting game world. The four are placed on the same team and forced to fight. Kiriha and Akito are defeated leading to Mimane's turn. Akito whispers to Mimane not to use her ability in order to conceal their true identities, which Mimane immediately ignores as soon as her match starts.[8] Mimane is defeated by the amasogi's host Hiroki Hirohashi who is then defeated by Kazuya. Hiroki then destroys his amasogi and they all return to the real world. Akito sees Azami watching them angrily and gestures to Mimane that they need to leave quickly. Mimane misinterprets this as a gesture to kiss Kazuya, angering Azami. Kiriha confronts Mimane about being a mirror tsugumomo which Mimane makes no attempts to deny, forcing Akito to claim he is her owner.[9]

At some point in time, Mimane told Kiriha embarrassing secrets about Akito, which Kiriha used to blackmail Akito in joining their club.[10] Mimane and Akito introduce themselves to the other club members, Chisato Chikaishi, Shirou Shiramine, and Osamu Osanai. Their first activity as a group was solving the case of a hikikomori's amasogi. Mimane copies Kiriha's form for Akito to use against it but fails. Shirou suggests using breast to lure the user out, prompting Mimane to strip in Kiriha's form but that also fails. Mimane finds Arumi to borrow her form to strip, but that also fails. Mimane suggests they both strip to which Arumi responds by stripping Mimane herself, successfully luring out the hikikomori for incapacitation. Kukuri shows up and Mimane immediately inquires about her godly abilities. Later that night, Mimane invited herself over to Kazuya's house to sleep over.[11]

Mimane is present at Kazuya's house when Kokuyou returns injured with Taguri Kanayama and inform them of an attack from four Mayoiga tsukumogami. Taguri devises a plan to split up handling the four invaders, Kiriha inviting Mimane to join the battle. Mimane returns to the classroom to inform Akito and the others of what occurred. From a drawn portrait of the assassins, Akito is able to identify them as Genbu, Kyouka, Senga, and Jungou. Yasuki suggests that they join in attacking Kukuri but Mimane tells them that Kukuri is still too powerful from what she observed staying over at Kazuya's home.[12] Mimane and Akito confront Genbu, Mimane staying back and watching the fight which results in Akito's victory and Genbu's death.[13][14] Mimane comes to the realization that Genbu must have had additional accomplices since they would not have had enough power to fight and as well return to Mayoiga. Realizing this, Akito and Mimane hurry to Kukuri at Hakusan Shrine.[14] Upon arriving there, they and Kazuya's group watch as Kukuri easily destroys all her assassins, and Mimane praises Kukuri's abilities. After debriefing at Kazuya's house, Akito and Mimane prepare return home when Arumi arrives to inform them of a revolt occurring in Mayoiga.[15]

Upon returning to Mayoiga, they find several building burning in the distance and are confronted by Sanjuurou. Mimane, Akito, Yasuki, Arumi and Azami work together, successfully killing Sanjuurou. Chikage comes to greet them, Mimane hugging Chikage, causing one of Sanjuurou's mud structures to collapse on them and cover the two, Arumi and Azami in mud. They head to take a bath where Mimane fondles Azami.[16] Tanmen holds another meeting to debrief and have Arumi perform her divination which reveals two shards. Seeing this, Tanmen makes the decision to awaken Miurahi out of his meditation.[17] Miurahi and Tanmen announce that they begin their full assault on Kukuri to claim her Stone Shard. Mayoiga launch their invasion via an enormous flying ship which is intercepted by Honoka. Mimane creates and illusion of the ship and some of their forces, allowing Miruahi to sneak away, while she and some of the remaining forces stay distract Honoka.[18] Mimane creates copies of Yasuki to attack Honoka, when suddenly the cloaking on their ship is undone. Mifune tells them he no longer has the power to retain the ships form, causing the ship to collapse and its inhabitants to fall as they begin to lose energy and revert to original forms. Honoka saves the falling tsugukumogami, realizing the Miruahi has died and the battle is already over, convincing Tanmen and the others to surrender.[19]

