Miurahi (ミウラヒ, Miurahi) is a house tsugumomo and the creator of Mayoiga.




Over a thousand years ago, an eruption of Mount Fuji cause a famine, which resulted in tsukumogami being abused and reverting as their owners died. Miurahi appealed to the god of the land to create a temporary haven for tsugumomo but was denied. Miurahi then began to gather followers and together they killed the land god Iwanagahime in her weakened state. Out of the hundred and eight tsugumomo brought to battle, the only surviving member were Tanmen, Sanjou, Chikage, Shinobu and Miurahi himself. Miuarhi took Iwanagahime's stone shard and embedded it into himself becoming a god. Unable to control the overwhelming curse power coming from the shard, Miurahi shut off his consciousness focusing solely on maintaining Mayoiga. Knowing the shards power was not permanent, Miurahi left a message to the surviving members to gather powerful tsugumomo who had been abandoned to perform the Onogoro Festival, killing a land god and acquiring a new shard.



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