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Nui Hanamitani (花見谷 縫(はなみたに ぬい), Hanamitani Nui) was the original owner of Kiriha.


In her younger years, Nui had dark hair which turned white as she grew of old age. She is always seen with her hair tied back and split down the middle. She wore kimonos for the majority of her life.


Nui was a very kind owner and developed a very close friendship with Kiriha. While her distant relatives believed Kiriha responsible for bringing good fortune to the family, Kiriha attributed their success to Nui's talent and abilities.[1]


Nui stemmed from a long line of cloth sellers. The family had a treasure passed down through generations which they believed to bring good fortune, a double woven obi made from pure silk, Ayasaukura. Nui was the fifth generation owner of the obi and under her ownership it manifested into the tsugumomo, Kiriha. The two lived their lives together, enjoying each others company and helping each other out. At some point in time Nui got married. At an old age, Nui's husband died, leaving Nui to manage the shop on her own. Nui passed away at the age of one hundred and five. In will and testament, Nui arranged for the Tsuzura Temple to appoint Kiriha a new owner, knowing Kiriha would not willing to choose a new owner herself.[1]


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