Tsuzura Temple Arc

After Miurahi's death, as well as after Kanaka Kagami's revival, Mayoiga's tsukumogami surrender, and the tsugumomo of Mayoiga were taken to Tsuzura Temple.[20] But then, the tsugumomo of Mayoiga get caught up between and internal conflict between Ouhi Oriobana's pro tsukumogami faction and Masuji Madarai's Servitude Faction, with Mimane being among those held in captivity by Masuji using puppet bindings. After Takumi Tagusari's defeat resulting in the faction's third loss in the Nine Master Tournament, Masuji lashes out at Arumi for her predictions being incorrect to which Mimane explains that he made poor use of Arumi's abilities. Masuji then uses Mimane to spy the Partnership Faction's meeting.[21] When Masuji battles Kazuya in the final match of the tournament, Masuji uses a combination of his tsukumogami Chuushingura and puppet bindings to fuse himself with the remaining Mayoiga tsugumomo, transforming himself into a monstrous amalgamation of bodies. Kazuya sees Mimane and Arumi's faces amongst mass of faces, angering him and causing him to use Domination on Kyouka.[22] Domination eventually wears off, but Kazuya is able to defeat Masuji using a revived Kiriha, freeing and retrieving the Mayoiga tsugumomo.[23]

Kazuya's new partners.png

After the tournament, Ouhi explains the damage caused by Masuji's fusion with the tsugumomo overburdened their souls and has caused their spirit energy to leak out. Ouhi makes a deal with a now deformed Masuji to use his Chuushingura and a puppet binding to restore spirit activity to the Mayoiga tsugumomo, saving them.[24] Mimane remains one of five tsugumomo to under ownership of Kazuya along with Kiriha, Kyouka, Shinobu and Sosogu, as part of a test Ouna is conducting.[25]

Chronicles of Ziral Arc

Mimane along with Kazuya's other tsugumomo accompany him into the book world of Continent of Magic: Chronicles of Ziral, as part of the frozen stock #1517 Mami Mamisaka case. Mimane uses her abilities to store supplies for their trip within her mirror world, and goes to sleep to conserve energy.[26] Kyouka, Shinobu and Sosogu rest inside a house within Mimane's mirror world waiting until Kazuya calls for them.[27] Mimane unknowingly becomes separated from Kazuya and Kiriha when they are enslaved and have their belongings taken.

Tilt steals Mimane and gives her to her little sister Teenya as a present.[26] When Tilt and Teenya are being robbed, the robbers find Mimane who awakens into her human form, forcing Kyouka, Shinobu and Sosogu out of the mirror world. Shinobu quickly deals with the robbers, saving Tilt and Teenya, after which Mimane absorbs them into her mirror to dispose of later. Tilt tricks the four into slavery under Dabada Dabaharl under the guise of providing them information.[28]

After being tortured, the group is informed by Malmalika that Kazuya and Kiriha were also enslaved by Dabada. The next morning, Dabada have the four work as dancers in revealing dresses.[29] While performing, Mimane took the chance to perform lewd acts on Sosogu. The group return to find Tilt being beaten up by the other slaves which Shinobu saves her. Tilt informs them of Dabada's plan to use Teenya and the other slaves as sacrifices to expand her Demon Mushroom Garden and begs them to help to which they accept, formulating a plan to have Tilt kill Dabada.[30] Dabada has Mimane and the remaining slaves gather at the front Gate of Yohne Castle while Tilt watches for the time to attack. The four along with the rest of the slaves are immobilized by the Demon Mushroom attached to Teenya's body and have their energy slowly absorbed. Tilt uses clone bodies the four had provided her to land a near fatal blow on Dabada but she survives.[31] Tilt attacks again, cutting a hole into Dabada's stomach and plunging Mimane's mirror into to it to release the house from inside of Dabada's body, killing her, and freeing the four from their slave contracts. But Dabada revives, undergoing a demonic transformation and ensnares the group again but they are quickly rescued by Kazuya.[32] While Kiriha holds Dabada off, Kazuya takes Mimane, Shinobu and Sosogu to destroy the Demon Garden Mushroom and rescue the remaining slaves. Kazuya uses Simple Spiritual Intercourse to restore the four's spirit energy, and uses Mimane's mirror to collect the slaves.[33] After rescuing Teenya, Kazuya and Kiriha face off and defeat Dabada.

After Dabada's death, Kazuya and Kiriha spend their time locating demon spies and Demon Mushroom seeds until Teenya is eventually cured of her illness. Kyouka remains upset with Tilt having sold them into slavery, which Kazuya and Mimane easily forgive, with Mimane stating it was fun. With Teenya cured, the group leaves the book world, having fulfilled the amasogi's desire. Later on, Kazuya, Kiriha and Ouna are given spankings as punishment for their behavior on the mission while Mimane laughs.[34]

