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Minazuchi (水槌(みなづち), Minadzuchi) is an offensive technique used by Kukuri.[1]


After performing a chant in Formal Language, Kukuri summons an immense quantity of water in the form of a wide cylinder to descend from the sky above her opponent and crush them. The vast amount of water then spreads out to flood the surrounding area but leaves Kukuri untouched.[2]


Kukuri first used the technique as a finishing move against Kiriha and Kazuya Kagami but Kiriha was narrowly able to defend against it with her all-ensclosing Fence Weave Inner Court Formation.[3] When used a second time against Kiriha, Kukuri's Minazuchi was able to completely break through her defenses and wash her away in the ensuing flood.[4]

After being forced to lift the barrier around Kamioka during her battle with Miurahi and reclaiming her original power, Kukuri used an enhanced form of Minazuchi in the form of a huge column of water that shattered the ground beneath Miurahi and severly damaged him, leading Kukuri to declare that their battle was decided.[5]

Kukuri of Shirahagi attempted to use this technique through her clone body after she was caught by Kiriha's wrappings, but the power behind it was so low that it only produced a small splash of water.[6]


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