Kazuya's Partners Arc

Some time later, Kazuya takes Mimane and Shinobu through a hot spring town during which Shinobu lectures Kazuya about being a responsible owner. Mimane grows tired of Shinobu's constant complaining and tells Shinobu she is misunderstanding something. The group encounter a minor monster which Kazuya is able to quickly capture using the two. Shinobu stops being upset with Kazuya to which Mimane explains that she was simply upset about not being used much on their previous mission. As Shinobu walks ahead, Mimane tells Kazuya that tsukumogami are meant to be used, admitting Mayoiga was a mistake and tells Kazuya to use her and the others a lot.[35]

Some time later, back at Tsuzura Temple, Arumi talks about her jealousy over Akito's new owner which Mimane makes fun of her for. Arumi tells Mimane to transform into Akito so she can relieve stress and Mimane goes off to find him. Unable to find Akito to copy him, Mimane returns to Arumi's room where she finds Arumi unknowing making advances on the real Akito. Later on, Mimane fulfills Arumi's request, double-checking it is actually Mimane this time.[36] Some time later, Shinobu finds Mimane in her room tired out from Arumi and Kyouka exploiting her Silhouette ability to to live out their sexual fantasies with their desired partners twice each day. Mimane calls them out on not simply asking the real person, causing Shinobu to get embarrassed. She decides to head over to Kazuya's room for him to perform spiritual intercourse in order to restore her energy, dragging Shinobu along with her but finds Kazuya to be absent.[37]

Kazuya brings Mimane and his other partners out on a mission to eliminate frozen stock #1225, "Toothyworm", using Mimane to absorb an attack. After the worm is killed, Mimane, Kiriha, Kyouka, and Shinobu begin bragging about their powers. Sosogu begins to express her doubts about her own usefulness after not being of use during the fight. Kazuya and Kyouka attempt to cheer Sosogu up, but Mimane agrees that Sosogu is not used much during their jobs. A second Toothyworm bursts out of the ground, swallowing Kazuya and Sosogu.[38] Kyouka detects Kazuya and Sosogu and that one of them has collapsed using her low pitch search and Kiriha drills down to reach them, killing the worm in the process. Upon reaching the two, they find Kazuya sucking on Sosogu's breasts like an infant. Sosogu explains what occurred while Mimane plays with Kazuya's penis.[39]

Divine Resurrection Arc

Kazuya uses Mimane to store Kyouka, Shinobu and Sosogu within her object when travelling to the Ookane Shirahagi Shrine. When Mimane awakens, releasing the other three, they find themselves in the dressing room of a bathhouse. They hear Kiriha and Kazuya inside, prompting Mimane to quickly strip and enter. There she finds Kazuya sucking on Kokuyou's, watching closely and commenting on it. The other three arrive and Kokuyou recognizes Kyouka, confronting her along with the two other Mayoiga tsugumomo. Kyouka offers to fight Kokuyou but Shinobu stops her. Shinobu states that they do not regret their actions as they were doing what was necessary for their goal but is also prepared to accept the consequences, kowtowing before Kokuyou. Kokuyou confirm with Kazuya that he will be bringing the Mayoiga tsugumomo on his journey to Yomi, before kowtowing in return, requesting their help to revive Kukuri and putting an end to their differences once it is done. Shinobu accepts Kokuyou's terms and Minane and Sosogu join in the bowing. They turn their heads to Kyouka, the only one still standing. Kyouka agrees without bowing, stating it is not enough to make amends for what she has done. They hear a scream, looking over to see Kiriha konchoeing Shirane Shirahabane. Kokuyou states Kyouka can repay her debt with the same method. Kyouka retracts her previous statement while Sosogu and Shinobu hold Kyouka down to be konchoed by Kokuyou as Mimane watches.[40] Kazuya uses internal spiritual power manipulation to heal Kyouka after they are finished. Mimane examines her while she is unconscious, commenting on her leaking.[41]

The next day, Kazuya and his party are dressed in kamui as Kukuri of Shirahagi explains the how they will be venturing to Yomi. With Shirane joining them as their guide, Kukuri escorts them all to Yomi Slope. There, they undergo the Final Water Sending Ritual to become half-dead, gaining the ability to see and enter Yomi. Before sending them on their way, Kukuri performs a water divination to assess the dangers ahead, predicting small misfortune.[41] Travelling through the Yomi Slope the group arrive at the first inspection area where they are stripped naked walk down a corridor of food meant to tempt them. Mimane spots a dish of demiglace rice omelet from Johnny's that Yasuke had bought her previously. Shirane prevents Mimane from giving into temptation and eating the food, only for Kiriha's stomach growling to give them away. They are then forced to undergo the second examination, inspecting their lustful regrets. The group pass the test, making their way to the third inspection where they meet Chigaeshi no Ookami, and witness him repel a monster attempting to enter Yomi.[42]

After passing Chigaeshi, the group stop and find a place to rest. Kazuya sets Mimane down in a hidden area and the group enter her mirror world where Mimane has a house awaiting them. Kazuya praises Mimane much to her enjoyment. While every rests in their own rooms, Mimane spies on the girls masturbating to the previous illusion from the lust inspection, relieving herself as well. The group eat some of the provisions they brought, before Mimane and Kazuya's other partners go take a bath together. Kiriha asks Kyouka to wash her back which she rejects, blaming Kiriha for what happened at the first inspection. Kiriha insists that they got to enjoy illusions thanks to her which Mimane admits to doing so. Kyouka claims to be the only on who did not but Mimane bring up her masturbating earlier, surprising Kyouka who attempts to deny it. While bathing Shinobu proposes they sleep with Kazuya in shifts to distribute his spiritual power evenly amongst them. Kiriha is against it but they play janken to decide who will go first, resulting in Shinobu winning.[43] From her private room, Mimane spies on Kazuya and Shinobu, excitedly watching Shinobu strip and make advances on Kazuya. She is punched in the head by Kyouka who is furious that Mimane had been spying on them. Having been found out by Kyouka, Kiriha and Shinobu, Kyouka asks why she kept it secret to which Mimane responds they never asked. Kiriha request a better view of the Kazuya's room and the group watch the events unfold. Mimane comments on wanting to try what Shinobu is doing as well. The next morning the group confront Shinobu with Kyouka asking the previous night to which Shinobu denies anything happening. Mimane outright mentions Shinobu's kissing, revealing she had been spying on her. Shinobu bribes Mimane with a magical girl costume to not tell the others. Mimane accepts the gift, Shinobu unware the others already know.[44]

Continuing their journey, Shirane tells Kazuya to gather up his tsukumogami since large groups stand out too much. Mimane complains about it being boring and Kazuya allows her to walk outside with them along with Kiriha. Kyouka, Shinobu and Sosogu reenter the mirror and the group finally reach the main area of Yomi. Kazuya keeps Mimane from wandering away as a Yomi guard makes a speech until he is suddenly interrupted by Kamuado and the Yomi True Phoenicies. She and her bandits defeat the guards and begin kidnapping the newly arrived souls. Kazuya attempts to rescue them, entering combat with Kamuado. Mimane plays around, avoiding the bandits until she is bound by Ayosari who orders a retreat, forcing Kazuya and Shirane chase after them to save Mimane. Kazuya destroys the bindings allowing Mimane to release Kyouka, Shinobu and Sosogu to defend herself. Before Kazuya can recover Mimane, she is taken by Kamuado. Kamuado challenges Kazuya, telling him to duel Taunade for Mimane's return and forcing them to join her should he fail.[45]


Shadow Manifestation: As a mirror tsugumomo, Mimane is capable of bringing out shadows and even command the ones she summoned.[7]

Mimane Object Form.png

Blood Mirror (血鏡(ちかがみ), Chi kagami): Mimane can manifest a clone body of a mirror from marking on her forehead which she uses for her various abilities. She can change the size of the mirror at any time and has no trouble holding it at larger sizes and can use it as a blunt weapon.

  • Mirror Hit (かがみうち, Kagami uchi): An attack where Mimane hits her opponent with the rim of mirror while it is enlarged. The combo for this attack in the video game world of Iron Fist is ←RP+LP.[9]
  • Scanning: Mimane has been shown to be able to use her mirror to find Sanjuurou when he was hidden amongst hid mud dolls, using the mirror to reflect his true location.[16]
  • Illusions: Mimane is able to create illusions using her mirror as demonstrated when she is able to make an illusion of an entire ship to fool Honoka. According to Honoka, she did not feel any reaction when hitting the illusion.[18]
  • Duplication: Mimane is able to create duplicates of other capable of attacking.[19]
  • Unified Contrast (纒対照(てんたいしよう), Ten taishiyou): Mimane is able to recreate attacks reflected in the mirror. Often she will enlarge the size of her mirror to match the size of the oncoming attack.[3] It can also be used to absorb and reflect attacks.[22] Within the video game world of Iron Fist, the combo for this ability is ←↙↓↘→RP+LP.[8]
  • Mirror World Submersion (鏡界潜(きようかいせん), Kiyōkaisen): Mimane is able to absorb items into her mirror world through the glass mirror.[3] While using this ability, Mimane cannot use her other abilities.[26] Mimane usually increases the size of her mirror to fit in larger items in but she has also seen being capable of sucking larger items in while maintaining smaller size.[33]
    • Peeking Window (覗窓(のぞきまど), Nozokimado): Mimane is able to see anywhere inside her mirror world, viewing the desired location through other mirrors.[43]
  • Mirror's Sunken Depository (鏡沈蔵(きようしんぞう), Kiyōshinzō): After being hit, Mimane can store the energy of her opponents attack and send it back at her attacker. The combo for this attack in the video game world of Iron Fist is ↓↙←↙←RP.[9]
  • Silhouette (影法師, Kagebōshi): After reflecting one's whole body in her mirror, Mimane is able to transform herself into them, copying their appearance and abilities.[11] Mimane seems to be unable to save previously copied appearances as she is seen needing to rescan Akito even though she had copied his appearance previously.[36]
  • See Through Shadow (影見通視(かげみとおし), Kage Mitōshi): An ability connecting Mimane's blood mirror to a different mirror, allowing them to observe what is occurring on the other mirror.[21]
  • Just Seen Mirror (既視面鏡(きしめんきよう), Kishimen Kiyō): An ability that allows Mimane to project things Mimane has seen onto the mirror. The closer to the present the image is the clearer the image, and the further in the past the blurrier it gets.
  • Inter-mirror Communication: In the anime, Mimane is shown to be able to establish video communication to any mirror through her own.[46] This ability has yet to be shown in the manga. The most similar ability to this shown is See Through Shadow which allows her to spy through another mirror, but has not been shown to allow for two-way communication as of yet.

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Counselling Office Club Arc
35. Counselling Office 1 Absent
36. Counselling Office 2 Absent
37. Rowdy Shirou-kun 1 Absent
38. Rowdy Shirou-kun 2 Absent
39. Rowdy Shirou-kun 3 Absent
40. Rowdy Shirou-kun 4 Absent
41. Breasts and Advisor Debut
Reversal Arc
42. Reversal! 1 Absent
43. Reversal! 2 Absent
44. Reversal! 3 Absent
45. Reversal! 4 Flashback
46. Reversal! 5 Absent
47. Kirio in Top Form Absent
48. Sunao and Kotetsu Absent
Mayoiga Revolt Arc
49. Red Bowl Appears
50. Mayoiga Appears
51. Stone Shard Appears
52. Azami Appears
53. Fight 1 Appears
54. Fight 2 Appears
55. Another Dream Encounter Absent
56. Love Backgammon Quiz Flashback
57. New Club Members Appears
58. Assassins 1 Appears
59. Assassins 2 Appears
60. Assassins 3 Appears
61. Assassins 4 Appears
62. Disturbance in Mayoiga Appears
63. Reconciliation Absent
64. Transfer Student Absent
65. The Great Ship Appears
66. Showdown at the Summit Flashback
67. Kanaka 1 Appears
68. Kanaka 2 Absent
69. Kanaka 3 Absent
70. Kanaka 4 Absent
71. Kanaka 5 Absent
Chronicles of Ziral Arc
114. Welcome to Another World Absent
115. Slaves in Another World Absent
116. Wall Dungeon Minadonari Absent
117. Level Ups and Tentacles Absent
118. Dabada's Dark Reputation Appears
119. Demon King Suppression Force Appears
120. Demongarden Mushroom Appears
121. Shinobu's Plan Appears
122. Teaming Up With Tilt Appears
123. Showdown with Dabada Appears
124. Showdown with Dabada 2 Appears
125. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada Absent
126. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada 2 Absent
127. Kazuya vs. Daemon Dabada 3 Appears
Kazuya's Partners Arc
128. Moody Shinobu Appears
129. Welcome Back, Tsuzura Temple Appears
130. Maddy and Taguri Appears
131. Sosogu and Kazuya Appears
132. Sosogu and Kazuya 2 Appears
Divine Resurrection Arc
133. Offering Thief Absent
134. Resurrection Absent
135. Shirane's Trial Appears
136. Death Preparations Appears
137. Chigaeshi, the Great Barrier Appears
138. Blood Mirror Mansion Appears
139. Shinobu's Kiss Appears
140. Yomi's True Phoenices Appears
141. Taunade Appears
142. Taunade vs. Kazuya Appears
143. Jawfire Fortress Appears
144. Hollowspine Demons Appears
145. Hollow Consumption Appears
146. Taunade Sensei Appears
147. Pulling Out Appears
148. Shirane's Feelings Appears
149. Escaping God's Bamboo Grove Appears



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